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Ledare: trombipulation och generalmalaise
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Skapad den: 4 jan 2006
We are a highly exclusive, pretentious group of music experts who stand above commonfolk and command the attention of our peers with superior intellect and a highly evolved sense of audition....

Welcome to The Musical Elitists

ani nunquam sera

Lineage of Kings and Queen:
- tmills
- awthomp86
- Dinosaur_Act
- tmills & awthomp86
- frequency71988 & zfarrow
- frequency71988 & zfarrow
- frequency71988
- tmills
- pavskies & beelzbubba
- pavskies
- StDionysus & knkwzrd
- StDionysus
- General Zod & herbie hancock

Note to all newcomers: We require a minimum of 5000 tracks to join this group. If you don't have that, you get rejected. Also, if you hide your charts, you get rejected - we judge you based on these. Also it's not considered cool to block one's shoutbox.

Participation: We have a highly active forum in this group. All members are expected to contribute, else they may find their time here rather brief.

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  • Youyesyesyes

    I'm sure windows 10 is more efficient and better and what the fuck ever but how the flying fuck do I change my keyboard input language... Used to be a little button on the task bar by the clock.

    igår kväll Svara
  • FunioVelZorz

    classy stuff

    igår eftermiddag Svara
  • rm508

    I love our front page by the way.

    2 aug 06:57 Svara
  • rm508

    2 aug 04:48 Svara
  • knkwzrd

    friday july 31 is billy oceans birthday, when we celebrate the realease of his greatest hit 'don't worry be happy'

    31 jul 17:08 Svara
  • StDionysus


    31 jul 15:55 Svara
  • shitscud

    Leave it to me to contribute to ze general's anathema.

    28 jul 06:07 Svara
  • FunioVelZorz

    I'm familiar only with Cave & The Knife. Do I miss much?

    24 jul 18:17 Svara
  • generalmalaise

    Sleaford Mods are facking 'orrible.

    22 jul 19:58 Svara
  • trombipulation

    Whoops, just accidentally accepted a person into the group thinking it was Hydropolis with another new account.

    14 jul 04:27 Svara
  • knkwzrd


    10 jul 01:41 Svara
  • FunioVelZorz

    Also: Reagan's Skeleton sounds a lot like Sweet Harmony.

    1 jul 10:50 Svara
  • FunioVelZorz

    Why Yesayer wants to be Micheal Jackson?

    1 jul 10:35 Svara
  • Youyesyesyes

    welp, finally back to America for the summer today

    1 jul 02:22 Svara
  • megajosh2

    A friend who knows nothing about this group was quoting Billy Ocean lyrics to me just yesterday. The man is a living phenomenon.

    23 jun 00:45 Svara
  • FunioVelZorz

    I wanna see that old man Billy O on top of our top charts.

    18 jun 09:52 Svara
  • Tilaton

    I love Huffin' Rag Blues!

    16 jun 12:59 Svara
  • knkwzrd

    I agree about iron soul of nothing. pretty blah recording. i was however listening to nww's huffin' rag blues record the other day and it was blowing me away. much better than i remembered from my listen when it came out.

    15 jun 20:42 Svara
  • Tilaton

    Have to give Thrones a go, haven't had the pleasure yet. Thanks, StDoinos. ;0) And yeah, the Sunn 0))) collaboration with NWW is okay, but nothing very special.

    14 jun 20:33 Svara
  • StDionysus

    I was actually just listening to that the other day. It's what 'd expect. loud and hypnotic, but not highlighting best qualities in either contributer. With few exceptions, Sunn 0))) collabs are a bit of a let down.

    14 jun 16:52 Svara
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