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We are a highly exclusive, pretentious group of music experts who stand above commonfolk and command the attention of our peers with superior intellect and a highly evolved sense of audition....

Welcome to The Musical Elitists

2014 Zorzynek Memorial Cultural Appreciation Thread, 2014 Edition

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Note to all newcomers: We require a minimum of 5000 tracks to join this group. If you don't have that, you get rejected. Also, if you hide your charts, you get rejected - we judge you based on these. Also it's not considered cool to block one's shoutbox.

Participation: We have a highly active forum in this group. All members are expected to contribute, else they may find their time here rather brief.

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  • trombipulation

    New Kendrick Lamar is fine but He gotta step up his game if he wants to be better than Run the Jewels.

    23 mar 19:47 Svara
  • knkwzrd

    smashing pumkins -world is a vampire.mp3

    23 mar 12:33 Svara
  • StDionysus

    And into the eyes of the Jackyl I say ka-boom

    23 mar 00:20 Svara
  • Youyesyesyes

    Yes... that could also easily be a Smashing Pumpkins lyric too. I think Corgan was a much better lyricist (at least some of the time) but both can be equally ridiculous.

    22 mar 22:32 Svara
  • FunioVelZorz

    No idea why but it made me think of Billy Corgan.

    22 mar 10:42 Svara
  • Youyesyesyes

    "Because now.... Cupid carries a gun" That has to be the most Manson line I have ever heard. haha, too much

    22 mar 06:07 Svara
  • generalmalaise

    Chaos has come again.

    20 mar 19:11 Svara
  • Youyesyesyes

    New Manson album is his first good one in like 12 years. Yeah, I said it. whatever, I like Manson

    20 mar 12:43 Svara
  • FunioVelZorz

    Never even heard of this guy.

    20 mar 09:55 Svara
  • knkwzrd

    i'm really asking here, i don't get it. every review i read just talks about the politics of the record and ignores the music.

    19 mar 16:02 Svara
  • knkwzrd

    i don't understand all the buzz about this new kendrick lamar record. the beats are really boring and subpar, and the album has no flow to it at all. he also doesn't have a great delivery. why is everyone so into this guy suddenly? it's not like it's the first political hip-hop record.

    19 mar 15:51 Svara
  • FunioVelZorz

    Perhaps I was wrong about her.

    18 mar 09:43 Svara
  • djb1993djb

    realiti is lovely, and her dance moves are outstanding. if that track is any indication of the quality of the rest of the "lost album" it's a shame to see her can it for the time being. listening to entropy on the wings of all her previous music is incredibly jarring, agreed. i'm not sure i'm ready to call it "bad" but it is certainly not the characteristic, whispery 4AD loveliness we've come to adore from her. maybe a little distance and i could come around to it

    18 mar 03:51 Svara
  • Youyesyesyes

    Entropy bad, REALiTi good. I love Grimes voice (like anyone else I guess) but Entropy is just a bad song for her. I like it better with the "Grimes production"

    18 mar 02:18 Svara
  • generalmalaise

    I'm way too distracted by how much of a cock tease she's being. It's like Tori Amos circa '92.

    17 mar 23:29 Svara
  • djb1993djb

    speaking of grimes, what does everyone think of the new tracks?

    17 mar 21:43 Svara
  • shitscud

    That fucking "where's your head at?" song gets regular play at my work, hah.

    15 mar 17:15 Svara
  • Youyesyesyes

    The fucking love Adelle, Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey. That's like basically it.

    13 mar 09:22 Svara
  • Youyesyesyes

    I doubt any of my students know who Grimes is, which makes it even better

    13 mar 09:21 Svara
  • bobthewalrus

    my first cd was the tomb raider soundtrack

    13 mar 03:51 Svara
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