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Skapad den: 11 okt 2011
That feel when you join this group

>That feel when getting to 1000 members
>That feel when we'll be mainstream by 1000 members
>That feel when no gf
>tfw you will never be her tugboat captain
>tfw in love with Bastila Shan
>tfw usa won fifa

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  • KhalidMuhijadee

    >tfw still recommends you metal events even though you haven't listened to metal in like 3 years

    2 timmar sedan Svara
  • jelly-beanery

    >tfw bioshock infinite sucks balls and you don't understand why everyone loved it so much >tfw you knew you wouldn't like it and that's why you are just now playing it >tfw you got bored with it's repetitive gameplay an hour in >tfw the graphics are shit >tfw it looks like fucking disney made it >tfw you're only playing it for the achievements at this point, which still isn't holding your interest

    igår kväll Svara
  • jelly-beanery

    >tfw adding myself to zeemaps >tfw not sure if pregnant or severe pms symptoms >tfw i have a superhuman sense of smell now >tfw it wouldn't be so bad if i only smelled pleasant things

    igår kväll Svara
  • szuparnapol

    >tfw going to the partynextdorm >tfw you can't drink too much cause you have to get on the train home in the morning

    igår eftermiddag Svara
  • Ganbou-Ki

    >tfw I love adding myself to zeemaps [2]

    Igår 09:54 Svara
  • szuparnapol

    >tfw you thought marijuana withdrawal was just a myth [2] >tfw sleepless nights and days full of apathy

    Igår 09:12 Svara
  • aworldofice

    >that feel when you get Mikko Aspa and Mikko Friberg mixed up and then you feel dumb

    Igår 08:06 Svara
  • Xionus

    >tfw you find out that one of your closest friends is bisexual, which didn't really surprise you since you had a sneaking suspicion he was gay for a while

    Igår 07:20 Svara
  • thedongtron5000

    Igår 05:05 Svara
  • thedongtron5000

    >tfw no feelbro to share drugs with and vent about ex-gf to

    Igår 04:12 Svara
  • thedongtron5000

    >tfw came upon 29 0.5mg lorazepams for $30 >tfw meeting the ex-gf tomorrow to return each other's belongings

    Igår 04:05 Svara
  • Xionus

    >tfw you're having trouble falling asleep, vivid dreams, and you've been feeling down and out recently >tfw you thought marijuana withdrawal was just a myth

    Igår 03:27 Svara
  • babbyDOTjpg

    tfw googling where u niggas live

    Igår 00:25 Svara
  • lucasoutloud

    >tfw I love adding myself to zeemaps

    Igår 23:47 Svara
  • szuparnapol

    >tfw looking into the sky makes us feel like we live in the very same city compared to the universe >tfw sorry im baked

    Igår 23:43 Svara
  • babbyDOTjpg

    >tfw not seeing sunlight because room in basement and sleeping from 7am to 3pm

    Igår 23:40 Svara
  • nagyjamesm

    >tfw there should be a /t+f/ meet up someday >tfw can't happen because feelbros are scattered across the globe [2] >tfw maybe a That Feel map would make it easier

    Igår 23:06 Svara
  • Xionus

    >tfw no quirky gf

    Igår 19:44 Svara
  • Xionus

    >tfw you are not enjoying any of your hobbies the way you used to

    Igår 19:44 Svara
  • lucasoutloud

    >tfw you're filled with wanderlust >tfw your dreams are running circles >tfw you want to wake up smiling

    Igår 19:41 Svara
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