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Skapad den: 11 okt 2011
That feel when you join this group

>That feel when getting to 1000 members
>That feel when we'll be mainstream by 1000 members
>That feel when no gf
>tfw you will never be her tugboat captain
>tfw in love with Bastila Shan

Newest Feel(s):

>tfw you'll break out of a fabricated reality for your true gf
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  • aworldofice

    >that feel when your datemate and your friend both occasionally tell you that you make them happy and that makes you happy in itself

    igår kväll Svara
  • thedongtron5000

    >tfw new beach house this august >tfw hope it comes out on my bday, that'd be dope

    igår kväll Svara
  • szuparnapol

    >tfw lineage eternal open beta in 2016 >tfw since you got into mmorpg, you've been hearing about new lineage >tfw not sure whether you're going to live long enough to finally witness this fucking game

    igår kväll Svara
  • lucasoutloud

    >tfw my site still has that 00 aesthetic because I'm lame

    igår kväll Svara
  • Blonic


    igår eftermiddag Svara
  • Ganbou-Ki

    >tfw you will never skeet on her church dress

    Igår 10:47 Svara
  • Blonic

    >tfw very small amount of sites have that 00s vibe anymore >tfw sad time to be alive

    Igår 07:51 Svara
  • fenderfabulous

    tfw the beta is effay but I will miss the late-00s vibe of the current site

    Igår 05:24 Svara
  • froody1911

    >tfw making grils laugh is a good feel >tfw also kind of a bad feel because you then start wondering what kind of life you are leading where you feel good for something as mundane as making a random person laugh >tfw at the same time making someone laugh is definitely a good thing isn't it? >tfw my feels are complicated you wouldn't understand geez mom >:(

    Igår 03:50 Svara
  • Xionus

    >tfw you go with one of the girls your friend has been hooking up with to pick up some booze and you make her laugh >tfw you're relieved that you can still make grils laugh even though you haven't talked to one in eons due to being a bitchnigga

    Igår 02:40 Svara
  • Xionus

    >tfw the new beta is a bit maximalistic but you don't like how Spotify is pushed since you don't use it >tfw tfw youtube will never go back to the way it was in 2008 [2] >tfw your youtube account was made in 2006 since you were a horny pre-teen and there were softcore pr0n vidoes being shared on it at the time due to lax moderation

    Igår 02:38 Svara
  • aworldofice

    >tfw planning out the options, death is a probable outcome [3]

    Igår 00:00 Svara
  • babbyDOTjpg

    tfw new design is booty but it's mostly due to the fact that u hate change

    Igår 23:05 Svara
  • Ganbou-Ki

    >tfw new design is great, especially the app, but they've executed it really poorly

    Igår 22:09 Svara
  • T_M__L

    new design is underwhelming and many things are larger than they need to be

    Igår 21:11 Svara
  • lucasoutloud

    >tfw like the beta

    Igår 15:56 Svara
  • Blonic

    Speaking of designs >tfw youtube will never go back to the way it was in 2008

    Igår 14:30 Svara
  • froody1911

    >tfw new design is mostly crap

    Igår 13:54 Svara
  • szuparnapol

    >tfw a new is coming

    Igår 13:42 Svara
  • nagyjamesm

    >tfw you listened to dong's podcast >tfw you learned that dong and his friend are eskimo bros

    26 maj 12:52 Svara
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