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Skapad den: 19 nov 2008
A group dedicated to all genres of stoner music: stoner rock, stoner metal, desert rock, psychedelic rock, reggae, progressive rock, blues rock, doom metal, sludge metal, acid rock, trance,...

This group is for people with diverse musical taste. We have a core of listeners, but we also listen to , , , , , , , , , , , , , etc. etc.

Stoner Music is a label that carries with it a huge stigma; however, whether you indulge in drugs or not, there is something to be said about the talent and creativity of the music that is classified under these subgenres. It's all about the attitude, the style, the sound and the art.

Some may say that any music qualifies as stoner music in that if you are under the influence of drugs, music thereby sounds better or rather that many musicians in every field have indulged in the consumption of ilicit substances at one point in their careers. However, there is a distinct FEEL for music that drug users tend to enjoy the most. The purpose of this group is to identify, discuss and share what stoner music means to you.

Welcome to the group! Please connect journals to the group, participate in discussions and recommmend your favourite 'must listen' artists, albums and tracks.

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