online tool: determine music taste of a group - weekly updating

  • online tool: determine music taste of a group - weekly updating


    see example designs below
    further info

    some use cases for:

    - compare groups
    e.g. group Female Voices ♀ is created from old group Female Voices - how does the listening behaviour differ? the new one exists since 2010 with ca. 300 members, while the old group has 7000 members since 2004

    - find group specific interesting info:
    Which artists are enjoyed at group "Filmscores and Soundtracks"? see here
    What kind of bands seem trendy at "Indie and Alternative"? see here (I know the term trendy is somehow a clash to indie ;-))
    What's so specific about London members? see here
    What's influencing the office?

    group leaders
    - display on group main page, so users see the newest charts -> get code here
    - "convince" easier non-group-members to listen to the group radio + who knows: join + participate in the group ;-)

    Feedback appreciated,

    part of the Musicology group
  • Hey. Nice tools. I spend a little time watching them, but i enjoyed it. Good work

  • thx :-)
    others seem to like it also, it's the most clicked thread in the group forum: >54k times

    part of the Musicology group
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