• Soul Embraced - Mythos "Review"

    22 jul 2013, 16:22 av Disillusionaire

    After a five year wait for this album and many teasers it is finally here. Over all I am very impressed by Mythos. I am disappointed that there is only nine songs and one of them is a lack luster instrumental. I was hoping for around twelve or thirteen songs, and a few of their amazing guitar solos. But that aside Mythos is an intense ride from start to finish (excluding instrumental). The guest vocals by Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice) was a pleasant surprise and well done. From the hypnotic riffs, the earth shaking blast beats, fast double bass, great guitar work and that one of a kind voice this is definitely considered a masterpiece. I can not say that it outdoes Dead Alive though because that album had a atmosphere all of its own with the guitar solos, symphonic parts and overall rhythm of the entire album. Mythos makes a good run at Dead Alive but does not dethrone it from the top. Hopefully now with their first actual line up we can see more frequent releases.Soul EmbracedMythos[youtube][/youtube]
  • Underblood Fest VII (Recife - PE) (15/12/2012)

    1 dec 2012, 00:00 av UltraJohnny

    O histórico evento de metal pernambucano UNDERBLOOD FEST chega à sua sétima edição, cada vez melhor. Esse ano as atrações são a pernambucana Implement (death metal) completando dez anos de banda gravando seu primeiro DVD oficial. Também estarão presentes as também pernambucanas Soterion (black metal), Salário do Pecado (brutal death metal) e After the chaos (deathcore), fazendo seu show de estreia na cena. Também estará presente no evento a banda de Salvador, Bahia, Dynamus (thrash/death metal), lançando seu primeiro álbum "Quando Estou Fraco Então Sou Forte". Não percam, pois esse evento promete!

    Underblood Fest VII
    Data: 15/12/2012
    Local: Teatro Maurício de Nassau
    Início: 21 horas
    Ingressos: R$ 10,00
    Contato: (81) 8868-6676/8809-1455

    Fonte: 15/12/12 - Underblood Fest VII (Recife - PE)