Fave "Lipsynch for your life" performance

  • Fave "Lipsynch for your life" performance

    Since season 4 is pretty much around the corner, and with it there will come new performances, I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for this.

    So, which are your favourite lipsynch performances so far?

    From Season 1, I'd have to say:

    *Akashia/Tammie - We Break The Dawn (even though Tammie gave up)
    *Shannel/Akashia - Greatest Love of All

    Season 2 is pretty much the best one when it comes to lipsynch, at least, to me.
    I loved:
    *Shangela/Sahara - Covergirl
    *Sonique/Morgan - Two of Hearts
    *Sahara/Morgan - Carry On
    *Jujubee/Sahara - Black Velvet
    *Jujubee/Pandora - Shake Your Love
    *Jessica/Tatianna - He's The Greatest Dancer
    *Tyra/Raven - Jealous of my Boogie

    lol that's like half of them.

    Season 3 was not that exciting for me if we talk about the lipsynchs, but i liked:

    *Manila/Delta - MacArthur Park (probably my fave overall)
    *Alexis/Shangela - Even Angels
    *Raja/Carmen - Straigth Up (since I saw the show for the first time I wanted them to use this song)

    And we'll have to see what Season 4 will bring :P

  • Raja/Carmen - Straigth Up


  • - Monica Beverly Hillz to Rihanna's Only Girl (In the World)
    - Raven to En Vogue's My Lovin'
    - Shangela to Cher's Believe mostly b/c Michelle Visage was so startled when she dropped, ha ha.
    - Jujubee and Raven on All-Stars to Robyn's Dancing On My Own. omg, the tears </3

  • Raja/Carmen - Straigth Up [2] by far

  • Raven x Tyra Sanchez that was a true battle for the money

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    • 4 aug 2014, 18:41
    Jinkx vs Detox s5 (hands down,my favorite)
    Adore vs Trinity
    Alyssa vs Roxxy (this was so fierce)
    Dida vs Princess
    Latrice vs Dida
    Coco vs Jade
    I still have not watched first 3 season so yeah,these are my favorite from last 3 minus allstar.That season was weird as fuck.

  • I stuck between JuJuBee vs Pandora and Detox vs Jinkx. The reasons why are shown in bold.

  • Raja vs Carmen <3

  • Jinkx/Detox, because they were my 2 fav queens from S5, and that Jinkx dance still pops up in my mind way too often, haha.

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