• Fariborz Lachini releases two new solo piano albums

    8 okt 2008, 05:50 av pegaht

    Iranian/Canadian (film) composer, Fariborz Lachini, releases 8 contemporary classical pieces under Requiem album and 15 other pieces with lighter melodies (considerred new age by some) under the fourth in Golden Autumn series, Golden Autumn 4 .

    Almost all of Fariborz Lachini's compositions have a melancholic tone and are inspired by events concerning his homeland and the world. His deep peaceful melodies are said to be able to communicate with listeners without a need of words, or any instrumentation other than piano and are considered minimal as such. Although this kind of minimalism is very different than what Philip Glass, Ludovico Einaudi or others tagged as minimalists offer. (I wonder if there is a good definition what minimalist is)

    His style imitates no particular composers or even specific classical eras, but some of his fans call him "piano poet of 21st century" and compare his work to those of master composers of classical era like Frédéric Chopin, Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann, ...

    We leave this up to your judgment and invite you to have listen on or his official website
  • enrcmp05 - Sound Research

    19 apr 2007, 01:47 av sabrinamaria

    New compilation from NSI & enough Records - Portuguese Electronica Showcase

    enrcmp05 - Sound Research

    [nsi-online and enoughrecords are proud to present a set of tracks
    surrounding the theme of artificial intelligence and post-humanism.]

    Each track was composed by 2 portuguese projects active in the national
    electronic scene in different styles; many of them only coming to know
    each other through the participation of this project. A sample of the best
    done in Portugal. 14 projects, 7 tracks in a journey to the future...
    The future is now!

    Download all the album for free @ Last.Fm Sound Research

    cygnus x1 - dream metaphor - electrolise - Jdvoid - mcgea - Metricks - m-pex - nny - oxygen - ps - sci-fi industries - structura - xastre

    Hugo Carreira

    info by:
    NSI-online & enough records 2007
  • Tuneglue powered by

    13 apr 2007, 23:28 av sabrinamaria

    This is really great tool

    Tuneglue powered by

    just write a name of an artist if the search box at your top right, then a vinyl record image will appear, then click on the image, and choose expand, and then expand, and then expand. You´ll see how interesting this can be!
  • About Zaraban & Bahman Mobayyen

    6 feb 2007, 15:27 av zaraban

    Hi my name is Bahman Mobayyen and I am a percussionist. I love music and I have played percussion instruments for many singers and for film soundtracks as well. If you would like to hear some of the music I have played please go to and to listen or view to the Arabian Nights film try If you would like me to play at a concert with you or on a recording you can contact me. Description The Tombak or Zarb. Is the Chief percussion instrument of Iranian Art music. This is a one faced drum Where (he whole upper half is wider Than the lower. It is carved of single Block of wood! And it body is hallow, Open at lower end covered with a Sheepskin membrane across the Upper part. An average Tombak is 43 cm high with Playing face of 28 diameter A Tombak player holds the drum Diagonally across his lap with the Wider section usually over his right Side and it is played with the fingers And the palm of the hands. Bahman Mobayyen has developed a Variety of techniques to produce different sounds on the single face of This old instrument of Iranian Art music. The tick Bass sound is known As TOM. This sound comes from striking the centre of the face with the Whole hand. The snap, dry sound, is known as BAK and is produced by Striking the face of the rim. Bahman Mobayyen was born in Tehran, 1963. He started studying The TOMBAK and undertook advanced studies at the center for Traditional Music and Art in Tehran, Iran with great masters of Tombak including, Jamshid Mohebbi, Mohammad Akhavan and Naser Farhang far He played percussion for 1- Film Music ,Arabian Nights, Natacha Atlas,(Singer). (Composer Richard Harrvy) 2- World Music for singers, Robbie Williams, Neneh cherry, Maxi jazz and so on. Through his performance And teaching, took a virtuoso approach Towards Tombak playing with the use of western notation in Iran and Other parts of the world especially in Germany where he lives, Tombak is Becoming increasingly popular now, Bahman Mobayyen is one of The most experienced Tombak teachers To day and is teaching at established musical centers around Germany.

  • Wishing Well - Your help in turning music into water

    11 dec 2006, 22:29 av sabrinamaria

    Africa-100 Wells

    Do you know that millions of people in Africa, don´t have any water...?


    this is a beautifull project...

    Two great musicians have teamed up to create a beautiful album of African flavoured World Music, "MUSIC 4 WATER". The band is called "Pendragon Hall" and is made up of members David Pendragon, Bill Hall and Friends. [ African sound samples courtesy SpectraSonics "Heart of Africa" ] This album also contains the #1 hit song "DEEP WATER" by Tribe

    Africa-100 Wells

    David Pendragon
    Bill Hall