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Ledare: Psybreaker
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Skapad den: 15 dec 2009
For lovers of a form of psychedelic trance, splicing breakbeat basslines and rhythms into otherwise heavily psytrance-influenced tracks.

Psybreaks or psychedelic breakbeat is a form of psychedelic trance originating in the late 90s, splicing breakbeat basslines and rhythms into otherwise heavily psytrance-influenced tracks. Wanna know what is it? Test this audio: and watch video

Psybreaks covers a very wide range.
In general, the idea of creating the group - to unite fans of non-typical breakbeat/psytrance.


Concept - the psychedelic sounding with distinct broken rhythms:
  • breakbeat [typically in the 140s bpm; Mood Deluxe is the classic example, or also Digitalis, Violet Vision, Scorb "Ipso Fvcto", Deviant electronics "Blunt instruments"]
  • breaks [nuskoolbreaks/techfunk/progressive breaks/dubstep/chunky electrobreaks which borrows production ideas and squizzy noises from psytrance; Robosapiens, Plastic Shell, Nagual Sound Experiment, Parallax breakz, Bird Of Prey are examples]
  • drum & bass [not quite neurofunk, but very similar, difference in more pronounced atmospherical/industrial/psychedelic sounding; Acid Rockers, Cybernetika "Atropos", Sibilant, Dendron are examples]
  • chilled breakbeats [psychedelic goa atmosphere like psychill but based on a clear broken bits; Galaxy, Gaudi , Shpongle, Timeshard, Slackbaba are examples]
  • glitchy breaks & idm [breaks + glitch and idm with psychedelic and chillout atmosphere; KiloWatts, Tipper, Paniq, psybURBia, IAcchus are examples]
  • experimental breakbeat [this stuff looks like suomisaundi and psychedelic rock with dominated breakbeat; Rip Van Hippy, Texas Faggott, Outolintu, Odd Harmonic, Lumukanda, Joujouka are examples]

    Test following related compilations:

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