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Dystopian civilizations ...
abandoned and lifeless.
War-torn ruins. The dust of fallout.
Subterranean realms, bereft and solitary.
Desolate landscapes ...


For lovers of apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic stories and imagery in music, art, literature, film, etc.
Eternal pessimists, world-weary misanthropes and all with an interest in dystopian Sci-Fi are welcome here.



Through fiction we saw the birth
Of futures yet to come.
Yet in fiction lay the bones,
Ugly in their nakedness.

Yet under this mortal sun,
We cannot hide ourselves.

- Isis
"In Fiction"




Recommended websites of interest: [Dedicated to genre film and all things post-apocalyptic] [Abandoned photography and urban exploration] [Documenting industrial decay and deserted locations around the world] [Surreal art collective] [Obscure ambient & industrial soundscapes]

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