TafelMuzak Nº 96: column and compilation (includes Sleazy's The Threshold HouseBoys…

  • TafelMuzak Nº 96: column and compilation (includes Sleazy's The Threshold HouseBoys Choir) - free download


    As a rule a brand-new album is the reason for TafelMuzak. Originally written for Beam Me Up, after the demise of the music magazine the monthly column was further developed on the net by Leonhard Lorek, Philipp Steglich and Evgenij Dvorkin – on the website of Verbrecher Verlag .

    It’s always about music and – that’s the special thing about this review format – the food that goes with it, or doesn’t. Hunger or thirst are also themes.

    There have already been tastings deep in the Barents Sea, high up in the Alps, in the Hotel de Filosoof in Amsterdam or in Moscow’s public toilets. The gourmet culture celebrated by the column ranges from Sichuan cuisine to molecular gastronomy to cannibalism.

    For the 96th edition the three columnists have treated themselves to the pleasure of not only reflecting on music, but also of serving some up themselves. In four months they have put together an album they consider suitable for the acoustic accompaniment of culinary events. In short, they have compiled a table-music collection, complete with a unique recipe for a delicious meal.

    The album will be stationed for free downloading on Unbekanntes Sektorformat from 1 January to 28 February 2010. The column to go with it – TafelMuzak Nº 96 – is different from its predecessors and also appears in English.

    Source: http://unbekanntessektorformat.com/tafel-muzak/
    Please also visit: http://tafelmuzak.de/

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