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Skapad den: 25 feb 2006
Do you like metal? Power? Thrash? Death? Black? Progressive? Do you like other genres of music too? Are Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Opeth in your top 50 along with The Beatles? Radiohead? Why can't...

NEW: Ahoy there! As part of our elaborate world domination plans, the group is now available on Facebook too. Join us as we spread anarchy and debauchery (and some good music in between) worldwide and take over the world!

Semi-official statement: Dear lurking ladies and new female members, feel free to chime in with your randomness in our shoutbox and in the forums, we won't bite! No guarantees that we won't ogle, though. ;)

Hi traveller, take a close look at the charts for these are the most open-minded ones you will ever see. You may ask why? Or how come? Or how dare you? Or *insert random question here*, or even WTF? In any case, the answer is rather simple: those charts are carefully hand- and ear-crafted by us - Oxymoronized Onionminded Metalheads™, (group of most open-minded people in the whole known (and possibly unknown) universe), and approved by almighty Onion Gods. And wait, there's more...well, actually there isn't, so enjoy your visit and stay random.
- Courtesy donBastardo


No douchebags. Please make recommendations. Thank you.

If anything bothers you about this group, please message a couple of the leaders.

Please do not advertise groups in the forum here. (Journal articles are okay)

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  • Overdose52

    Good to be back on and glad to see this group is still here.

    10 timmar sedan Svara
  • Fahrenheit1221

    Looking for instrumental jazz fusion, math rock, etc. The more exotic the better. Some of my favorites for point of reference: Lye By Mistake, Planet X, Virgil Donati's solo work, Monobody, Voyeur's Kaleidoscope and a few others. If someone can just point me to Animals as Leaders with more Guthrie Govan style leads, that would be great... *In my best Bill Lumbergh voice*

    25 apr 16:51 Svara
  • agent_logic

    Oi mates, anyone here playing GTA V on PC? Message me your Steam/Social Club ID so we can fuck shit up online together sometime. (And I admit, I only watch GoT for the good looking ladies).

    24 apr 14:50 Svara
  • SonicX

    Not worthy? Nonsense, we all worth much, just ask any random organ harvester. Heart, eyes, spleen, lungs, guts - you see mushy tissue and soup dishes, I see money, lots of lovely money! By the way, this year I have to see Judas Priest, Helloween and Joe Satriani - anyone perchance need a left kidney? It is in good condition, being kicked several times, though nothing serious.

    23 apr 15:32 Svara
  • Thrasherized

    I never saw Game of Thrones :( I'm not worthy!

    20 apr 02:50 Svara
  • SonicX

    ...sir, are you trying to offend me mum? ಠ_ಠ

    17 apr 13:17 Svara
  • Taggueg

    Ha! Anyway this means: Valar Morghulis.. Onion Style!

    16 apr 09:27 Svara
  • SonicX

    Probably watching Game of Thrones *ba dum tss*

    15 apr 14:30 Svara
  • Taggueg

    Yes, Sir! ;D And I also thought the onion-fanatics would return.. where is everybody?

    14 apr 13:52 Svara
  • SonicX

    I am almost too afraid to ask, but... you are not talking about Game of Thrones, are you?

    11 apr 11:43 Svara
  • Taggueg

    2 days to the Game of Onions!

    10 apr 13:08 Svara
  • myraus

    All bow to the great OxyOnion, whatever it/he/she might be!!

    6 apr 18:15 Svara
  • bloody72

    pozdrowienia dla wszystkich członków grupy

    5 apr 12:18 Svara
  • Taggueg

    I say that´s a nice song! :) \\m/

    2 apr 14:41 Svara
  • SonicX Hm? You said something, lads? ;)

    1 apr 14:15 Svara
  • ccorpion666


    1 apr 00:45 Svara
  • Taggueg

    What? "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"? Yeah, ok, whatever.. and where is my mescaline.. ehrrm, medicine?

    31 mar 13:46 Svara
  • ferociousdanny


    31 mar 02:44 Svara
  • donBastardo

    "Am just shouting for the sake of shouting. People do it a lot less than they used to." Amen to that. Something happened to the randomness..i can't just figure out what exactly. With words of grandpa Simpson: "I used to be with it, but then they changed what 'it' was. Now what i'm with isn't it and whats's it, seems weird and scary to me..."

    30 mar 09:03 Svara
  • Papaya_Of_Doom

    Hiya? anyone alive here? Actually, I don't really care if anyone's alive here or not, Am just shouting for the sake of shouting. People do it a lot less than they used to. Ah well actually I could use someone to talk to from time to time, anyone? no? well anyways everyone have great rest of your hours you're planning to stay awake :)

    29 mar 22:08 Svara
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