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Anyone who feels they are lonely can join this nameless community :P

Everyone feels lonely from time to time. It comes in many forms. It is usually when you have little contact with people.

**It can also be when you feel you have little importance or value in other people's lives, or when the people you are with see things differently from you.

**Some people suffer from anxiety and this can lead to problems meeting people and making friends.

If you feel lonely for a long time, it can bring with it a deep belief that everything is useless and a feeling of isolation - thinking you are separate or different from everyone else.

but we can stop this!! u can join this group or not, itz ur choice, but if u r lonely then feel free to join. . . . .

I just make this group so, that all of us who feels lonely can make frens here and have fun, so that we can stop bein lonely !!!!! WELCOME :D

ohh n i make this group wit my fren Iva (ivelina) actually she came up wit the name !!! ;)

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