help others with your knowledge (aka: tandem)

  • help others with your knowledge (aka: tandem)

    Here at my university there is a service called tandem:
    one person wants to extend her/his knowledge in some area and offers in exchange knowledge in another area.

    If you feel like you wanna try this, drop a message below please.
    Even if you feel like you can not offer something "in return": post your request - I am sure one of the group members will be helpful :-)

    Member of the Musicology group. I appreciate feedback to my 6 albums.

  • It's sad that nobody supported this idea. I'm all for it, maybe someone still wants to exchange knowledge? ) For example, I offer to share with you beautiful cinematic playlists that I made in exchange for some interesting musicology information. Just something that fascinates you, it can be anything) Anyone?

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