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Ledare: Kerensky97
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Skapad den: 9 jan 2006
Title says it all; post here what music you want added to I have no power to make it happen but maybe someobdy that stops by can.

If you want to request music be added to here's the place to do it. I have no control over what is added by the admins but at least we have a place now to have all requests grouped together. has a huge database of music but there's always going to be something missing, if enough people say they want something eventually somebody will take notice.

Post in the forum what you want added, maybe the mods will see and act on it, maybe a label representitive will see it and upload to, at the very least you can get your request off your chest.

We'll see how this works out, hopefully someday will have an official request method that will make this group obsolete. Till then tell everybody what you want to listen to.
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