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Skapad den: 12 feb 2009
...about the music that would need a genius like Einstein to help solve it. Complex, repetitive and hallucinogenic.

WARNING: Only for the hard-wired!!


(L: Caprica, Retro-futuristic city, Doug Drexler, R: The Venus Project, Technogaianistic city, Jacque Fresco)

"Zukunftsmusik" (Music of the Future)

Genres that would generally fit this group would be:
,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Recommended Videos:

Thank you:
InFluxuations, KillYaTv, Nada_Qina, jambolini, Splint3r, Gltch, ...

All computer boffins (like yourselves)
need to be checked before I can decide
to integrate your hi-tech minds
into my 'mainframe'.

Do you have good recommendations that fit perfectly to the name of our group? Tell us!
“Hi-Tech Image Recommendations”
“Hi-Tech Video Recommendations”
“Hi-Tech Track Recommendations”
“Hi-Tech Album Recommendations”
“Hi-Tech Artist Recommendations”
“Hi-Tech Label Recommendations”


Artist Recommendations:
18 Carat Affair ~ thanks to: Ludamage
Xanopticon ~ thanks to: peteonlastfm
2562 ~ thanks to: jambolini
8-Bit Weapon ~ thanks to: terrium
Access to Arasaka ~ thanks to: sleepyjz
Alva Noto ~ thanks to: bombadda & Meshugg
Ametsub ~ thanks to: sleepyjz
Autechre ~ thanks to: Splint3r & terrium
Ben Frost ~ thanks to: bombadda
BLAERG ~ thanks to: genericuser1062
Boxcutter ~ thanks to: jambolini
Breakage ~ thanks to: jambolini
Ceephax Acid Crew ~ thanks to: eric86
Cloudc ~ thanks to: Peopjantje
Com Truise ~ thanks to: YTMNDuser
Crystal Castles ~ thanks to: Ludamage
Current Value ~ thanks to: jambolini
Doshy ~ thanks to: Peopjantje
Dr. Strangeloop ~ thanks to: jambolini
edIT ~ thanks to: sleepyjz, kalaine
Emancipator ~ thanks to: Peopjantje
Fennesz ~ thanks to: bombadda
Fizzarum ~ thanks to: Ludamage
Fluxion ~ thanks to: sleepyjz
Frogpocket ~ thanks to: genericuser1062
Ginormous ~ thanks to: genericuser1062
Global Communication ~ thanks to: jambolini
Gold Panda ~ thanks to: Peopjantje
Hecq ~ thanks to: mushsup
Infected Mushroom ~ thanks to: jambolini
Integral ~ thanks to: sleepyjz
iTAL tEK ~ thanks to: Peopjantje
Kode9 ~ thanks to: galactus15
Komonazmuk ~ thanks to: jambolini
Luke Vibert ~ thanks to: atknot
Machinefabriek ~ thanks to: bombadda
Mad Professor ~ thanks to: galactus15
Martyn ~ thanks to: jambolini
Monolake ~ thanks to: Meshugg
Mount Kimbie ~ thanks to: Meshugg & Peopjantje
Neil Landstrumm ~ thanks to: bombadda
Neon Indian ~ thanks to: Ludamage
Nosaj Thing ~ thanks to: ketsurui & Nada_Qina
Nuearz ~ thanks to: Ludamage
Nullsleep ~ thanks to: terrium
Oneohtrix Point Never ~ thanks to: Ludamage
Plat ~ thanks to: bombadda
Puoskari ~ thanks to: galactus15
Richard Devine ~ thanks to: sleepyjz
Sobrio ~ thanks to: Ludamage
Soman ~ thanks to: Terroryzer
Spac Hand Luke ~ thanks to: jambolini
Tatamax ~ thanks to: Kidvomit
Team Doyobi ~ thanks to: Ludamage
Temp Sound Solutions ~ thanks to: terrium
The Glitch Mob ~ thanks to: kalaine
Tobias Lilja ~ thanks to: jambolini
TOKiMONSTA ~ thanks to: red-green-blue
Tutankhamon 9000 ~ thanks to: galactus15
Vaccine ~ thanks to: jambolini
VHS Head ~ thanks to: Ludamage
Vibrasphere ~ thanks to: jambolini
Yrrow ~ thanks to: Ludamage
Zomby ~ thanks to: jambolini

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