• Jocely West new album

    Jocelyn West Album

    Jocelyn West's new album is Salt Bird - written and recorded over several years and finally released in March 2009. It is a unique, exhilarating and haunting twelve song collection that sees the ex Miranda Sex Garden singer releasing her first album of original compositions. From the poignant piano ballad Trevelyan Boy to the eclectic Mississippi, a song which defies genre description, this is an album that journeys across a musical landscape from traditional folk to advant garde soundscapes. The unifying presence throughout the album is the beautiful pure voice of Jocelyn West. Recorded in London and in a fisherman's cottage in a remote part of Scotland, Jocelyn plays all the instruments herself, evoking the ghosts of the past, stirring deep emotions and creating intoxicating melodies.

    Available now from GoMojo Basement, including autographed copies:

    I feel it come again.The feeling that i love,and that i know will end. And when the ride comes to an end,just get up,dust off and do it again..Theres no man alive that i cant deceive so give me a man who's crueler than me. Give me a sparkling astral cord so i can be there when he is no more...
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