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Skapad den: 8 mar 2012
Do you like Metal and you're tired of Antifa people with kidding or trolling attitude? Are you tired of the freedom that media and goverments give to them? Then do something and smash Antifa!

Welcome to Metal Fans Against Antifa! Feel free of publish anything following the Guidelines

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  • whiskeyhammer95

    " Are you tired of the freedom that media and goverments give to them?" That's what the left does, use government to silence dissent. Fail.

    16 okt 20:12 Svara
  • Eduard-Limonov

    28 sep 05:57 Svara
  • metaldiscussor

    racism is wrong :(

    25 aug 11:25 Svara
  • aggroroofer

    The point of both parts is this: It doesn't do you any good to control something, if you are not the recipient of the benefits. Again in simpler words: Power is no goal, it's a tool. Most modern governments are only a part of the toolset. You can see this plainly, just take note every time a politician justifies something with "creating jobs" (or similar) - that is when some businesses fear for their profit... (Mercantilism didn't "work" all that differently, it mostly looked differently. The reason being that absolutism was an era of remodelling of the society towards a capitalist society.)

    21 maj 16:43 Svara
  • Darkvizard666

    I don't see how an economic system from 18th century is relevant to 1930s Europe. Yes, mercantilism also implied government regulation, but economy at the time worked in quite a different way, so I don't really see the point you are trying to make here. As for your latter point, I already said that I do not support the existing economic model.

    21 maj 04:25 Svara
  • aggroroofer

    Oh, you again! Answer the previous questions before resuming your astounding hypotheses: Was Mercantilism a form of socialism? --- Btw, laissez-faire only applies until pay day. As long as such a marvellous tool as a government exists, the bailouts are a pretty good method of redistribution. Who does the controlling? - ususually the one that benefits most from the deal.

    17 maj 22:21 Svara
  • Darkvizard666

    Modern day capitalism is just reverse socialism, the idea of government control of economy is still same,its just that instead of nationalizing their property, government subsidizes it and provides bailouts, which is against the main idea of liassez fair economics. Also most of European left is controlled by various secret services and Svoboda are not truly right wing, or nationalist. The oligarchs they've been propping up are not even Ukrainian by ethnicity.

    16 maj 14:16 Svara
  • asbestos_pie

    "As for cultural cancer, look at the way our economy works ('Growth! Growth! Growth!')" True, cultural capitalism is ultimately just as corrosive to a society as cultural Marxism.

    26 apr 22:57 Svara
  • aggroroofer

    Well, agreed that a lot of antifa are simply hooligans. But our German 'establishment' (political aparatus and mainstream media) love for instance the Ucrainian Svoboda and the parts of the German National Democratic Party are pretty much run by our inland intelligence service (down to the initiation of crimes and gathering of weapons; this is a matter of public records). At least France, Italy and Greece have prominent parties with fascist tendencies. As for cultural cancer, look at the way our economy works ("Growth! Growth! Growth!")

    16 apr 18:26 Svara
  • asbestos_pie

    "Why are you people against antifa?" Because antifas fancy themselves as edgy dissidents fighting against the man when their views are perfectly in line with the establishment they claim to hate. They're self-righteous children who pride themselves on their fanatical "anti-racism" and "anti-fascism" (ideas that are considered a given to most of the Western world), almost as if to imply they have no redeeming personality traits to fall back on. They profess belief in "love" and "tolerance," yet hold just about everyone who disagrees with them in extreme contempt and do everything they can to shut down all opposition. Social justice warriors in general are cultural cancer, with antifas being one of the most malignant forms. "Isn't being against fascism a good thing?!" Arguably, but the term itself is a misnomer. Antifas use "fascism" as a pejorative buzzword for anything they personally dislike (i.e., just about anything pertaining to traditional Western culture).

    4 apr 17:51 Svara
  • Tenome15

    Why are you people against antifa? Isn't being against fascism a good thing?! I don't get it.

    27 mar 04:40 Svara
  • aborted_one

    "We're against all life and humanity! ...Except white people!"

    25 mar 19:03 Svara
  • aggroroofer

    And Hitler again. Well, your only even vaguely proofshaped argument for his being socialist is his control of the economy. But then, was Louis Quatorze also a socialist? - under mercantilism the state exerted strong influence over the direction of economic development. The German economy leaders were the same guys who financed Hitler's campaining and the SA. Do you honestly believe they didn't read 'Mein Kampf' or that they thought the bit about war was just a joke? They wanted to harvest the benefits and most of them did. If socialism in this instance is all of a sudden about who makes overall policy, the word becomes meaningless. A company chairman who isn't the owner is not suddenly the capitalist; he's merely a tool, even if he wears his underpants on his head. Economy is about survival (i.e. possession of goods) not about power.

    2 mar 21:44 Svara
  • aggroroofer

    And when starving people have enough and try to get to Europe for the good life we sink their ships... Wanna talk about the dreaded Berlin Wall? Statistic talk of 136 dead - that includes: idiots who tried to swim the river in winter; border patrols that were shot by 'refugees' and western agents (acknowledged and celebrated as heroes); one border patrol who accidentally shot himself while demonstrating his weapon to kids; and a newborn suffocated by its mother for fear of discovery. Those are some of the matyrs against evil, while killing people that flee from wars we facilitated and famines we allow is perfectly fine.

    2 mar 21:16 Svara
  • aggroroofer

    Maybe you want to explain how crimes, corruption, persecution and violence are not symptomatic of capitalist countries? Police kill citizens every year, and in Germany they investigate themselves afterwards... Only no one but amnesty int. and some 'left pigheads' thinks thats wrong, because we're the good guys. The US and German industries are two of the world's major weapons exporters - wonder why there are so many wars and so much famine? Because all those 'third world' nations are buying our goods to kill each other.

    2 mar 21:09 Svara
  • aggroroofer

    Naa, have to say more. You really love that 'all those crimes' diatribe, and your right about a lot of that. But There is a reason I often use the GDR as example: Not all socialist states were woeful. There was no famine in the GDR, people were complaining about not having enough cars and to little choice in holiday paradises. There were problems in the house building programmes, but nobody was homeless. For twenty five years now Germany has been bombarded about the crimes of the 'SED/Stasi-state' but comparing Auschwitz to Bautzen?! The one achieved an estimated 1.1 million murders and the other (after the establishment of the GDR) a very few dead under unclear circumstances.

    2 mar 20:54 Svara
  • aggroroofer

    Ok, that was a rant... I have already responded to most of that, so just two things (again!): Those 'nationalisations' were expropriations of businesses owned by jews and every one was immediately put up for re-privatisation, nothing socialist there. --- And while you convenientIy ignore construction, you really did miss the point of the automation scenario.

    2 mar 20:29 Svara
  • Darkvizard666

    If you control the economy as government, then it isn't capitalism. Third Reich was a Socialist state, because Hitler was telling industry what to do, "or else". Not to mention all the nationalizations. To be fair, I don't consider countries like US being truly capitalistic either, because the bailouts go against the laisez fair idea. Working class will go extinct sooner or later, with machines replacing more and more of what manual labor used to do. Just look at factories. It is easy to be nostalgic, when you don't have to experience human rights abuse, affirmative action, institutionalized famine and all other crimes socialist governments in Europe did.

    2 mar 18:16 Svara
  • aggroroofer

    And still you'd have your capitalist owning everything and thinking he should be rewarded for no input whatsoever. Your service workers aren't relevant to the production, thus becoming totally dependent on the 'good will' of the ones owning everything, factually being slaves (whether they feel like slaves or not). "Absurd!", you'll say and you'd be right. With no human labour to replenish there is no lower limit to what capitalists would have to share with society. That is bound to implode.

    1 mar 21:39 Svara
  • aggroroofer

    But suppose it happens, that'd be the death blow for capitalism. ("You won't have the former without the latter", remember?) Capitalism means that the social economic surplus is being disappropriated and privatised. The surplus is derived from the difference between the value of the labour and the effort needed to restore the ability to work. All this is about human labour, so if that wasn't needed anymore, the economy would become a perpetuum mobile, constantly outputting without human input. Your products would be economically valueless (not worthless), as if they'd just fall from the sky. Since no humans are involved the replenishment of the labour force would be zero as well.

    1 mar 21:37 Svara
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