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    • aileenb3 sa...
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    • 12 mar 2009, 03:14
    Adversus and Cultus Ferox

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    • aileenb3 sa...
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    • 12 mar 2009, 03:16

    A B
  • Orealia said:
    which corvus corax tracks are the best?

    Yep really hard to choose it :)
    Ballade De Mercy is really great, also Basileus, Suam Elle Ires and so on... eerr...we cannot choose only one ^^
    My best medieval band is Corvus Corax! (2)
    And then ...
    Cultus Ferox

    "An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will"
  • Die Irrlichter

    • liftarn sa...
    • Wiki Moderator
    • 4 jul 2014, 10:57
    Please do yourself and a favour and fix your tags. The easiest way is to use Musicbrainz Picard.
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