• Kerrang! Video Premiere - The Kut

    15 maj 2015, 00:46 av criminalrecords

    Kerrang! Magazine premiere the brand new music video by The Kut today (Friday 15th May)!  The track, I Don't Need Therapy is taken from the recent 'Rock Paper Scissors EP' and was directed by Mike Gripz. Watch it from 4pm at http://kerrang.com

    Classic Rock Magazine
    Tracks of the Week
    "Bad Man marks the precise point in the Venn diagram where L7 meets I Wanna Be Your Dog meets Courtney Love, which is equal parts terrifying and a cause for long and rowdy celebration. Punk's not dead, pass it on."

    Kerrang! Magazine 
    "Despite the loud Courtney love references they're more than just Hole II. Mario has an Against Me! Strut to the intro, while DMA is a pounding gem"

    Q Magazine
    Top 5 Tracks To Listen to This Week
    "There's a slice of angst-offloading gutter rock that's a kissing cousin of Hole, but The Kut's scuzz-covered family tree also stretches further back to the garage rampages of The Stooges."
  • The Last.fm 2015 Tip Off

    19 dec 2014, 15:03 av pellitero

    The clock is ticking on 2014 and we would like to present to you some artists that, with no full length album under their belt yet, have found a prominent place on the Last.fm community libraries and have been featured on our tastemaker’s Hype Chart. We hope you’ll find an artist from the list below that will become a regular in your 2015 libraries!
    We’re especially looking forward to kicking off the new year with Iain Woods‘ (aka Psychologist) debut album “Psychologist”, released just after the stroke of midnight. With an already impressive two EPs out there, Woods introduces a “bigger rockier” sound to his songs, which we think is a sign of things to come during the next twelve months. Judge for yourself by listening to the first single off the album “Worlds Away”.

    After the outstanding “Outlaws EP” released last spring and featuring on a Chase & Status single, we have included an album by Ed Thomas on our 2015 list. Another male artist we would like to see breaking in the near future is Ofei. His “London EP” and single “WOW” are raw and full of passion without touching any of the urban-soul cliches coming from both sides of the Atlantic. Very promising.

    Onto the ladies, then. Already with 10 tracks scattered over two EPs, Ellie Ingram has delivered a serious tune this year with “When it was dark”, a track included on “The Doghouse”, which could easily resume the urban-soul revival of 2014. Moko has also had a well deserved good year, helped by some spot-on live performances during the summer festival season and the dancefloor/radio friendly “Your Love”.

    At the other side of the spectrum we also expect good things to come from Sophie Jaimeson. Having learned her craft through the folk scene around Cambridge University, her sound has now expanded to a four-piece. It has also being a long time coming for Findlay; do not hesitate to catch her explosive live shows if in a town near you.

    Just as electric on the stage, Dolomite Minor haven’t been the most prolific in terms of recorded music, but their festival appearances have certainly caught your eye and interest. Check their single “Let Me Go” for a taster of things to come. Klo, another duo (this time from down under) burst onto the radio playlists with the subdued “Make Me Wonder”. With another EP on the cards for 2015 and visits to Europe during the summer, we are looking forward to their new output.

    On a very similar tip 14th, pioneers of the UK 90s house and garage revival, have recently collaborated with Mao Ra Sun on the track “Ways Of Seeing”. Lastly, on the guitar front, the six piece HAUS, the Scottish trio Tuff Love and Spanish bands Wild Bambina and Deers (pictured above) bring to a close the list of the fifteen acts we hope blossom in 2015.

    If you would like to dig deeper on the artists who made it to the Last.fm Hype Charts in 2014, press play below … Have a good holiday and a great year!
  • Last.fm Discovery of the Week : Laura Welsh

    30 maj 2014, 06:07 av pellitero

  • Led Zeppelin komplett und kostenlos auf Spotify

    17 dec 2013, 12:22 av hjbardenhagen

    Seit Sonntag steht der komplette Katalog von Led Zeppelin auf Spotify als kostenloses Streaming-Angebot zur Verfügung, zuletzt wurden alle Livealben - auch das neue "Celebration Day" vom sehr guten Londoner Konzert 2007 - sowie die Kompilationen hinzugefügt.

    Es handelt sich dabei um einen exklusiven Deal wie vor einem Jahr mit Metallica, also guckt die Konkurrenz in die Röhre. Außerdem ist das Streamen auf Handys und Tablets mit den Spotify-Apps seit neuestem ebenfalls kostenlos, und die Begrenzung auf 10 Stunden im Monat für Desktop-User, die länger als ein halbes Jahr gratis dabei sind, fällt auch weg. Damit dürfte Spotify eine Menge neuer Kunden gewinnen - ob davon auch viele wie erhofft zum Premium-Abo ohne Werbung und mit Offline-Hörmöglichkeit greifen, bleibt abzuwarten.

    Bei Last.fm ist Led Zeppelin jedenfalls innerhalb einer Woche von Platz 67 auf Platz 10 in den Band-Charts gestiegen, und Spotify hatte erst am letzten Mittwoch mit der Veröffentlichung der ersten vier Alben angefangen. In der offiziellen Support-Gruppe für die App Last.fm for Spotify ist Led Zeppelin sogar #1 vor Coldplay und Radiohead. ;-)

    Auch interessant: In den Last.fm Hyped Tracks Charts für Deutschland sind im Moment 6 von 20 Songs von Led Zeppelin, #2 ist Moby Dick. Whole Lotta Love und Good Times Bad Times sind sogar #38 und #40 in den internationalen Top Tracks Charts, gestiegen um mehrere Hundert Plätze. Am nächsten Montag gibt es neue Hitlisten, der jeweilige Stand bezieht sich immer auf Sonntag mittag 12:00 Uhr, also waren da die zuletzt hinzugekommenen Alben bei Spotify erst ein paar Stunden verfügbar.

  • Last.fm Discovery of the Week : LoLo

    13 nov 2013, 13:00 av pellitero

  • Last.fm Discovery of the Week : Cosmo Sheldrake

    1 aug 2013, 08:34 av pellitero

  • Last.fm Discovery of the Week : Ishome

    16 jul 2013, 13:53 av pellitero

  • ZZ Top CD box w/ original mixes / Spotify playlist w/ Billy Gibbons collaborations

    3 jun 2013, 04:47 av hjbardenhagen

    There will be a new ZZ Top 10 CD box with the original mixes from the vinyl album versions on June 10th, 2013 released by Warner Bros. Records - finally! Furthermore Billy Gibbons gave some insights into recording the albums back then on Musicradar.

    "They don't do that on stage anymore!" ;-)

    And I created a Spotify and Deezer playlist with available collaborations of Billy Gibbons with other musicians as well as some rare ZZ Top tracks and instrumentals. See also his Last.fm profile for updated wiki, pictures and videos.

  • An Evening Of Psychedelic Rock At Dominion NY: Last.fm Live February 24th

    12 mar 2012, 17:11 av Bryanrecommends

    Last.fm Live celebrated its inaugural NYC event this past February with four bands at the small venue – with a BIG soundsystem – Dominion NY. Fans of the spectrum were treated to a range of rising new artists within the genre (and beyond), and the uninitiated were rewarded for their music curiosity with three killer live sets, an incredible sound system, and a pre-release listen to Mexican Summer’s newest offering, Mike Wexler‘s Dispossession.

    The evening kicked off with the listening party, the mood set perfectly by Mike Wexler‘s hushed vocals and otherworldly arrangements. Read Street Date’s review of the record here, as well as host your own personal listening party thanks to SPIN’s album stream.

    Friend Roulette took the stage first – well, 6 out of 7 members of the band did. Their bassoonist’s flight was delayed coming out of Florida, but thankfully he made it just in time to perform with the rest of the band for the last three songs. The crowd was enraptured by FR’s progressive and -infused arrangements: cascading violin solos and dual drummers led both singers through bohemian daydreams, pondering over clouds in a sky circa 1991 and the warmth bestowed by a sunlit windowsill. Watch them perform “Warm” below; stay tuned for more videos later in the week!


    Another Mexican Summer artist, Quilt is to energy as Mike Wexler is to subdued. The trio from Boston channeled early Rolling Stones as they tore through tracks off their self-titled album and a new cut. Proving the versatility of psychedelic music, the group reworked a number of their tunes from acoustic golden brown to far-out rockers and the result was killer. Stream “Penobska Oakwalk” by following the link down below, and check back next videos for more audio and video of Quilt‘s performance.

    Closing out the evening was Amen Dunes, one of the strongest stewards of psych music around New York. Predominantly the work of one Damon McMahon, Amen have released a number of recordings with various labels – personal favorite is Dia- but nothing that has come close to the blissed out sonic force of their live show. Sounding like an ecstatic priest channeling James Morrison in a cieling-less cathedral, Amen Dunes proved how harrowing psych rock can be when performed right.


    In the meantime, make sure you grab tickets to our next Last.fm Presents Live show at Brooklyn Bowl. We’ll be celebrating a late night full of as Escort performs a rare set with their full seventeen piece band and DFA provides sure to be stellar DJ sets before and after. Come dance, bowl, eat, and drink with Last.fm March 23rd — more info and ticket sales here!

    Read more: An Evening Of Psychedelic Rock At Dominion NY: Last.fm Live February 24th
  • Last.fm Presents: For King & Country

    8 mar 2012, 20:39 av Bryanrecommends

    Let’s face it, getting hurt badly is not fun. But in the case of Luke Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY, it changed his future. At young ages of 5 & 7, he and brother Joel, along with their family, moved from Australia to Nashville in 1991. Their dad was a concert promoter and was offered, and took, a job here in the states. At this early age they were exposed to music and the folks who made it. Often artists would come by the house, ranging from Amy Grant to Stryper. When Luke was in high school, his dream was to go on and play college basketball. In his junior year, in his first game, after starting the game of with 6 points and 6 rebounds, he tore his ACL. That was the end of his sports dream.

    Read More and Watch the Performance in the Last.fm Studios from Last.fm Presents