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  • losangelesdj

    Rock it

    juli 2014
  • xe54

    Ghosts have feelings too!

    april 2014
  • acreature

    Evicted! How unceremonial.

    april 2014
  • Vladjkaaa

    почему у меня не получается ничего ниоткуда заскробблить?

    april 2011
  • Musiystor

    Приветствую! Отличный сайт! Много интересного и возможности обширные :) Меня вот интересует вопрос оплаты... Я только через Сбербанк могу осуществлять оплату :( Или к кому обратиться?

    april 2011

    LGatakan5 Why do you say that?

    april 2011
  • robsoncullen

    novo membro *-*

    mars 2011
  • tildevplus

    im surrounded by garbage in my apartment and i cant move please call for help

    mars 2011
  • LGatakan5

    anyone who is trying to apply to lastfm, is stupid

    februari 2011
  • brandonistkrieg


    februari 2011
  • Altron2

    could someone explain how trolling is "Breaching Community Guidelines"

    februari 2011
  • InflictedVooDoo

    daft punk is number 1 this week. good job guys :)

    januari 2011
  • Strrrut

    InFlamesFan96 you stole my words..

    januari 2011
  • bigcircles

    closest next best website/ software interface since yahoo yanked the chord on launchcast! this has been my "white whale" for the last several years after being disregarded by yahoo/ launchcast. . .KEEP UP THE GREAT DEVELOPMENT GUYS! i appreciate all u do for last.fm BIG TIME!!

    december 2010
  • InFlamesFan96

    Could you bring back the old LAST.FM Please.. [2]

    november 2010
  • BehnamSs

    me too

    september 2010
  • ironmaiden_KET

    hey all

    september 2010
  • nitingarg88

    Do you guys ever plan to open a office close to India ? :P

    augusti 2010
  • mmmbrunommm

    Hey guys I need a new job, what about ? hahaha

    juli 2010
  • Loezewies

    got The old last.fm back for 30 songs, and than it stopped again, I'M ON STRIKE NOW !!

    maj 2010
  • eyelovemusic

    Great music guys! I'd love to join the group. This music is a great change up from my library!

    maj 2010
  • Loezewies

    Could you bring back the old LAST.FM Please..

    maj 2010
  • Ganna777


    maj 2010
  • edyardSh

    супер группа!!

    april 2010
  • Naijca


    februari 2010
  • sarvajeet

    Hey, my tracks aren't getting scrobbled in my last fm page. But my scrobbler says it has got scrobbled!! please acknowledge

    januari 2010
  • leoislostatsea

    nobody likes Zunes you noob

    januari 2010
  • 2crue4you


    december 2009
  • kirill_m_07

    yes, i have the same problem!

    november 2009
  • haHaitzKiMi

    for some reason the language set to here is asian or something, and i can't figure out how to get it off...

    november 2009
  • silverlage

    My last.fm screws up here and there but I still love you. Mwah!!! You inspired me to create the group under 100 listeners. We all just need a little push. Cheers!

    november 2009
  • fauxhumanitas

    I've been experiencing this problem for 3 days, and there is nobody whom I can tell my problem, let alone getting it solved. http://www.last.fm/forum/34905/_/580423

    november 2009
  • Qinnu


    oktober 2009
  • trotiger

    i've got the same problem! i should have something like 20 000 listetnings but suddenly it went down and i have 140. help me please :(

    september 2009
  • wtfhax

    Same here, my playcount just went down to 30. I'm not sure what caused this. If any of you could take a look that would be much appreciated.

    september 2009
  • f0rg0773n

    Hey guys, sorry to bother but something went wrong with my listenings ... i hade almost 90k and today i have like... 40 :| Check out my profile to see and if you can fix :) Sorry that i've wasted your time. See ya :) -Tony ~ Again :-(

    augusti 2009
  • tuankazzan


    augusti 2009
  • boyarmobposse

    Hi, when do we recieve the Royalty Reports for Q2??

    juli 2009
  • obsidianblonde

    Im trying to join but it wont go through to pay pal please help, thank you

    juli 2009
  • SirPaolo

    I don't know if I can post tips here, but I would like a radio who mixes my own library with recommended music --> and also unlistened tracks from artist which I have listened to like more than 5 times, because it now looks like recommended music only let you hear up to 5 songs from an artist! BTW you are the best site out there! (It's not that I don't like the radio, it would be cooler if this options would be in there!)

    juni 2009
  • SuicideParanoia

    Is there any possible way of changing my nickname on last.fm?..

    juni 2009
  • nonoyesno


    juni 2009
  • f0rg0773n

    Hey guys, sorry to bother but something went wrong with my listenings ... i hade almost 90k and today i have like... 40 :| Check out my profile to see and if you can fix :) Sorry that i've wasted your time. See ya :) -Tony

    juni 2009
  • fletchersmusic

    How do I upload songs of our band for others to listen...and how do I get the fletchers in the search engine for the site...on our sonic bids page the last fm link leads to a band that has been defunkt for 14 years....thanks Gary

    maj 2009
  • MamaBeev61

    How can I 'hide' the shouts and other stuff I don't want to see from non-friends?

    maj 2009
  • dodger57

    Thanks for the music over the past 3 months. However, since I'm a lowly subscriber in Canada and now have to pay for your services, I'm moving on to Iceberg.com, Live365, Digradio, Sky.fm, Y! radio, Shoutcast, Musicovery. You know, all the stations that still offer a free basic service to their listeners. Godd luck and drop me a line when Canadians reach your minimum standards of qualifications

    maj 2009
  • WichitaQ

    lol, do you need a leader? :D :s

    maj 2009
  • phillip360

    I've read that there is currently a lot of fuss about subscriptions. Users with or without problems that need solutions should remember that an action officer for 'pataphysics window dressing has completed and extends a limb to all agents.

    april 2009
  • Onlygleb

    Зачем вы сделали радио платным? И нам хуже сделали, и себе - теперь ластфм потеряет популярность(особенно в России)!

    april 2009
  • AndrewLight07

    Зачем платить ??? ведь лучше бы оставить радио бесплатным ...

    april 2009