Radio songs buffer after 15sec on TMobile US

  • Radio songs buffer after 15sec on TMobile US

    Every radio song stops playing & buffers at the 0:15 mark while on the TMobile US HSPA+ ("4G") network -- after a 4-5sec pause playback continues flawlessly until next song. This does not happen when using same phone with WiFi connection. Maybe TMobile is throttling all data during first few seconds? Data speed increases quickly after first few seconds.

    Is it possible to increase the default radio buffer size for Android? This might alleviate the annoying break in every radio song while on TMobile US.

    (HTC One S)

  • Buffering speed

    Maybe the difference occurs because of the speeds?

  • Fixed now

    Turns out it had nothing to do with TMobile or network. App had problems with Android 4, but this is now fixed with the latest app update!

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