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Your personal radio station on your phone: Choose an artist or genre and Last.fm builds the perfect playlist just for you, fresh every time, featuring your favorites and new discoveries powered by...

The Official Last.fm Android App

Learn about your favorite artists, find nearby concerts, and share your music tastes with the Last.fm scrobbler.

  • Scrobble your music on the go
  • View your friends' profiles
  • Watch out for up coming events
  • View and share artist info
  • Stream your favorite Last.fm stations (Subscriber only feature; US, UK and Germany only)

Download Last.fm App directly to your phone from the Android Market. Radio features are currently only available to users in the US, UK, and Germany.

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  • analog_dave

    Please bring back last.fm radio.

    6 dec 19:04 Svara
  • Drew_Bare

    I cannot get lastFM to work on my samsung phone. I listen on my pc all the time. I pay for this service. HELP! LASTFM! HELP!

    30 nov 01:29 Svara
  • nu_privet

    shit app

    28 nov 16:30 Svara
  • sombriks

    LG G3 not scrobbling. anyone confirm or it's just me?

    27 nov 12:55 Svara
  • MusicMagic77

    >> READ THE NEWS ...

    23 nov 17:23 Svara
  • DeeViant1

    Download Liquid Bear from the Google Play store. Download vk. com. Log in, and play Last.fm on your Android phone anywhere, anytime. :)

    18 nov 21:11 Svara
  • Dung3onMast3r

    I've been puting up with an outdated Android Last.fm app for years now. But enough is enough. You should invest in providing high-quality apps if you want people to use it.

    15 nov 17:56 Svara
  • CheezburgersLOL

    Everything I listen to double scrobbles and it's a bit of a hassle to delete those extra plays. Any way around this?

    15 nov 00:54 Svara
  • shamsshamsshams

    i love songs and singers

    4 nov 05:00 Svara
  • m0ngrel

    Is there a way to have a last.fm interface on lock screen so I can love tracks without unlocking the phone??

    2 nov 01:15 Svara
  • SatanChrist-san

    I found the android scrobbler full of bugs with a terrible layout. I've always wanted to make one of my own that works If someone can help me with this I will code this app. SUPPLY ME WITH SOURCE CODE OR SOMETHING

    30 okt 14:52 Svara
  • emash_ru

    Update this damn app [6] I use Simple Scrobbler with Vanilla Music

    28 okt 08:57 Svara
  • fwin72

    Update this damn app [5]

    24 okt 14:53 Svara
  • kike145

    Update this damn app [4]

    14 okt 04:59 Svara

    Update this damn app [3]

    8 okt 18:35 Svara
  • amrjamal

    Update it for the God's sake!!

    25 sep 20:34 Svara
  • Soltyys

    Update this damn app [2]

    25 sep 13:58 Svara
  • ishaantiwari

    Update this damn app

    24 sep 12:10 Svara
  • s_mars

    Has Last.fm completely forgotten about the existence of Android or something..? [5] The Android version is the ugliest app I've ever used,The UI Sucks. [3] news: not everyone has a goddamn iphone. update this [2] This ancient app is in need of a serious update, using the website in the browser is actually faster and more informative. [83]

    22 sep 13:20 Svara
  • yelow

    poorly disigned and really poor features

    19 sep 16:35 Svara
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