• Hallelujah Considered

    13 apr 2015, 01:38 av Adrian22

    Allison Crowe’s singular interpretation of “Hallelujah” was first released on record in 2003. The Leonard Cohen classic has been covered hundreds of times since – by country acts, pop idols, crooners, swooners and more. Allison’s rare, visceral, artistry remains timeless and, today, “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered” places in its firmament this iconic video - one of the world's most-loved versions of the song (filmed live-in-the-studio of Canada’s Turtle Recording):


  • Circular Reasoning

    6 apr 2015, 21:41 av Adrian22

    Circular Reasoning” from Allison Crowe’s upcoming “Sylvan Hour” album here joins Betty Boop through the looking-glass. Allison’s wonderland of song finds reflection in a visual pool of classic animation from Fleischer Studios.

    "The time has come," the Walrus said, "to talk of many things”. Get cracking with this musical Easter egg: http://music.allisoncrowe.com
  • U.M.M. - Estupidez E.P.

    5 apr 2015, 17:29 av psenough

    enrmp371 - U.M.M. - Estupidez E.P.

    7 years after their original debut on Enough, Portuguese oldschool EBM project U.M.M. is back to the releases with a new EP including a bunch of remixes by friend projects Corrosion, Aktivehate, Sci-Fi Industries, Waste Disposal Machine, A.D.A.C. 8286 and Technomader.
    download link
  • 505 - Relix (1996-2013)

    24 feb 2015, 19:46 av psenough

    enrmp368 - 505 - Relix (1996-2013)

    Massive anthology release by reknown Atari chiptune artist 505, collecting 37 of his best tracks composed between 1996 and 2013. Best consumed in shuffle mode! Also available is the extended version (with 107 tracks) as a free for download musicdisk for the Atari itself.

    download link
  • Megatone - Black and White

    30 jan 2015, 16:00 av psenough

    enrmp366 - Megatone - Black and White

    This album release is from our Moldovian artist Marcel Gherman under his artist name Megatone, 15 tracks of classical piano recorded live. Soundtrack for lazy autumn afternoons or long winter nights. Cover photograph by Eunbyul Sabrina Lee.
    download link
  • Chtin Mara - Animus Animal Anima

    19 jan 2015, 02:41 av psenough

    enrmp365 - Chtin Mara - Animus Animal Anima

    Trilogy closure album by our Lithuanian tripstep artist Chtin Mara. Sickness drop overture.
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    22 dec 2014, 14:11 av psenough

    enrmp364 - M-PeX - ODYSSEIA

    Latest album by M-PeX, his 5th on Enough Records is a double album. It draws it's inspirations from two odysseys: Homero's and Kubrik's. The first cd, sub-titled "Prologus" is entirely acoustic, with M-PeX on the Portuguese guitar and André Coelho on double bass. The second cd is titled "Epilogus", adding electronic elements to the sounds and featuring additional guest artist DJ X-Acto providing some additional electronics and scratch sounds. Artwork by Marco Madruga.

    download link
  • Allison Crowe Flies Home for Tidings with Two New Albums Under Wing

    16 dec 2014, 08:07 av Adrian22

    As with following William Blake's roadmap to eternity's sunrise, fans of musician Allison Crowe know to kiss "the joy as it flies."

    Right now, Crowe is soaring - from Canada's Pacific coast to its Atlantic shores, bringing her Tidings tour to Corner Brook, Newfoundland - for a concert in the city's Arts and Culture Centre. And she's on the wing with two new albums: 'Souling", an a breath-taking cappella collection of traditional Christmas carols, and "Newfoundland Vinyl II", a many-splendoured music mix - songs of, and from, her island home.

    A talent strong and free, like Edith Piaf, John Lennon, Luke Kelly, and other such vital, visceral, artists and entertainers, Allison Crowe's voice rings true on:


    Soul Cake
    I Saw Three Ships
    That Night in Bethlehem (Don Oíche úd i mBeithil)
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    The Wexford Carol
    The Holly and the Ivy
    In the Bleak Midwinter (Cranham)
    Ding Dong Merrily on High
    Once in Royal David's City
    Wassail Song

    and on:

    Newfoundland Vinyl II

    (Area Code) 709
    Woman of Labrador
    Tarry Trousers
    The Water Witch
    Out from St. Leonard's
    Paddy McGinty's Goat
    Northern Lights of Labrador
    The Wild Rover
    30 for 60
    Saltwater Joys

    On the first album, her voice is heard wholly a cappella giving familiar songs an uniquely timeless purity of expression. On her second album out this month -Allison Crowe's voice, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, tin-whistle, percussion, arrangements, engineering, production and photography come together - with guest backing vocals by NL actor/teacher Adam Brake (on "Out from St. Leonard's").

    Amazing talent in service of songs roves o'er centuries-old carols to a modern canon of such stellar writers as Gary O'Driscoll, Ron Hynes, Al Pittman and Andy Vine - and tunes originally performed by such popular acts as Corey & Trina, Figgy Duff, & Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers.

    Both albums celebrate a creative bond between Crowe, the internationally-loved touring and recording artist, and Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador, the professional theatre company founded on the west coast in 1979.

    For these past three Summers TNL's engaged Crowe as Musical Director of "Newfoundland Vinyl" - a perennial favourite at the annual Gros Morne Theatre Festival. Following another hit season at GMTF, in late August of this year TNL Artistic Associate SaraH McDonald invited the Corner Brook musician to serve the same role with a vibrant production of "A Christmas Carol". Readying a choir for this adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic by TNL's Artistic Director Jeff Pitcher inspired Crowe's "Souling" set.

    AD Pitcher's conception of a revival of vinyl era, and more, songs of Newfoundland and Labrador put wind in the sails of Allison Crowe's curatorial mission. "It's here!" says pioneering music blog Muruch, "Allison Crowe just released Newfoundland Vinyl II and it's the perfect follow-up to her traditional folk masterpiece, Newfoundland Vinyl".

    Of her immersions as Musical Director with TNL, and the melodic bounty that's landed, Allison Crowe notes: "There is so much wonderful music - you could piece together multiple anthologies and still only scratch the surface of such an extensive and rich collection. Each of these songs is its own story, of land and sea, of people, and each story in-and-of-itself could be an entire show. I'm truly grateful that you are here to hear the story these songs have to offer." She gives special thanks to "the incredibly talented and versatile" casts and crews of TNL's productions for their inspiration.

    "Souling" and "Newfoundland Vinyl II" are available via http://music.allisoncrowe.com, iTunes, Amazon and all of today's fine digital music outlets.
  • The Easton Ellises - Nightwavs

    2 dec 2014, 10:39 av psenough

    enrmp363 - The Easton Ellises - Nightwavs

    Enough Records is proud to present their 6th Easton Ellises release called Nightwavs. Fruit of a twelve month effort, Nightwavs is the Montreal band’s latest studio EP. Many songs were written in but only a select few made the cut. On the record you will find a refreshing sound that goes from rock with 80s synthesizers a la Duran Duran, to disco with "funky" guitars a la Nile Rodgers, which is reminiscent of the recent Daft Punk success "Get Lucky". You can find creative commons samples of their songs available on ccmixter. There is also a video produced under a Creative Commons license for the 3rd song on the EP entitled Falcon 69.

    free download link
  • "Souling" Songs from Allison Crowe

    10 nov 2014, 08:15 av Adrian22

    Allison Crowe's gorgeous voice brings tidings of comfort and joy with “Souling” – her 11th full album release.

    The artist, one of our greatest living musicians, singer-songwriters and performers, has always created authentic music.

    With this newest song set her voice is heard wholly a cappella.

    The songs themselves have a purity of expression – a 21st century take on music of faith and spirit – sounds and themes aired by carollers and soulers of old.

    The genesis of “Souling” is found in the bond Allison Crowe’s formed with the creative family at Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador. Founded in 1979, this professional theatre company presents a dynamic and diverse repertoire of plays and maintains, as well, a strong commitment to youth theatre in the Atlantic Canada community.

    For these past three Summers TNL’s engaged Crowe as Musical Director of “Newfoundland Vinyl” - a perennial favourite at the annual Gros Morne Theatre Festival. Following another hit season at GMTF, in late August of this year TNL Artistic Associate SaraH McDonald invited the Corner Brook, NL-based musician to serve the same role with a vibrant production of “A Christmas Carol”.

    The Adaptation of this classic Charles Dickens story by playwright Jeff Pitcher, TNL’s Artistic Director, excited Crowe’s musical imagination – as did the desire of McDonald, the play’s Director, to incorporate songs in the style of Victorian Era carollers.

    So inspired, Allison Crowe immersed herself in curating the music for the abundantly-talented, multi-aged, choir of singers who’ll perform in “A Christmas Carol” at the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre from November 27th – 30th, 2014.

    This artistic process of selection and arrangement led to her recording solo versions of those songs that will receive another distinct breath of life from the TNL vocal ensemble.

    (In parallel fashion, the first season’s run of “Newfoundland Vinyl” brought forth Allison Crowe’s album of the same name – one of 2013’s top recordings. Culture blog Muruch praised it as a “lovely, vintage collection of traditional Irish and Canadian folk ballads, lively sea chanteys and drinking songs, parlour songs and country tunes” possessing “unique charm” and “the timeless beauty of a classic folk album”.)

    In 2003, (and expanded in 2004), Allison Crowe released Tidings – an album of singular interpretations - “River” (Joni Mitchell), “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen), “In My Life” (The Beatles) and more from the secular canon – alongside such favourite traditional carols as “Silent Night”, “The First Noel”, and “O Holy Night”. Tidings has proven to be a modern classic – “music for the season and all time”.

    This time out, as befits TNL’s telling of “A Christmas Carol”, Allison Crowe gives pure voice to the sacred songbook. “Souling” is:

    Soul Cake
    I Saw Three Ships
    That Night in Bethlehem (Don Oíche úd i mBeithil)
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    The Wexford Carol
    The Holly and the Ivy
    In the Bleak Midwinter (Cranham)
    Ding Dong Merrily on High
    Once in Royal David’s City
    Wassail Song

    “Souling” is available now via Allison Crowe’s own website @ http://music.allisoncrowe.com/album/souling as well as on iTunes @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/souling/id933188580 plus CD Baby @ http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/allisoncrowe10 and all major digital music outlets worldwide.