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This is the new group. The old group is no longer active. Please leave that group and join this one.

This is the current (second) group page for KILLED in CARS. The previous group page is no longer functional because does not allow new leaders.

KILLED in CARS is a site I share equally with a number of writers. While I run the other platforms (see below), the main site has been an open creative outlet for my friends and the site’s readership. As such, it has served many purposes including simple sharing of music, demystification of esoteric genres, undermining the canon, and a discussion of aesthetics and related topics, to name a few.

My goal is to expand and refine the nature of the discussion of music through KILLED in CARS. I hope to express my heartfelt appreciation to the musicians who enrich my life, and I hope to encourage creativity through creative thinking about art. I fear that being a silent consumer isn’t enough to preserve, much less nurture, the type of expression I enjoy.

You’re welcome to contact me at any of the below links. I greatly appreciate, and am consistently impressed with, the feedback and interesting ideas I get from KILLED in CARS’ readership.

- Paul


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