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Skapad den: 17 jul 2009
A place to discuss only the highest quality of heavy metal without all the the bullshit which is usually typical of last.fm and the internet in general.

Real metal for die-hard metal fans. As a general rule, most modern forms of metal are unwelcome here. Metalcore/deathcore is not tolerated. Same goes for wigger slam, nu-metal and true-grim-vampyric black metal fairies. Fuck off the false.

Good taste and a willingness to discuss heavy metal. At least some posts and participation in other groups. Anyone with zero posts is unlikely to be accepted. Those who don't participate in discussions will be kicked. Those who intentionally harass and insult other members (unless, of course, they're acting like an asshole) will be kicked.

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  • CoryellsGhost

    I'm hoping to get Ride With Death when I get paid next, what i've heard has been badass. / Apparently Blut aus Nord has Memoria Vestuta III finished and recorded. The first two MVs are among my favourite black metal records ever (especially Fathers of the Icy Age, though Dialogue isn't no slouch) so i'm eageringly hoping this one will be in the same area of quality.

    Igår 15:43 Svara
  • tomcatha

    i still think speedwolf is the best of the bunch

    11 jul 00:43 Svara
  • SlaveOfN1l

    I hope Chapel puts out another album soon [2] Anyone who hasn't should check out Shitfucker's Suck Cocks in Hell for another great album in that black/speed/punk style. I like how that band in particular vibes hard off of GISM in addition to the typical and expected Venom, Hellhammer, and NME influences.

    7 jul 22:04 Svara
  • tomcatha

    I was really disappointed by Midnight live, of all the speed/punk/black style of bands they were the worst of them all.

    6 jul 22:16 Svara
  • CoryellsGhost

    Cool. I haven't been keeping up with recent metal releases but i'll be grabbing it. I really liked Satanic Royalty a lot. In a similar vein, I hope Chapel puts out another album soon - Satan's Rock 'N Roll fucking kills.

    6 jul 21:50 Svara
  • Crapples

    New Midnight! Never disappoints. More of what you'd expect from them really but nothing wrong with that imo.

    6 jul 05:47 Svara
  • Necrosathanas

    Whenever Oz is the subject, I never hear anyone mentioning the first record which is also a solid piece...

    3 jul 20:19 Svara
  • ritualsodomizer

    Fire in the Brain is easily their best. But I'd say III Warning is also a solid album. Don't care for the stuff after that but Decibel Storm has a couple of decent tracks on it.

    3 jul 14:49 Svara
  • IronGrave

    Fire in the Brain by Oz absolutely rules. So much energy and spirit and mostly really great riffs. Shame they couldn't hold it together afterwards.

    3 jul 05:01 Svara
  • CoryellsGhost

    Another reason why I prefer Fallen Angel is that it's the perfect length for that sort of black metal - it doesn't feel overly rushed or lingers too long. Gods feels weirdly unsatisfying by comparison. / Oz is one of those classic bands I never checked out because of... whatever reason I got sidetracked with.

    3 jul 02:38 Svara
  • tomcatha

    Oz is really one of the most fun heavy metal bands from the 80's turn the cross upside down!

    3 jul 01:04 Svara
  • SlaveOfN1l

    They're both terrific albums, and Gods of War with its clearer, better-mixed guitars and thrashier riffing is definitely a lot more "accessible". However, it becomes clearer and clearer with time that FAoD is the superior album simply for the holistic listening experience it provides. The grime, filth, concentrated, yet strikingly memorable violence that it delivers is hardly matched in black metal, or most genres for that matter

    2 jul 04:17 Svara
  • CoryellsGhost

    I know a lot of people dislike the production on Fallen Angel but I don't mind it. It's murky and the cymbals are mixed in loud, but it's easy to make out everything. It's very lo-fi but it's not at, like, Reek of Putrefaction levels of murk.

    30 jun 23:59 Svara
  • SiderealPassing

    Yeah, Gods of War is the better album. I wasn't able to get into Fallen Angel of Doom at first because the guitars are mixed so low. I can't get into a lot of bestial/war metal because some of those bands are even worse about that.

    30 jun 23:00 Svara
  • Necrosathanas

    I think Blood Upon the Altar has the sickest vocals, but nowadays I prefer Gods of War to Fallen Angel of Doom. While both are total destruction, Gods of War just appeals more to me... though I sometimes have feelings that FAOD is the better one haha.

    30 jun 19:25 Svara
  • CoryellsGhost

    Blood Upon is as good as Fallen Angel, personally. I prefer the somewhat crisper guitar tone. (though FAoD's is perfectly fine for what it is) I don't really like the more grind-oriented approach Gods of War had and it reminds me a lot of why I don't like a lot of war metal.

    30 jun 03:18 Svara
  • Tuberkulloosi

    IMO Blood Upon The Altar has the greatest sound.. It was the first War Metal release I ever got into.. But from those two, I would definetly pick FAOD.

    29 jun 18:53 Svara
  • tomcatha

    i like both a lot. Speaking of war metal, i wonder if blood revolt will do more especially considering axis of advance is gone.

    29 jun 03:03 Svara
  • CoryellsGhost

    I can't get into Gods of War at all, but it's not THAT uncommon a sentiment from what i've seen elsewhere.

    28 jun 22:37 Svara
  • newbsdid911

    Am I the only one who prefers Gods of War to Fallen Angel of Doom?

    28 jun 13:48 Svara
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