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Skapad den: 17 jul 2009

Real metal for die-hard metal fans. No death/metalcore/nu-metal assholes. All legitimate forms of heavy metal permitted. Probably not a group for people who don't worship 80s metal. Listening to Sarcofago is mandatory. Fuck off the false.

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  • HistoryOvHell

    http://www.last.fm/group/Metal+elite join my group

    Igår 01:35 Svara
  • Necrosathanas

    I can agree partially. Not a band I listen to often but every once in a while the debut album and the Conqueror split (and now the Revenge split) can get a spin.

    19 maj 21:35 Svara
  • HistoryOvHell

    Black Witchery is extremely one-dimensional, unimaginative and boring in my opinion.

    19 maj 14:00 Svara
  • Necrosathanas

    Damn the new Black Witchery / Revenge split slays. I think the Black Witchery side is the best stuff they've made since the debut album.

    18 maj 15:57 Svara
  • Tuberkulloosi

    Saw Cosmic Church live just like 6 hours ago. Holy fucking hell. I've gotta say it was the best gig that I've ever seen. Or at least one of 'em!

    16 maj 23:28 Svara
  • Nekrodaemon

    Hit me hard too. Had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back, such a nice guy.

    16 maj 03:04 Svara
  • tomcatha

    gutted about it. The biggest loss to me personally since i've started listening to metal. RIP.

    16 maj 02:25 Svara
  • HistoryOvHell

    Terry Jones from Pagan Altar just died. R.I.P.

    15 maj 19:45 Svara
  • tomcatha

    so i was at keep it true. Enjoyed Exciter and Riot more than i thought as i am just casual fans. Mostly enjoyable at the least performances although the venom reunion gig had too much fucking around and not enough playing actual songs.

    27 apr 16:19 Svara
  • HistoryOvHell

    Cadaver - "Necrosis" is a fucking cool record

    25 apr 12:50 Svara
  • Necrosathanas

    Crimson Glory is an old favorite, don't know why I didn't mention them. Pretty obvious though. I've been meaning to check Siren out for a long time but I always forget it.

    21 apr 21:04 Svara
  • IronGrave

    Early Fates is indeed some of the best shit ever. Maybe check out the first Crimson Glory and Siren - No Place Like Home. I need more stuff in this vein too.

    21 apr 01:26 Svara
  • tomcatha

    I am listening to Sacral Rage. Not that progressive but very riffy and based on 80s american metal. Oh and they are brand new too.

    20 apr 19:21 Svara
  • HistoryOvHell

    "Awaken the Guardian" and "The Spectre Within: are both excellent.

    19 apr 21:47 Svara
  • Necrosathanas

    I've kept wondering for the past three days why I don't listen enough Fates Warning. Perfect band (at least the three first albums) but somehow it's rare that I put their albums on. Been on a progressive US metal spree lately. Heir Apparent, Fates Warning, Queensrÿche, Titan Force, Slauter Xtroyes... any recommendations in the same vein?

    19 apr 18:50 Svara
  • tomcatha

    i dunno we've talked d-beat/crust here before i think.

    19 apr 17:42 Svara
  • SiderealPassing

    I can see that too but this is a place for old school heavy metal proper and screamo is closer to hardcore and grind, really. I don't really care too much either way but I can see why it would be inappropriate to discuss in a restrictive group like this.

    19 apr 04:00 Svara
  • tomcatha

    you mean the screamo one? Maybe but i have felt ever since i discovered real screamo that it should appeal to plenty of proper metalheads.

    15 apr 14:19 Svara
  • SiderealPassing

    Tomcatha, I enjoy some of those bands. Real intense stuff but probably unfitting for this group.

    15 apr 05:35 Svara
  • ritualsodomizer

    Just came to post that SWALLOWED - LUNARTERIAL is an absolutely crushing record. One of the most dark, twisted and demented death metal records I've heard. The EP was good but this is from another dimension entirely.

    8 apr 22:29 Svara
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