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Skapad den: 17 jul 2009

Real metal for die-hard metal fans. No death/metalcore/nu-metal assholes. All legitimate forms of heavy metal permitted. Probably not a group for people who don't worship 80s metal. Listening to Sarcofago is mandatory. Fuck off the false.

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  • SiderealPassing

    I can see that too but this is a place for old school heavy metal proper and screamo is closer to hardcore and grind, really. I don't really care too much either way but I can see why it would be inappropriate to discuss in a restrictive group like this.

    10 timmar sedan Svara
  • tomcatha

    you mean the screamo one? Maybe but i have felt ever since i discovered real screamo that it should appeal to plenty of proper metalheads.

    15 apr 14:19 Svara
  • SiderealPassing

    Tomcatha, I enjoy some of those bands. Real intense stuff but probably unfitting for this group.

    15 apr 05:35 Svara
  • ritualsodomizer

    Just came to post that SWALLOWED - LUNARTERIAL is an absolutely crushing record. One of the most dark, twisted and demented death metal records I've heard. The EP was good but this is from another dimension entirely.

    8 apr 22:29 Svara
  • Tuberkulloosi

    "Diananns Whisper" was an ok-tier album. Definetly their worst, tho. Headcult is the perfect "viking" vein metal album.

    8 apr 20:03 Svara
  • Tuberkulloosi

    Only 29/100. Can't say I'm too impressed, even tho there's no point just checking out different obscure DM albums to brag with knowledge. If that was about Swedish Death Metal (or Black Metal) I would have probably scored more.

    8 apr 19:59 Svara
  • tomcatha

    Every band/release that i actively remember from that list actually are quite decent.

    4 apr 10:42 Svara
  • IronGrave

    49/100. Never really got into downloading obscure demos/tapes by old death metal bands that were "forgotten" for pretty good reasons.

    2 apr 23:29 Svara
  • tomcatha

    Wanna do something stupid? http://www.listchallenges.com/the-obscure-us-death-metal-100/ i am at 52. Have heard a couple other releases of some bands on the list but not bad i think none the less.

    2 apr 02:21 Svara
  • IronGrave

    Huge fan of Morrigan here. I value everything they've done, although I found the last album pretty disappointing. I'd never call them a Bathory clone, either - they obviously worship Quorthon but they definitely put their own spin on the style. I'd also go as far as saying Celts and Headcult are vastly better than any "viking" Bathory album that isn't Hammerheart. The Mayhemic Truth stuff is awesome too. Great band.

    30 mar 23:37 Svara
  • Tuberkulloosi

    What are your opinions on Morrigan? (inb4 Bathory clone). They gained my #1 favourite band from top 10 after I saw 'em play live. "Plague, Waste and Death" and "The Damned" are both 10/10 albums - plain flawlessness - for sure.

    29 mar 14:53 Svara
  • Tuberkulloosi

    @tomcatha Real screamo rules. I need to introduce myself into these bands. That Yage track was pure greatness.

    29 mar 14:51 Svara
  • Tuberkulloosi

    v hmh, The full-lenght is alright, I guess.

    29 mar 14:49 Svara

    Anyone into Slaughtbbath? they'll tour europe soon!

    24 mar 22:17 Svara
  • tomcatha

    This dutch thrash band called Distillator released their first album recently. I've seen them live a couple times and they are definitely one of the better thrash bands around currently.

    20 mar 18:31 Svara
  • Crapples

    Ranger's full length is the best thrash I've heard since Hellbringer's Dominion of Darkness. And just had a listen to that Oraculum too, good stuff.

    16 mar 05:56 Svara
  • tomcatha

    some of the more grindy bands of that screamo playlist are even on the archives. You are really missing out tbh.

    14 mar 12:00 Svara

    Nice, i'm thinking about getting the tape version of it! I also recommend from Chile, Ripper, killer stuff.

    14 mar 04:56 Svara
  • IronGrave

    I bought Sorcery of the Damned fairly recently. Really cool stuff. The Chilean scene is pretty great at the moment.

    12 mar 22:48 Svara

    Nice group, any thoughts on Oraculum?

    12 mar 22:12 Svara
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