I don't give a fuck about conflict of subcultures.

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Skapad den: 2 feb 2009
We just listen to the music and don't really care about genre, subculture represented by artist and so on. We listen what we like.

Yeah, what the fuck is wrong with you, people? Mostly I see people who don't accept music styles different from their favorite. It's ok - you listen what you like. But, why do you show your anger to others, who like different music styles? Why do you try to fight? Why do you blame others just because they like something else?

Well, it's not just about music.

Ok, if you don't agree with conflicts about genres then join this group.

This is group for people who are friendly to others, no matter what they listen to.

: )

"Make music, not war!"
I would only add:
Listen to the music, not to the hate.

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