• Fela Kuti live at 'Berliner Jazztage' 1978

    31 okt 2014, 03:00 av metawirt

    A cool Fela Kuti concert at Berlin Jazz Days 1978
    (as Fela Kuti & Afrika 70):

    (max. res. = 480px)

    Without introduction to each single musician start at 6'25";
    without Fela's opening words start at 11'

    Sound seems to be mono sadly, but is rather clear (because of professional 70s recording equipment) and worth to be listened on HiFi gear - with bass control button turned a bit higher.
  • Knock Knock...

    7 sep 2014, 19:56 av GuitarGodRocks

    Who's there?

    Crumbling website.

    Crumbling website who??

    Crumbling website what doesn't support indie bands no mo.

    I'm really curious if anyone ever bothers with the music here on LastFM anymore. Is there still music here??

    Personally, it's kinda sad because this site used to be a great way to find new, up and coming indie bands.

    I hate the streaming from YouTube thing. It's clunky and who wants to use up all that bandwidth on videos when you're just listening to the radio?

    Am I alone in this?

    From Blabpipe's 4th album - Overlook the Madness

    ...here's Gone !

    We all watch in silence, and some in horror, while LastFM tosses and turns - what was once great is now something the cat won't drag in.

    Speaking of YouTube...

    Here's a video from the album Right Now !!

    Here's Chong !!

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    Here are Blabpipe's albums:

    Overlook the Madness
    Right Now
    180 and Rising

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    Rock On People!
  • DAY OF DOOM BARCELONA – The International Celebration Of Doom Metal

    31 aug 2014, 06:21 av Psychorizon

    Day of doom is an indoor 2 day festival, from 10th-11th October 2014. Situated in the beautiful Parc Del Forum seaside in the center of Barcelona, with the limited capacity for up to 600 people. This year we host a great line up with godfathers of doom Saint Vitus and very special band Confessor.

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  • CROBOT – Additional Album Details & Live Video Released

    31 aug 2014, 06:18 av Psychorizon

    There was a time when rock radio was dominated by great riffs. From Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke On the Water’ and Derek And The Dominoes’ ‘Layla’ to Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ and Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name Of’, it was all about that unmistakable guitar sound that instantly identified a band or song. Blending funk, blues, metal and rock and roll, Crobot have crafted an album of endless good time rock hooks for their forthcoming new album, titled »Something Supernatural« due out October 24 on Nuclear Blast.

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  • POSSESSOR – Electric Hell

    31 aug 2014, 06:14 av Psychorizon

    Setting aflame the electrified hellfire, only takes London-based Occultists Possessor a few dusted off riffs, straight forward drums and distorted vocals, taking their disciples on a ride across memory lane...

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  • ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL – Announce October UK Mini-Tour

    31 aug 2014, 06:11 av Psychorizon

    Hastings’ very own self-confessed “grease rock bastards” Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell will be heading out on a mini UK tour in October.

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  • BLUES PILLS - Overdose Of Delight

    15 aug 2014, 04:26 av Psychorizon

    Blues Pills Debut Album OUT NOW - continue reading here!

    Debut Album enters German Charts - continue reading here!
  • 1988 - 5 picks from my personal collection

    15 maj 2014, 15:49 av Jim_Lithium

    [Part 5 of a series of posts where I look at a handful of favorites from my own record collection from the past 30 years. A version of desert island discs, if you will.]

    Another great year in music. But what records do I own and which of them do I choose? We're 5 years in so let's recap the criteria:

    A. I must own a physical copy of the record in question.
    B. Compilations, archival releases, EPs and live albums should be avoided if possible.
    C. No more than one release per artist per year.

    Albums will be presented in alphabetical order by artist.

    Danzig - Danzig

    Can't go wrong here - Danzig has arrived. Probably one of the manliest records ever. Makes you just want to bash your head against the wall. Yup, one of those records. I can't even put together any worthwhile sentences while listening to this. Something's rattling loose upstairs. Better turn it off for a moment. There we go, back to my senses. So anyway, I just got disappointed with myself again since I'm traveling abroad while Danzig is playing near home this summer. Doesn't matter I've already seen him live twice - Danzig kicks ass! Even in his old age, I suggest you go see him while you still can. Worth every cent. And if you're not familiar with Danzig, you just start right here. The most classic songs on one album. And there's even better things to come after this. You can bet Danzig will make the list again soon enough.

    Napalm Death - From Enslavement To Obliteration

    No original members were left in Napalm Death by the release of debut album Scum but that would not hinder the band. The only change from the lineup that recorded the second side of Scum is the introduction of bassist Shane Embury, who would go on to become the longest standing member of the band. From Enslavement To Obliteration is just as good if not better than Scum. It certainly has more memorable riffs than it's predecessor and while continuing down the same path, Napalm Death has grown as a band and you can definitely hear it in the end result. You can actually bang your head to this one instead of just spazzing out in general. Check out "Lucid Fairytale", "Unchallenged Hate" and "Mentally Murdered" for starters.

    Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation

    Sonic Youth is one of those bands that I admire from a safe distance. I have a handful of their releases but I really don't know what the band has been doing as of late nor could I talk at any length of their storied history. Band members? Uhhh... Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and some other people. So why pick Daydream Nation then? Well, I feel I would be doing such a landmark album a grave injustice if I picked something else. And it is a terrific record, I just don't play it enough. One reason could be the daunting double LP length. Sonic Youth is a challenging band to listen to and a single LP can be quite enough. But they are fun. If you're up for a challenge, give Daydream Nation a spin.

    Tangerine Dream - Optical Race

    Ah yes, another entry from the Dream. Getting tired yet? I'm not. However this will likely be their last album on these lists for a while as TD is not that well represented in my record collection as far as the 90's are concerned. And while I almost picked Saint Vitus' Mournful Cries over this one, I just can't go without choosing Optical Race. Awesome tracks throughout, starting with the 8+ minute opener "Marakesh" (I've been there, the real place is nothing as glorious as this song - sorry). Another highlight not to be missed is the absolutely beautiful "Sun Gate" which is definitely my favorite off this album. Being the first album without long time member Christopher Franke and the first of the "Melrose years" era which saw TD move ever further from their prog rock roots, Optical Race does not get the love it deserves. Even if you can't compare it with classic releases like Phaedra, Rubycon and Stratosfear, Optical Race is a perfectly good album in it's own right. For some people it is undoubtedly easier to get into than the more spaced out releases.

    Traveling Wilburys - Volume 1

    Definition of a supergroup - Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty. I don't think anyone could have come up with this combo when thinking about possible supergroups, even in 1988. Yet it happened. In retrospect, the band seemed quite indulgent and obviously the members were too big on their own to stay together for long but they did put out one truly remarkable album. If you're a fan of any of these men then Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 is well worth checking out. The group recorded a follow-up album in 1990 albeit without the late Roy Orbison but it did not reach the same heights.

    HONORABLE MENTION********************

    The Lounge Lizards - Voice of Chunk

    Really sucks I missed out on this one. My favorite Lounge Lizards album was a shoe in but I discovered while writing the entry for 1998 that despite the date on the CD back cover (reissue, of course!) it was actually released in 1988. However I'm not going to rewrite this entry so I'll try to rectify this grave mistake with an honorable mention.
  • Atom Bomb, new single and video of EvilMrSod.

    1 aug 2014, 09:51 av evilmrsod

    "Atom Bomb" has been part of the setlist almost every night since its debut last May and now it’s time for it to come to your ears (and eyes). "Post-Punk, Pre-Folk, Fuck Off" is an easy acoustic song about a very stupid guy.

    The video for "Atom Bomb" was recorded in Mainz (Germany) in June 2014 by MaeglinsBlog ( http://www.facebook.com/MaeglinsBlog ), who also did the edition.

    For a free download of the song visit http://evilmrsod.bandcamp.com/
  • Canciones que sobreviven al paso del tiempo

    28 jul 2014, 06:37 av sinimportancia

    ¿Qué convierte a una canción en un clásico? ¿El hecho de haber crecido con ella? ¿Recordar su letra sin importar la situación en la que estemos? ¿Que simbolice un momento especial? ¿O el detalle de ser antigua? La gente de Very Small Array se ha hecho estas preguntas, y decidió crear un “índice de oscuridad”, evaluando la presencia en la Web de los Top 10 anuales, a través de 114 años.

    Con sólo nombrar a un artista o una banda, estoy seguro de que al menos uno o dos temas aparecerán automáticamente en tu mente. Hagamos el intento: The Beatles. Elvis. The Rolling Stones. AC/DC. Queen. David Bowie. Depeche Mode. a-ha. U2… Podría seguir escribiendo nombres e invocando canciones en tu cabeza, sin embargo, creo que he probado mi punto. Esos temas en los que pensaste, son clásicos. Tal vez alguien diga “¡No!”, y arroje una lista completamente diferente, pero tienen ese perfil de clásico “para ti”, y eso no lo puede cambiar nada… ¿o quizás sí? ¿Qué tal el tiempo? Algunos clásicos no parecen tener fecha de caducidad, y han superado múltiples dificultades, desde la caída de popularidad en su género hasta la intervención de las nuevas tecnologías. Pero otros han sido devorados por el olvido asociado a pasar hojas en el calendario. De vez en cuando, el tiempo devuelve a uno de esos clásicos a su lugar original, con la ayuda de una serie de TV o el trailer de una película. Ahora, si quisiéramos evaluar esto, ¿por dónde empezamos?

    Las canciones más populares, de la luz al olvido

    Los responsables de Very Small Array han creado un muy interesante punto de partida. Desde el año 1900 hasta hoy, tomaron las diez canciones más populares pertenecientes a cada año, y combinando factores como los hits en Google, la presencia en Wikipedia y las reproducciones en last.fm, calcularon un índice general de oscuridad para todos estos temas. El primer gráfico nos muestra un patrón bastante claro. Las canciones más expuestas son también las más recientes y virales de los últimos tiempos. Salvo por la aparición de “Help!” en el sexto puesto, el resto no tiene más de cuatro o cinco años de edad. Al otro extremo de la tabla, los temas más oscuros cubren las primeras tres décadas del siglo XX.

    No quedan dudas de que el año aplica cierta presión sobre el puntaje final asignado a cada canción, y para compensar, Very Small Array creó un segundo gráfico, tomando en consideración al momento de su lanzamiento. En esta oportunidad, los resultados tienen aún más sentido: Elvis Presley posee cuatro temas en el Top 10, mientras que The Beatles ubica dos. Allí también encontramos la versión de “The House Of The Rising Sun” interpretada por The Animals, número uno indiscutido en Estados Unidos y el Reino Unido en el año 1964. ¿Quién está al tope? Nada menos que Bing Crosby con su “White Christmas” de 1942, que se repite hasta el hartazgo en las temporadas de Navidad. Entre las canciones más olvidadas, las cosas siguen sin cambiar demsiado, y la mayoría de ellas es anterior al año 1935, salvo por una excepción: “This is the Night” de Clay Aiken, lanzada en el año 2003. Evidentemente, hasta la propia Web se ha cansado de la materia procesada que vomita American Idol.

    Tomado de http://www.neoteo.com/las-canciones-mas-populares-de-la-luz-al-olvido/