• Neeshcast: Album of the Week #21

    29 maj 2015, 20:17 av neesh

    On September 20th Coheed and Cambria’s major label debut will turn 10 years old. In celebration, I’ve picked it for this week’s Album of the Week! Make sure to lend an ear to Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness this week!

    Here’s a Spotify playlist including all of our Albums of the Week to date, with the exception of Cage’s Hell’s Winter, Porcupine Tree’s The Sky Moves Sideways, and King Crimson’s Thrak (they’re not in Spotify’s library).

    Jan 7th – 14th: Cage – Hell’s Winter
    Jan 14th – 21st: Alanis MorissetteJagged Little Pill
    Jan 21st – 28th: 3Wake Pig
    Jan 28th – Feb 4th: RadioheadThe Bends
    Feb 4th – 11th: ThriceVheissu
    Feb 11th – 18th: DeftonesAdrenaline
    Feb 18th - 25th: dredgCatch Without Arms
    Feb 25th - Mar 4th: Mr. BungleDisco Volante
    Mar 4th - 11th: Weerd Science - Friends And Nervous Breakdowns
    Mar 11th - 18th: Jawbreaker - Dear You
    Mar 18th - 25th: Bear vs. Shark - Terrorhawk
    Mar 25th - Apr 1: Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways
    Apr 1st - 8th: Circa Survive - Juturna
    Apr 8th - 15th: Sunny Day Real Estate - LP2
    Apr 15th - 22nd: The Receiving End of Sirens - Between the Heart and the Synapse
    Apr 22nd - 29th: Hum - You’d Prefer An Astronaut
    Apr 29th - May 6th: Gatsbys American Dream - Volcano
    May 6th - 13th: The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
    May 13th - 20th: The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute
    May 20th - 27th: King Crimson - THRAK
    May 20th - June 3rd: Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

    A new album is announced every Wednesday night during the Neeshcast between 7-11pm Central on Radio Xenu.
  • POP NEWS: This man’s collection of 40,000 records is going under the hammer

    23 maj 2015, 11:28 av puremusic4ever

    A BRITISH MAN collected over 40,000 records – including vinyl singles and CDs – throughout his life, buying Top 40 chart hits every week from the 1950s to 2015.

    Now Keith Sivyer’s entire collection is going under the hammer following the 75-year-old’s death – and includes records by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Abba, and the Sex Pistols as well as many one-hit wonders.
    Ewbank Auctioneers, which is looking after the sale, has detailed music-lover and former DJ Sivyer’s dedication, explaining how his three-bed terraced house had thousands of pop records “neatly arranged on shelves around the rooms”.

    Source: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/man-collection-40-000-records-going-under-hammer-164155298.html#VanI9i0
  • Trouble Locating CDs

    21 maj 2015, 07:35 av ZombiePsyche

    I can NOT find these any damn where! I've been looking for years...

    Greensky Bluegrass - Less Than Supper

    The Pine Box Boys - STAB!
    [Trash Fish Entertainment] (Was the full length even released by TFEC? I've tried looking everywhere & emailing everyone I could & never got any responses. I have the 4 track promo, but can't verify if TFEC ever did, in fact, release the full length)

    Wraithen - In the Hour of 11:11

    ...this list will grow, haha...

    If you have a lead or one of these to sell, please, PLEASE, tell me.
  • New releases by LEGIAC and MULTICOLOR

    20 maj 2015, 14:27 av synctank

    Legiac: The Faex Has Decimated [TA088]

    Legiac began in 2007 with the collaboration of Don and Roel Funcken (Funckarma, Quench) and Cor Bolten (Dif:use) to create their first full length ‘Ming Feaner‘ on the Sending Orbs label. Combining intricate electronics with crisp beats and punchy melodies, ‘Mings Feaner‘ was met with open arms by intelligent dance music community.

    With previous works released on such esteemed labels such as Skam, Ad Noiseam, Arcola (Warp subsidiary), Schematic, N5MD and others, Legiac now returns with Roel Funcken and Cor Bolten helming their sophomore album ‘The Faex Has Decimated‘ on Tympanik Audio.

    The Faex Has Decimated‘ sees a combination of Boltens darker, more eerie vibes spidering through Roel’s trademark syncopated glitches, immaculate production, and warm melodic dreamscapes – as only Legiac can deliver.

    Available now on Compact Disc and Digital formats.

    More info and sounds:



    MultiColor: From The Outside [TA089]

    Following his well-received debut EP ‘Cyclicity‘ in 2014, young Russian producer MultiColor immediately went to work on creating his first full-length album ‘From The Outside‘.

    Featuring eight new songs full of warm bass, crafty time signatures, bright melodies, and infectious beats, ‘From The Outside‘ projects MultiColor‘s vision that art is ultimately derived from outside influences and then converges in the creative regions of the mind.

    Accessible and inviting, ‘From The Outside‘ maintains a consistent flow throughout, embracing the listener with a cohesive blend of contrasting atmospheres and engaging beatwork. Never overpowering or invasive, ‘From The Outside‘ does manage to thoroughly engage the listener with it’s steady stream of acute rhythms, cavernous atmospheres, and expansive soundscapes.

    Nimble and balmy intelligent dance music.

    Available now on Compact Disc and Digital formats

    More info and sounds:



    As always, thank you for your interest and support.

    Tympanik Audio | Label and Distribution

    Also available:

    - Zeller: Space Time EP
    - Poordream: Ninetynine
    - Dirk Geiger: Connected Worlds
    - Tineidae: Shadows
    - v/a: Emerging Organisms vol. 5
    - Integral: Sercosa
    - Idlefon: Intensive Collectivity Known As City
    - Tangent: Transience
    - EyeScream: Noir
    - MultiColor: Cyclicity
    - ESA: No-One Will Ever Touch You / False In Tongue
    - r.roo: innerheaven
    - Zinovia: The Gift Of Affliction
    - Autoclav1.1: Portents Call
    - ESA: Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 2: Deceit
    - Comaduster: Hollow Worlds
    - Comaduster: Winter Eyes
    - Atiq & EnK: Fear Of The Unknown
    - Disharmony: Room 78
    - Totakeke: Digital Exorcist
    - Undermathic: Indistinct Face

    More releases can be found here:


    18 maj 2015, 09:44 av BarbarianWrath

    Pre-order now ! The next two eruptions of evil to be released through BARBARIAN WRATH,
    MEGIDDO "The Holocaust Messiah" CD (WRATH063) and
    SARDU "Standing At The Precipice" CD (WRATH062)
    have been added to the WITCHES BREW store along with the next two WITCHES BREW releases
    NADIMAC "Manifest Protiv Sudbine" CD and
    SHRAPNEL STORM "Mother War" CD.
    Goat to http://www.witchesbrewthrashes.eu --> SHOP and get all 4 new titles shipped to you first class for only 45.60 EUR !

    18 maj 2015, 02:48 av jazmae

    WE want to thank you for wanting to know more about us…
    PLEASE listen and enjoy.
    Thank You…Betty Bass & Billy Dunham 2015 SESAC
    Dunham Music Group
    RED STRINGS-RELOADED 5/25/2015™ by; Dunham Music Group
  • Remembering B.B. King

    15 maj 2015, 14:11 av puremusic4ever

    Remembering B.B. King

  • The Kut - Kerrang! Video Premiere

    15 maj 2015, 00:44 av criminalrecords

    Kerrang! Magazine premiere the brand new music video by The Kut today (Friday 15th May)!  The track, I Don't Need Therapy is taken from the recent 'Rock Paper Scissors EP' and was directed by Mike Gripz. Watch it from 4pm at http://kerrang.com

    Classic Rock Magazine
    Tracks of the Week
    "Bad Man marks the precise point in the Venn diagram where L7 meets I Wanna Be Your Dog meets Courtney Love, which is equal parts terrifying and a cause for long and rowdy celebration. Punk's not dead, pass it on."

    Kerrang! Magazine 
    "Despite the loud Courtney love references they're more than just Hole II. Mario has an Against Me! Strut to the intro, while DMA is a pounding gem"

    Q Magazine
    Top 5 Tracks To Listen to This Week
    "There's a slice of angst-offloading gutter rock that's a kissing cousin of Hole, but The Kut's scuzz-covered family tree also stretches further back to the garage rampages of The Stooges."
  • №68 (апрель 2015)

    18 apr 2015, 16:59 av Massenmord

    Current 93 - I Am the Last of All the Field That Fell (2014) [Avantgarde]
    Coptic Cat
    Похоже, три года, прошедшие с выхода весьма тусклой пластинки HoneySuckle Æons, прошли для Дэвида Тибета не зря. Один из отцов неофолка собрал мощный ансамбль, в который вошли такие смелые экспериментаторы, как John Zorn, Andrew Liles, Reinier Van Houdt и Nick Cave, и записал как всегда чувственную, наполненную магией пластинку на стыке неофолка, фри-джаза и авангардного рока. Довольно разноплановые, выверенные до ноты композиции служат прекрасным аккомпанементом экзальтированным апокрифам Тибета, а волнующие фортепианные партии ван Худта то и дело встречают сопротивление ревущих гитарных запилов блюзового гитариста Tony McPhee. Но главное - альбом, при всей его структурной сложности, вполне доступен для восприятия, что для такого элитарного проекта, как Current 93 уже большое достижение.

    Deathstars - The Perfect Cult (2014) [Industrial Metal]
    Nuclear Blast
    Следящие за окологотической сценой помнят маленькую революцию, совершённую шведами Deathstars лет десять назад. Их мрачные, коварные, футуристичные и сексуальные песни взволновали не одну тысячу молодых сердец. К третьему альбому группа заметно подсдулась, готик-индастриал метал потерял актуальность, и вчерашних звёзд многие списали со счетов.
    Как оказалось, зря, ведь на четвёртой пластинке "The Perfect Cult", выпуск которой занял целых семь лет, шведам удалось вернуться с фирменным искрящимся, помпезным, суперхитовым материалом. Пышные орекстровки, словно вырванные из контекста симфоник-блэк команды, тяжёлая гитарная поступь и брызжущая через край мелодика теперь едва заметно приправлены синтами из 80-х, что никак не повлияло на торжественность и маскулинность музыки Deathstars. Удивительно удачное возвращение позволяет поставить "The Perfect Cult" в один ряд с триумфальным Termination Bliss.

    Deftones - B-Sides & Rarities (2005) [Alternative Rock]
    Сборник каверов и прочих редкостей от американцев Deftones едва ли оставит равнодушным настоящего фаната группы. Команда, известная как родоначальники ню-метала, демонстрирует всю широту своего музыкального кругозора, выдавая каверы на Cocteau Twins, Duran Duran, Sade, The Smiths, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Helmet и других групп самых разнообразных жанров. При этом все каверы выдержаны в одном стиле, что не позволяет компиляции распаться на части.
    Нашлось место и для нескольких редких песен Deftones - паре акустических версий, совместному треку с Cypress Hill и нескольким другим не вошедшим в номерные альбомы дорожкам.
    Шесть лет спустя каверы из "B-Sides & Rarities" будут дополнены и выпущены на виниле Covers, что ничуть не уменьшает ценности этой добротно сделанной и по-настоящему любопытной компиляции.

    Die Selektion - Die Selektion (2011) [EBM/Post-Punk]
    Fabrika Records
    Молодые и дерзкие немцы Die Selektion - яркий пример современных тенденций на тёмной сцене Германии, направленных на поиск новых путей в обход избитых клише. Эти ребята решили соединить удушливую минорность пост-панка, ударный ebm-бит и живую трубу. Не спешите отгонять назойливую ассоциацию с ранним Clock DVA с их знаменитым саксом, The Fair Sex или ещё более смелую ассоциацию с первыми шагами Death in June - в музыке Die Selektion явственно витает дух отчаянных 80-х. Атмосфера эта строится не из хипстерской прихоти, а столь безоглядно и искренне, что невольно соглашайся с самопровозглашённым ярлыком "новая наивность".
    11 бойких немецкоязычных песен были изданы на виниле на маленьком греческом лейбле в 2011, а чуть позже появилось расширенное CD-издание с очень приятной песней на английском, четырьмя на удивление достойными ремиксами и двумя каверами на песни Die Selektion - от коллег по сцене La Fete Triste и краст-команды Radio Schizo. Ну а убойный хит Du rennst до сих пор осаждает андеграундные клубы, и отнюдь не зря.
  • BREAKING NEWS: 'Stand By Me' singer Ben E. King dies

    1 maj 2015, 15:21 av puremusic4ever

    BREAKING NEWS: 'Stand By Me' singer Ben E. King dies

    (CNN)Singer Ben E. King, whose classic hit "Stand By Me" became an enduring testament of love and devotion for generations of listeners, has died.

    King died Thursday in New Jersey, his booking agent, Randy Irwin, told CNN. He was 76.

    Born in North Carolina, King first found success as an original member of the Drifters, the doo-wop group famous for such hits as "Save the Last Dance for Me."

    But he is remembered most for "Stand By Me," which was inspired by a gospel song. The tune was a top 10 hit in the U.S. in 1961 and returned to the charts 25 years later when it was prominently featured in "Stand By Me," Rob Reiner's 1986 coming-of-age movie about four adolescent boys.

    The song has been covered hundreds of times and has long been a staple at weddings.

    In March 2015 the Library of Congress inducted King's original version into the National Recording Registry, saying "it was King's incandescent vocal that made it a classic."