I'm disgusted with the modern world

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Skapad den: 1 aug 2007
For all those (slightly misanthropic) individuals out there who are disgusted with this pathetic arrogant industrialized "civilization" and have a strong longing for pagan and/or ancient times and...

A note: some really clever guy pointed out how also last.fm/internet and so on are a part of this modern world, so this group would become in fact contradictory.

Let's say two things: first is that one can be disgusted about most of aspect of something without necessarily be against everything of it. Otherwise, here in this place, we're concerning sociological more than technological matters.

Second: before to argue, one should be able to understand of what he's talking about, what modern world is, for example, and other basic historical informations as well. "Why are you in front of a pc if you are so against the modern world" is so stupid as to say "Why are you using your car for work if you are so against world pollution".

So please, if you want to argue, do it with your brain turned on, and without silly statements like that.

A clarification is needed: we are not disgusted about *everything* new of course, like inventions etc., but our disgust is about the social degeneration of today. Too much TV, too many "realities". Internet modern? Even pottery was modern millenia ago, but has been quite a good invention. The disgust is not about good creations about human intellect, but about the collateral lost of earlier abilities. We should be better to preserve everything good we made in our cultural evolution, instead to forget and bury all the rest we don't care cause we are not able or willing to see.

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