I was born several decades too late

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Have all the bands you liked died/split up/become fat, middle aged and balding?

Do people at your school look at the posters inside your locker and say "Who?"

Do you regularly raid your...


I thought I'd use this as a space to link to other groups of interests. If you have a group, or an outside link you'd like to suggest, then just pop a message in my shout box.

Anti World of Warcraft
A Cat Named Mittens
Hip Young Gunslingers
Glam Rock
Gegen Nazischweine auf last.fm
The Great Gig in the Sky
I hate when last.fm doesn't update.
Made in Australia
Music Advice Center
Music Quiz
Obscure Post-Punk and New Wave
People Whom Like REAL Goth Music
Spaz Dancers Anonymous
Thrash metal Fashion
Vinyl Enthusiasts
We Love Weird Voices!
I was born several centuries too late
I was born several millenniums too late
Who else wants a time machine
Kinder chocolate

Apart from the obvious rules like no racism/sexism/homophobia...

-If you want to advertise your group, please could you do it via the group shout box or by asking me to put a link on the main group page? Individual threads on the forum really aren't necessarily, especially if your group isn't even related to old music.

-Lively discussions and debates are tolerated, but please try not to slag off other members' favourite bands by saying "-insert band name here- are crap" and leaving it at that. If you want to criticise a band, then give reasons.

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