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Still buy CDs? Join.

Hello! Holy shit, there are a lot of people in this group.

Rules: be kind and bring music :)

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  • soulfly1212

    Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle-Earth

    igår eftermiddag Svara
  • indieviduality

    You totally have to check out Wired Mind - finest Psychedelic Stoner Rock from Germany! http://wiredmind.bandcamp.com/releases

    Igår 10:29 Svara
  • steveparadise

    we define ourselves with things that we possess,money, music,ideas;a loss arises,we suffer,discovering we are an empty shell without meaning

    31 mar 04:24 Svara
  • Qaballa

    Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Finsterforst - Zum Tode Hin, Finsterforst - Rastlos

    30 mar 17:57 Svara
  • CyberMusicLover

    Vet.Engine – Dreamwards lift'd us back

    29 mar 06:00 Svara
  • eruaknem

    Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Earbook) Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful (digipack) Nightwish - Elan (single CD) Rebeka - Hellada

    28 mar 22:10 Svara
  • Sal-ival

    Pink Floyd - Meddle <3

    28 mar 15:18 Svara
  • ZdychajXD

    Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful

    27 mar 20:19 Svara
  • pd_ok

    Enforcer - From Beyond, The Midnight Ghost Train - Cold Was The Ground

    27 mar 06:00 Svara
  • IceCreamMan92

    Florence + The Machine - Lungs

    26 mar 18:05 Svara
  • rockandross

    Saludos desde México: Pussy power! ,i..i https://soundcloud.com/phonofilia/memento-23-en-vivo-parque-alameda-2015

    25 mar 19:25 Svara
  • CyberMusicLover

    Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai, Anna Graceman, Mother Cool, I Shit On Your Face, Catasexual Urge Motivation, Chris "Fatty" Gross, The Ancients, Sam Harris, Big Pig, Nikki, Rockbitch, Won Ton Ton, Tommy Carter, Suck, Sex, The Crazy People, Fresh Blueberry Pancake, Ella Mental, AMERICA DEL SUR , Pam, Alice Sweet Alice, Cunt Saw, A Drop In The Grey, Deflowered, Analdicktion, Willy DeVille, Mink DeVille, Coffee Core Cru , Daddy's Cash, Wil E. Tri, Fetus Fucker, Splatter Whore, Cumgun, Menstrual Divider, July, White Shit, Happy Face, Olga Zorina, God Street Wine, Dog Bite, Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis, and finally: 417.3

    25 mar 17:13 Svara
  • sadhobo

    Fiona Apple - Tidal and When The Pawn...; Alice In Chains - Dirt; The Haunted - One Kill Wonder.

    25 mar 12:07 Svara
  • AsepticVoid

    Aseptic Void release on Naked Lunch Records. An artistic Dark Ambient digipack for paranormal listeners. www.nakedlunchrecords.bandcamp.com/album/carnal

    23 mar 23:57 Svara
  • towd3e

    Napalm Death - Smear Compaign & Time Waits for No Slave, Inter Arma - The Cavern, The Dead Weather - Horehound, Lord Mantis - Death Mask, Immolation - Majesty and Decay

    23 mar 17:04 Svara
  • Cosnowego

    Carrion - Dla Idei

    23 mar 14:13 Svara
  • sadhobo

    Leviathan - Scar Sighted

    23 mar 13:37 Svara
  • ObscureMemories

    Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf

    23 mar 11:51 Svara
  • Qaballa

    The Gentle Storm - The Diary, Iskald - Revelations of Reckoning Day, Finsterforst - Urwerk

    22 mar 08:50 Svara
  • nihasasv

    BEWITCHED - At The Gates Of Hell. BEWITCHED - Rise Of The Antichrist, TESTAMENT - First Strike Still Deadly, XYSMA - Xysma.

    21 mar 21:03 Svara
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