• DJ AND'y @ DJ MAG Next Generation

    6 mar 2014, 01:00 av DJAND_y

    DJ AND'y @ DJ MAG Next Generation
    Download >> http://is.gd/uFr8au
    PLAY >> http://tr.im/4wshm

    Artist: Various
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Breakbeat
    BPM: 133-140
    Time: 1:09:12
    Size: 95 MB
    Bits: 192 Kbps
    Date: 04/03/2014

  • DJ AND'y @ RMC DJ Contest

    23 jan 2014, 03:16 av DJAND_y

    DJ AND'y @ RMC DJ Contest
    Download >> http://u.to/cf3lBQ
    PLAY >> http://u.to/I9TkBQ

    Artist: Various
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: House
    BPM: 126-129
    Time: 29:08
    Size: 67 MB
    Bits: 320 Kbps
    Date: 21/01/2014

    01 - JOEY NEGRO - The secret life of us (Director's Cut mix)
    02 - NAMY - I'm not ashamed (DJ Meme vocal mix)
    03 - ARTFUL & RIDNEY - Missing you (Ridney mix)
    04 - HUSKY FEAT. NATALIE CONWAY - Magic in you
    05 - DAVIDSON OSPINA - I want it (DJ Meme club mix)
    06 - RASMUS FABER - Demanda (Miguel Migs vocal mix)
    07 - MYON & SHANE 54 - Outshine (In Search of Sunrise mix)
    08 - TRADELOVE - Street music play (Marty Fame vs. D-Rise mix)
    09 - DJ DAN - Make ya freak (original x-tended mix)
    10 - TODD TERRY - Can't fake the feeling (E-Clyps rmx)

  • DJ AND'y @ Essential Mix

    26 nov 2013, 06:01 av DJAND_y

    DJ AND'y @ Essential Mix
    Download >> http://is.gd/Acqffw
    PLAY >> http://is.gd/JhdoST

    Artist: Various
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: G-House
    BPM: 123-126
    Time: 1:42:33
    Size: 145 MB
    Bits: 192 Kbps
    Date: 25/11/2013

    02 - MIGUEL MIGS - Heartbeat (Prince Club vocal mix)
    03 - JOEY NEGRO & SUNBURST BAND - I'll be there 4u (Spiritchaser mix)
    04 - CLOUD 9 - Do you want me baby (Dusky dub mix)
    05 - DEEP CITY GROOVE - Baby back
    06 - DISCLOSURE - My intention is war
    07 - STORM QUEEN - Look right through (MK dub mix)
    08 - MAD VILLAINS - Tell me again (Golden Boy rmx)
    09 - YASMIN - Thinking about you (Billon vocal mix)
    10 - SONNY FODERA & DANNY KANE - U made me do it (Grant Nelson rmx)
    11 - TOMMYBOY VS. STUDIO 54 - Can u feel it (Metodi Hristov mix)
    12 - ADAM COTIER & DJ SKT - What is love
    13 - KRISTINE W - Feel what you want (Friday rmx)
    14 - HI 2 HAT - Lovin yeah (original edit)
    15 - JOEY NEGRO PRES. Z FACTOR - Sounds in the air (Soul Purpose mix)
    16 - TWISTED GROOVES - Your caress
    17 - APPLEBOTTOM - Let you (Blonde mix)
    18 - BEST COAST - Summer mood (Mad Villains mix)
    19 - GOLDEN BOY - Taking me (original mix)
    20 - JEREMY SYLVESTER - Feel the music

  • The Kut shortlisted for MTV Brand New Unsigned

    19 nov 2013, 22:52 av criminalrecords

    With over 30,000 votes for unsigned acts, The Kut have made the Top 20 Shortlist of the MTV Brand New Unsigned Category.

    Thank you to everyone who has been supporting them!

    Get a free download here: https://thekut.bandcamp.com

  • 30 Second Vote for The Kut for MTV Brand New for 2014

    9 nov 2013, 00:06 av criminalrecords

    The Kut have been shortlisted for the MTV Brand New for 2014 Competition. Voting is now open! The girls are up against some tough competition, mainly pop acts, some of who have tens of thousands of supporters! Support independent music and back them with your vote!

    How to vote for The Kut (30 seconds) - Click on the link, then login to it with facebook, then refresh the screen and scroll down to where it says 'Vote for The Kut' near the bottom and click it to vote. When you have voted your pic comes up in our profile box. You might need to do it from a computer for it to work and you should have pop ups enabled. Vote here > http://www.brandnewunsigned.mtv.co.uk/act/1500. You can also login then log out and login with Twitter to vote, we understand this will count as a separate vote. You can vote on iPhone, but will need to refresh the screen after logging in for it to count.

    Join our new group to stay updated and help us to support independent music:
  • DJ AND'y @ Set for Peace 2013

    14 sep 2013, 01:46 av DJAND_y

    DJ AND'y @ SET for Peace
    Download >> http://brk.to/ftks
    PLAY >> http://brk.to/ftkt

    Artist: Various artists
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Breakbeat
    Time: 1:20:00
    Size: 109 MB
    Bits: 192 Kbps
    Date: 10/09/2013

    01 - FERRY CORSTEN - Gabriella's sky (2K9 mix)
    02 - RETROID & D.B.F - No remorse (MDK rmx)
    03 - JAVANNY - Galaxy (Trukers rmx)
    04 - COLOMBO - Summit (original mix)
    05 - CHRIS NEMMO - Nightshade (Retroid mix)
    06 - ACTIVA - My way out (Reii x-tended mix)
    07 - REII - Reason to exist (x-tended mix)
    08 - TRUKERS - Trocotrace (Timewave rmx)
    09 - ILYA MOSOLOV - Surge (2K12 re-edit)
    10 - 16 BIT LOLITAS - Murder weapon (Karl Sav rmx)
    11 - DIGITAL DEPARTMENT - Time to think (original mix)
    12 - NEWTONE - Sad song (Abdomen Burst 6 A.M mix)
    13 - SHINGO NAKAMURA & KAZUSA - Move on (Evgeny KoTT mix)
    14 - NEIL DAVIDGE - Awakening (Trukers rmx)
    15 - STEFAN ANION - Orions belt (The Emissary mix)
    16 - STEFAN ANION - Strangers (original Breaks mix)
    17 - KASKADE & DEADMAU5 - I remember (Arahal rmx)

  • The Exits – The Exits EP, Out Now on Criminal Records

    9 jul 2013, 09:41 av criminalrecords

    The Exits – The Exits EP
    Out Now on Criminal Records

    Listen here http://www.last.fm/music/The+Exits/The+Exits+EP

    Indie / Electro / Alternative

    Track Listing
    1.You Gotta Help Me Out
    2.Neon City
    3.The Fear Inside
    5.Three Minute Warning


    Other Links

    The Exits mix of energetic synth rock has landed them airplay including BBC London, Radio 1 Northern Ireland, Kerrang Radio (ones to watch), plus a music award for ‘Best Song’, presented by Express FM. Their music has been featured by MTV in the Dirty Sanchez show, and shortlisted for the Mission Impossible 4 Trailer! Energetic and passionate, the band are currently recording their long awaited debut album, for release in 2013.

    The Exits EP features a collection of their material in the lead up to their album. Noteworthy tracks include 'You Gotta Help Me Out’ and ‘The Fear Inside' both of which will appear on their debut album. The band’s sound continually evolves from guitar based with a smattering of electronica, to a heavy synthesised, dance orientated audio assault.

    The Fly Wessex Magazine – Review Of Hi:Fi Festival
    ‘The Exits Are, Simply, Spot On And Completely Right For This Festival’

    The Exits, Music Riot
    ...It wouldn’t surprise me if ‘Neon City’ becomes a bit of an anthem

    The Exits, Subba-cultcha.com
    …An indie disco masterpiece…Driving indie-dance rock with an Oasis sized-snarl and some finely tuned anthemic bluster…The Exits have created an indie-disco masterpiece

    Portsmouth News, The Guide
    ‘The Exits Will Soon Be Sharing The Stage With Big Names’

    Scootering Magazine
    ‘The Exits Are Definitely Worth Keeping Tabs On’

    The Exits, Vanity Project
    One of my singles of the year

    The Exits, Sam Proffitt, Music Zine
    It’s not often that a band creates such an amazing sound experience that you immediately have to put the entire record on repeat

    Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
    ‘I Will Try To Find Something To Slag Off About Them So Their Heads Don't Get Too Big’

    The Exits, Get Ready to Rock
    ...One of the best additions to Indie for a very long time

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  • DJ AND'y @ BRASIL to Ibiza

    4 jul 2013, 21:31 av DJAND_y

    DJ AND'y @ BRASIL to Ibiza
    Download >> http://brk.to/frh0
    PLAY >> http://brk.to/frh1

    Artist: Various artists
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: House
    Time: 59:52
    Size: 84 MB
    Bits: 192 Kbps
    Date: 28/06/2013

    02 - AMLOOP - Caminhando e cantando (Paula Pedroza rmx)
    03 - TIKO'S GROOVE - Me faz amar (Coco Silco rmx)
    04 - ILAN KRIGER - Samba de velho (D.L.S remix)
    05 - TIKO'S GROOVE - Para sambar (x-tended vocal mix)
    06 - SILVIA MACHETE - Toda bebada canta (Cosmik mix)
    07 - TIKO'S GROOVE - A voar (Joe K x-tended vocal mix)
    08 - WILLIAN RIBEIRO FEAT. TECHSAMBA - Sol (original mix)
    09 - CIDINHO & DOCA - Rap das armas (Nari & Milani rmx)
    10 - MAURO PICOTTO FEAT. JORGE BEN - Joga bola
    11 - DANNY TENAGLIA - Dibiza (original x-tended mix)
    12 - OLIVER SCHMITZ & MICAH - Sunshine of Ibiza (rmx)

  • DJ AND'y @ XPLOSION 2013

    30 maj 2013, 04:33 av DJAND_y

    :: DJ AND'y @ XPLOSION
    PLAY >> http://brk.to/fqoq
    Download > http://brk.to/fqor

    Artist: Various artists
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Breakbeat
    Time: 43:59
    Size: 60 MB
    Bits: 192 Kbps
    Date: 28/05/2013

  • Argonaut - 'VINTAGE DRESS' - Out Monday 13th May (Criminal Records)

    4 apr 2013, 20:30 av criminalrecords

    Argonaut - 'VINTAGE DRESS'
    Out Monday 13th May (Criminal Records)

    RSVP Here - https://www.facebook.com/events/582044975148488/

    Get the track for free as part of the Criminal Records Street Team:
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