Group for people who always try to avoid sport - not just because of laziness , no!…

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If you're one of the persons who always suffered (or still do!) while physical education, well this is the place for you!

Full name: Group for people who always try to avoid sport - not just because of laziness , no! Rather because of their obvious unathleticness. Duh, here you can be proud about it.

Do you earn laughters just when you're touching a ball?

Do you already gasp, drool and sweat your ass off after some minutes of jogging?

Do you often think "What am I doing here?" when your friends finally persuaded you to play some "cool" game?

Do you know the feeling of being the last one on the bench, when they make the teams?

Yeppers? Well then: Welcome and you're allowed to set free your pent-up aggressions/frustration here!

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