• Sleepstream's post-rock / post-metal video: Cirrus Formed Antennae

    7 dec 2014, 17:00 av Velvetleaf

    Sleepsteam is the post-rock / post-metal band has shocked the world with their second album "They Flew In Censored Skies" which came soon after the debut.

    Their latest video, Cirrus Formed Antennae is on YouTube.

    Sleepstream is known for creating deep atmospheres by well written melodies with guitars, cello and the violin. Sleepstream’s mindset for this album was to “capture” their live sound with their full-scale dynamics and give the listener the best possible perception of the energy their compositions have. It seems that the album will satisfy the listeners of post-metal and post-rock genre who thinks that atmosphere is important.

    You can listen to the album here.

    The album is released by post-rock, ambient, modern classical label, Fluttery Records. The label is giving away a free sampler, it includes 24 great tracks from the best post-rock, ambient, mod-classical artists around the world. You can download it free here.
  • Collaboration of Gargle (post-rock) and Bosques de mi Mente (modern classical)

    5 nov 2013, 23:21 av Velvetleaf

    Gargle and Bosques de mi Mente's Absence is a perfect album travels in the rivers of classical music, ambient and post-rock. The album is released by Fluttery Records.

    You can listen to it here.

    Bosques de mi Mente is a Spanish contemporary classical composer, that has been creating minimalist piano pieces over the years.

    Gargle is a duo from Japan that plays beautiful post-rock, ambient with modern classical influences. Absence is their first collaboration from these two artists, a delightful and pleasant record.

    From the beginning, the goal was to create a completely collaborative album. The process started by sharing small ideas and song pieces, and soon everything started to gall into place, leading to the three of them working together as a true three-piece band in a gradual and natural way. The result is pure harmony, beauty and a wing for atmosphere, space and time.

    Trailer Video

    Bosques De Mi Mente's pianos are like little paper ships floating over the water. String players from Tokyo College of Music, conducted by Jun gives the album a great symphonic dimension.

    Fluttery Records invites all the modern classical, ambient and post-rock fans to listen to this album on their website.
  • Post-rock music from Malaysia : Gespenst

    20 jul 2012, 09:55 av Velvetleaf

    Gespenst is a post-rock duo from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Gespenst is made of Syahmi Rawi and Zuhair Rawi who are brothers. They have just released an album on Fluttery Records, home of Post-rock, Ambient, Experimental, Electronic, Modern Classical music.

    Their debut is called "The Bloodline". You can listen all the tracks free on the label page: http://flutteryrecords.com/flttry042.html

    Reviews about this album:

    HEARTS COOKS BRAIN: "Post-rock that synapses, leaves are falling, even more expressive images that are inherent in this album, waiting for their liberation. In 37 minutes they flit around then, wafting into the remotest corners, give shyly times, sometimes powerful, sometimes energetic. At the start, Silver Lining sounds like the tradition of Mono and Envy, are being developed post-rock prototype, first softly, then loudly and makes everything absolutely perfect."

    MRU: "I was extremely impressed by these guys and I really did like the album. A genuinely unique act, they really fill their own little space at the rock table expertly. A solid 5/6 from me.Definitely worth a listen, just maybe, steer clear of the Seagal box set before hand!"

    BEACH SLOTH: "Gespenst’s ‘The Bloodline’ has adrenaline rushing through its veins. This Malaysia band’s work has elements of Post-Rock and Classical brought together. Each song feels strong, in a literal power sense."

    SLEAVE STATE: ""The Bloodline" is simply everything a post rock album should be and they do it in a interesting way. The tunes makes me want to run cinematic with open arms at sunset, or if I would prefer to hide under the bed sobbing spirit that nothing will ever work out. I just know that "The Bloodline" would be the right soundtrack for the two."

    CALEIDOSCOOP: "The various parties and piano (electronic) strings provide not only with some regularity for the beautiful resting places, they do play the music with strong emotions. Thus they created a CD which includes both the hard and deep quiet moments that manages to hit. In all respects a very surprising album. Great class!"

    Have a listen to the album

    The label is also offering 5 Free downloads from the label artists if you sign up their monthly newsletter on their homepage
  • New Releases: Heinali / Air & Signalsundertests / Nascent

    27 maj 2012, 19:59 av Velvetleaf

    Post-rock, ambient, experimental music label Fluttery Records is openin the summer with two great albums by Heinali and Signalsundertests.

    HEINALI - Air

    Listen, Buy & Download

    Heinali airs his ambient mood classics. Oleg Shpudeiko (the man behind Heinali) creates a gloomy atmospheric environment with the piano, strings, ambient / glitch structures. Heinali collaborated with Maria Navrotskaya, Pleq, Merzbow, Aiode, Anton Baibakov, Orchestra Eclettica e Sincretista, Matt Finney. Collaboration with American poet Matt Finney became a separate heavier and darker sounding project. “Air” is his 6 song album: cinematic sad music, strings moving around the central piano motifs which are minimalistic. Power of light touches, the ambience, the echo and the sense.


    Listen, Buy & Download

    Signalsundertests is Richard Graham’s sonic playground, beginning life as a collaborative project with fellow artisan, John King. Since 2008, Graham has developed the signalsundertestsproject to attend to the effects of interactive music technology on music performance, resulting in a series of collaborations with a conglomeration of contrasting artists. “Nascent” features a series of ambient guitar-based musical works. The album features collaborative efforts from Irish Composer, Michael Andrews, and American Vocalist, Laura Graham. Dublin- based producer, Philip Byrne, mastered the disc. The artwork is by Tennessee-based Artist, Jon Kenney. Overall, this album has resulted from a positive musical experience, which Graham calls his best work, thus far.

  • The IRP bump

    17 feb 2012, 02:11 av Criznittle

    taken from last.fm artist pages
  • Post-rock band, Mooncake release Acoustic DVD & Album

    15 jan 2012, 19:52 av Velvetleaf

    Post-rock, ambient and crossover indie music label Fluttery Records has just released Mooncake's Acoustic DVD and the album. Lovers of Mooncake and instrumental post-rock music can listen free or buy this release on the label website:


    Mooncake is a Russian post-rock band founded in Moscow early 2006. Since then Mooncake has been permanently performing at top Moscow clubs and festivals, toured Russia, Ukraine, Baltic countries and shared stage with such bands as God is an Astronaut, Explosions in the Sky, Caspian, Russian Circles and finally became number one of Russian instrumental and post-rock music scene.

    In five years time the band released three EPs and one full length album, which were warmly welcomed both by listeners and critics all over the world and the band became one of the most loved post-rock bands in the world.

    The newest Acoustic (CD and DVD) is a live show performed by Mooncake on Rain TV. The video contains five tracks in pretty new acoustic arrangements. The release is available through Fluttery Records not only in DVD format, but in CD Audio and digital as well.

    Mooncake is sometimes compared to PinkFloyd or Mogwai but the band has made a name for itself having developed its own style and became quiet popular among connoisseurs of genre both home and abroad. Catchy melodies, atmosphere, the ideal balance between rapture and grief: all this has always been Mooncake's distinctive feature.

    Today Mooncake is working on its second LP that is planned to be released in 2012. The DVD, CD and the digital versions of the releases are also available on various stores like iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp. Also the label offers various options to buy or download these releases on http://www.flutteryrecords.com
  • Sparky's Favorite Independent Releases of 2011 - The Countdown Show (or something…

    9 jan 2012, 09:41 av adolph33

    Sparky's Favorite Independent Releases of 2011 - The Countdown Show (or something like that)

    Artist - Song Title - [CD/EP Title]

    1. Jude Cowan - The Lamb - [Lamb & Tyger]
    2. Toxic Melons - Shotgun - [Melon Jam EP]
    3. Bombadil - A Question - [All That the Rain Promises]
    4. Boys In the Well - Down To You - [Mostly Honest]
    5. Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers - The Seaweed Under the Sofa - [The Greatest Show on Toast]
    6. David Stephenson - (I'm Still) Missing Arizona - [High Lonesome]
    7. Putnam Smith - The Birds Would Understand - [We Could Be Beekeepers]
    8. Big Smith - Uncle Bud - [Kin]
    9. Billy Two Shoes - Cab Rides - [Full Breakfast]
    10. LL Cosmonaut - Saturday Night In Alcatraz - [Why X5 EP]
    11. The Foreign Films - Lucky Streak - [Bill Majoros is The Foreign Films EP]
    12. PT Walkley - Save the World - [The Ghost Of Chivalry EP]
    13. Jay Stansfield - Maisy - [The Jay Stansfield EP]
    14. LAF - Mystery Train - [Random Play All]
    15. The Dolphin Post - Reach for my Radio - [Secondhand Hearts]
    16. 8X8 - Crystal Ilusion - [The Anatomy Of An Apricot]
    17. Meyerman - Xrayspex - [Who do you think you are?]
    18. Keith Fellows - Motel Rendezvous - [The Mandelbrot Set]
    19. Army Navy - Ode to Janice Melt - [The Last Place]
    20. Gary Ritchie - Girl Like You - [Hum, Sing... Repeat]
    21. Cult Of Wedge - Christopher Walken - [Tape Recorders Changed Everything]
    22. Kurt Baker - Just Forget About It - [Rockin' For A Living]
    23. Dean Ford - Come On Say - [Deaf. Dumb. In Love]
    24. Wim Oudijk - Tree Stands Tall At Times Square - [Tree]
    25. Beachy Head Music Club - Embrace - [Oblong]
    26. John Evans - Ghost Dancing - [Eagle]
    27. The Big I Am - Right About Now - [Better Days]
    28. Joe Crookston - The Nazarene - [Darkling & The BlueBird Jubilee]
    29. Captain Wilberforce - Me and Your Mother (Before You were Born) - [Ghost Written Confessions]
    30. Richard Snow and The InLaws - Do You Want To - [Am I Really That Boring?]
    31. Maxi Dunn - Will You Forgive Me? - [The Neglected Gambit]
    32. Jay Stansfield - Contact - [LOVISM]
    33. Tan Sleeve - Don't Get Too Comfortable - [Too Big To Fail]
    34. Dark Ocean Colors - The Other Line - [Dark Ocean Colors]
    35. Vegas With Randolph - The Better Part - [Above The Blue]
    36. The Handcuffs - Dirty Glitter - [Waiting For The Robot]
    37. Snippet - Chip Off the Old Block - [Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey]
    38. Laurie Biagini - A Ride On The Train - [A Go-Go Girl In A Modern World]
    39. The Big I Am - Collecting Skies - [Collecting Skies]
    40. Skeleton Staff - Capsize - [Psychomorphism]
    41. The Red Button - She Grows Where She's Planted - [As Far As Yesterday Goes]
  • BUM Murcia, 28-10-'11. Retorno a la adolescencia.

    29 okt 2011, 22:20 av Arantxa90

    Vie 28 Oct – Kaiser Chiefs, Second, SuperSubmarina, Nipples!

    Todo aquel que me conozca sabrá lo importantes que fueron Kaiser Chiefs y Second durante mi adolescencia. Fueron los primeros grupos, extranjero y español, de los que me hice fan, y todavía dura hasta día de hoy. Por ello, este concierto era tan especial para mí. Tal vez la crónica tenga un exceso de fangirlismo, pero para ser sincera, no tengo intención ninguna de ser objetiva en ella.

    Llegamos a Murcia casi a las 4 de la tarde, y después de descargar en el hotel, marchamos hacia la Plaza de Toros. Yo me esperaba cola, pero no había nadie, y hasta las 6 de la tarde no empezaron a aparecer los primeros asistentes. Como todavía no teníamos las entradas en nuestro poder (esto de que sólo se vendiesen en Murcia y nos las tuviesen que comprar no me gustó nada) y hasta las 7:40 no nos las trajeron, nos tuvimos que conformar viendo desde fuera cómo la gente entraba y entraba. Pero cuando por fin pudimos pasar, nos sorprendió que tampoco había tanta gente dentro... ¡incluso pudimos pillar primera fila! (eso sí, en el lateral izquierdo, justo delante de los altavoces).

    A las 8 de la tarde, puntualidad al poder, abrieron el concierto el grupo
    Nipples!, completamente desconocidos para mí. No pegaban mucho con el del resto de grupos de la noche, era más metalero... muy intenso. Sí, al principio me gustaron, pero como ese estilo la verdad es que no me va mucho, el resto de canciones me resultaron muy parecidas. Y teniendo en cuenta la posición en la que estábamos, nuestros oídos sufrieron bastante. Que no quiero decir que fuesen malos, ni mucho menos, solamente que no era lo que me esperaba. Destacar que se atrevieron con el Killing in the Name que todos conocíamos.

    Un poco antes de las 9 les tocó el turno a Supersubmarina, a los que veía por segunda vez, después de aquélla en Burjassot. Y la verdad es que se nota el cambio que han dado en estos dos años, tanto en el sentido musical y como en el del público que les acompaña. Tocaron canciones de Electroviral y Realimentación, y todos los asistentes cantábamos con ellos.
    Era el último concierto de la gira, nos lo recordaron. Les esperaremos a su vuelta.

    Entonces una pareja que estaba a nuestra derecha se marcharon (¿¡pero si queda lo mejor!?) y me faltó tiempo para ocupar sus sitios. Nuestra nueva situación estaba mucho más centrada en el escenario y abandonamos los altavoces que nos estaban dejando sordas.

    Cuando ya no me fijaba en la hora que era (la euforia y los nervios es lo que tienen), salieron al escenario Second. ¿Desde hace cuántos años los conozco? Desde 2004. ¿Cuántas veces los he visto en concierto? Si no contamos el acústico aquel de la Fnac en abril, ninguna. Ya tocaba. Y qué mejor oportunidad que verles en su tierra, en Murcia. Grandes, muy grandes, en serio, dándolo todo, superenérgicos. El concierto (corto corto) se basó en sus últimos dos discos, haciendo una excepción con Invisible. Piel de gallina, recuerdos de adolescencia. Lástima que haya desaparecido la fecha que tenían en Valencia.

    Y entonces, vino lo gordo. Lo mejor de lo mejor. Mi grupo favorito desde que los conocí con 15 años. Kaiser Chiefs. Aparecieron y ya fui feliz. Abrieron el concierto con Everyday I Love You Less and Less, empezaron fuertes. Pero es quedarse corta decir que "empezaron fuertes", porque el resto del concierto fue igual. Temazo tras temazo, no se dejaron un sólo hit en el bolsillo. Lo dieron todo. Con la de conciertos en los que he estado, y he de admitir que jamás había visto algo tan enérgico. Ricky corriendo de un lado al otro del escenario, saltando, bajando al público y lanzándose a él (maldito lado derecho, ¡ya se podía haber acercado más a dónde estábamos!), cantando toda Kinda Girl You Are pegado a la cámara (vimos la canción entera a través de las pantallas), subiéndose por los laterales del escenario en Take My Temperature... todo un show. Esto es lo que quiero yo cuando voy a un concierto. Y ellos me lo dieron.
    Maravillosa Man On Mars cantada por Nick y emoción con Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning), de lo más bonito que he escuchado en mucho tiempo. Y enloquecimiento general durante la mayor parte del concierto.
    17 canciones, alrededor de hora veinte minutos. Y se fueron. Ya espero con ansias la siguiente vez que les pueda ver, porque estoy segura que esta no va a ser la única.
    No pude conseguir la baqueta, al menos he vuelto a casa con un setlist.

    ¡Y no llovió!

    (La mitad de los videos están grabados con la cámara, cuyo sonido es pésimo; y la otra mitad con el movil, con una calidad de imagen un tanto dudosa).

  • Marionette ID Release Their New Album "Alluvion" on Fluttery Records

    22 sep 2011, 16:12 av Velvetleaf

    Budapest's extraordinary band, Marionette ID release a new album. Alluvion is released by Fluttery Records.

    Fluttery Records starts autumn with new Marionette ID album "Alluvion". Marionette ID is a Hungarian post-metal /post-rock / post-hardcore band founded in 2008. After expanding to a greater audience, they played several European tours in 2010 and 2011. The bands appearance on many blogs, music websites made the label curious about the band and they have signed a recording agreement with Fluttery Records.

    The label started re-issuing their debut self-relase album "Emptiness Will Change Your Mind" in September 2010. The band and album received many good reviews. On a review on Sound As Language, the band received this comment "Subtle melodies are countered by moody instrumental passages and soothing vocals. Marionette ID possess an emotional weight and depth that truly set the band apart. This is post-hardcore at its most melodic and structured. Marionette ID are practicing a precision few bands dare to. If you are willing to give Emptiness Will Change Your Mind some time to grow, you will be richly rewarded." C.W.Ross said "It hard to pin down the style of music played by the band because it changes depending on what song or even what part of a song you're listening to at that particular time. You'll hear everything from Indie and modern rock to post rock, progressive and even jam band elements in the eight songs that make up 'Emptiness Will Change Your Mind' and he gave 8.25/10 to the album. Blues Bunny made the comment "An interesting album, therefore, that would have appeal for those who like melody in their rock music or for those who seek to go further than indie rock snack food."

    It was 2011 when Marionette ID started recording their new album. Alluvion was recorded in Budapest from January till June, 2011. In their seven track new album, Marionette ID still try to flirt with interesting structures, heavy sounds using elements of post metal.

    The album is highly recommended if you like Isis, Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Pelican, Russian Circles, Rosetta, Jesu, Tides From Nebula, Alcest, Mogwai, A Day to Remember, Alexisonfire, Enter Shikari, Escape the Fate, Thrice, Fugazi, , .

    Fluttery Records is an independent record label focusing on Post-rock, Ambient, Experimental, Electronic, Modern Classical music. The album is available on major music download stores like Itunes, Bandcamp, AmazonMP3, Napster and eMusic. The CD can be purchased from the Fluttery Records website. Also, all label releases can be streamed free on the label website.

  • Nudozurdo, Wah Wah Valencia, 1-4-'11

    2 apr 2011, 16:48 av Arantxa90

    Vie 1 Abr – Nudozurdo, modelo de respuesta polar

    Eran pasadas las 10 cuando entramos a la Wah Wah, y había poquita gente. Media hora más tarde, con un poco de público los teloneros, Modelo de respuesta polar, ganadores del concurso de Maquetas Vinilo Valencia, salieron al escenario. Salvo que esté olvidando a alguien, he de decir que son los teloneros que más me han sorprendido. Gratamente, está claro. Había oído hablar de ellos, pero nunca había escuchado sus canciones, todo un error por mi parte. Melodías preciosas para unos temas que me tengo que escuchar en casa tranquilamente. Y el final del concierto fue emocionante, a dos guitarras y voz solamente… carne de gallina, en serio.
    Ante todo, quiero destacar la mala educación del público presente en el momento, casi todo el mundo hablaba y los murmullos hacían casi imposible disfrutar de la música. A hablar, a la calle, creo que el grupo que está en el escenario se merece un respeto.

    Sobre las 11:30 por fin comenzó el concierto de Nudozurdo. Primera fila, situación central, inmejorable. Comenzaron con El diablo fue bueno conmigo, última canción del último disco, preciosa pero sin voces femeninas (era de imaginar que no se va a llevar a las hermanas a toda la gira) para seguir con Prometo hacerte daño y Golden Gotelé. A continuación sonó Ha Sido Divertido, con la que parece que el público se animó un poco y cantó algo (hasta el momento, creo que la única persona de toda la sala que se sabía las canciones era yo). Siguieron mensajes muertos, Mil espejos (preciosa, maravillosa, perfecta) y prueba/error, primer y hasta el momento único single del último disco, alargando su final con distorsiones y guitarreos hasta empalmarla con utilízame. Y después del subidón, Dosis modernas, preciosa. Para finalizar, Dentro De Él y, cómo no, El hijo de Dios, de más de 10 minutos de duración, con la que el público volvió a revivir (¿qué pasa, que sólo vienen a verles por esta canción?). Y se marcharon. Pero aguantamos y, obviamente, volvieron a salir para tocar Láser love y Negativo. Y ahí sí que se acabó todo. Los asistentes nos mantuvimos en nuestros sitios, gritando y silbando, para que volvieran a salir, pero no hubo suerte.

    No nos dedicaron ni un “buenas noches” ni un “muchas gracias” ni nada, pero al final de la actuación se les veía visiblemente satisfechos. Buen trabajo, chicos.

    Cosas que eché en falta: un público más entregado (los empujones y estupideces de los que tenía a mi lado no cuentan) y No me toquéis. El resto, perfecto.

    Los videos no son de muy buena calidad, están grabados con el móvil.