• The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky - March 2015 trailer 2

    13 maj 2015, 19:29 av Slaggprodukt

    May is here and the tentacles does not wait. The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky, that is. It is time for another trailer to be uploaded.

    Sadoschoccckocccpkock is complete and needs a directors cut. Also, more trailers.

    This trailer was delivered to a court in Stockholm since it was relevant for my case along with a trailer for "Sadoschoooockkk", and a trailer for "The oasis of Dr Orlovsky".

    All in all three snippets from these movie projects dedicated to Jess Franco and Lina Romay. All with a Bollywood touch, and as for The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky a 1990´s feel in ethics and morals.


    Jess Franco has more than 200 director credits to his name - my mission is to make at least 200 trailers/short films. For now, Sadoschooocccckoccck is complete and "The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky" will be more actively produced.

    Get drawn into it. Get embraced by the tentacles...
    Of Dr. Soledaro Orlovsky.
  • Sadoschooccccck - March 2015 trailer 2.

    8 maj 2015, 22:46 av Slaggprodukt

    May is here and the little garden does not wait. It is time for another trailer to be uploaded.

    Sadoschoccckocccpkock is complete and needs a directors cut. Also, more trailers.
    This trailer was delivered to a court in Stockholm since it was relevant for my case along with a trailer for "The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky", and a trailer for the planned "The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky".

    All in all three snippets from these movie projects dedicated to Jess Franco and Lina Romay. All with a Bollywood touch, and as for Sadoschoooccck a 1970´s feel in ethics and morals.


    Jess Franco has more than 200 director credits to his name - my mission is to make at least 200 trailers/short films. For now, Sadoschooocccckoccck is complete and "The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky" will be more actively produced.

    Get drawn into it. Come to the little garden. Come to Sadoschoooocckooccpock.
    Today, may 1 some scenes were shot for "The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky". The Oasis does not wait. Neither does the little garden. Come to Sadoschoocccck. Get drawn into it.
  • Sadoschooooccck - Explained in german

    27 mar 2015, 18:18 av Slaggprodukt

    The little garden does not wait. Sadoschoooocccck never waits, and is drawing you in further.

    It needs to be explained. In german. With that in mind, a short film/snippet/trailer/promo is now uploaded here. The fourth of four trailers/short films that was made in february 2015.

    This short film/promo was sent to Stockholm since it was relevant for my case along with a trailer for "Sadoschooocccpoccck", "The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky" and "The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky".

    All in all four snippets from these movie projects dedicated to Jess Franco and Lina Romay. All with a Bollywood touch, and as for Sadoschoooccck a 1970´s feel in ethics and morals.


    Jess Franco has more than 200 director credits to his name - my mission is to make at least 200 trailers/short films. For now, Sadoschooocccckoccck is complete and "The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky" will be more actively produced.

    Get drawn into it. Come to the little garden. Come to Sadoschocccck.
  • My 2014 Year End List

    16 jan 2015, 05:43 av irishtim

    Wow, it's hard to believe it's that time again. Is it just me, or did this year just fly by in a blink. After compiling my list of albums I obtained and listened to, I'm convinced that this year was pretty bland as far as great albums go. There definitely are a few the were stellar, but with the exception of a select few, nothing absolutely blew me away. Enough chatter and on to the list.

    My 10 Favorite*
    *(in alphabetical order)

    Baptists - Bloodmines
    This album has gotten a lot of negative reviews and press complaining that it fell flat in comparison to their debut, Bushcraft. While I agree that this album doesn't come close to the brilliance that Bushcraft was, Bloodmines certainly does not suck. In fact, songs like Vistas, Festered, and Calling are some of my favorites that they've written to date. Nick Yacyshyn also continues to establish himself as one of the best drummers in the heavy music realm with his incredibly technical and speedy delivery.

    Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown
    These guys have always been hit and miss with me. I loved Gutter Phenomenon, didn't like The Big Dirty as much; I loved New Junk Aesthetic, but didn't like Ex Lives. It seems like every other album lacked from the previous. By that thinking and reasoning, I should love this new one... and I do. The band also did themselves a favor by enlisting the services of the best producer in the metal scene, Kurt Ballou. The end result is a well produced, technically solid release that does not disappoint.

    Enabler - La Fin Absolute Du Monte
    Their release "All Hail The Void" narrowly missed my cut for the top ten in 2012. This year brought us their follow up full length. Although not as strong as their previous release, this 3-piece from Milwaukee sure knows how to melt faces with their blend of fast pissed off hardcore, punk, metal. Highly recommended for fans of bands such as Converge and All Pigs Must Die.

    Generation of Vipers - Coffin Wisdom
    This was probably my favorite release of 2014. This band fucking slays!!! If you're not familiar with these guys, they play an awesome mix of post-metal and sludge with riffs and rhythms that hit so hard, you'll be picking your teeth up off the floor. If you're into heavy music with growling vocals, chugging dark riffage, and pounding drum rhythms, do yourself a favor and get this album.

    Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors
    This band has gotten better with every album in my opinion. Their debut Night Terrors was great, their follow up Weatherhead was even better and made my top ten in 2011. This year, the band releases their best album to date. Great heavy, sludgy song-writing with 3 part, male/female vocal harmonies. I've also said it before and I'll say it again, Hozoji Matheson-margullis is my favorite female drummer and she keeps getting better. She's got some serious chops on this album.

    Minus the Bear - Lost Loves
    I wasn't expecting this album to be this good let alone to crack the exclusive top ten. Don't get me wrong, I love me some MTB, but their last few releases have not lived up to the greatness of their earlier releases. Lost Loves brings back those elements of technical finger tapping and complex song-writing that hooked me in the first place. This album puts to the wayside the simplified and mainstreamed sound of the last few releases and returns the band to their earlier sound that put them on the map.

    Mursa - MRSA
    Here's my curveball in the top ten. This album was a gem of a find while cursing around on Bandcamp one day. This 3-piece band of youngsters from Portland, Oregon solidified their spot in the top ten with an album chalked full of crushing, heavy, sludgy goodness. Looking for that new metal band that no one has ever heard of? Than look no further than these guys. Check it out for yourself, you won't be letdown

    Run With The Hunted - The Sieve and The Sand
    This was another random discovery while poking around on Bandcamp. Run With The Hunted play a blend of high energy, pissed off, chaotic, hardcore punk that would be a welcome sound in the toughest of mosh pits. I have a hard time not pumping my fists while listening to this album at an ungodly volume. This could easily be the soundtrack to a massive street brawl or neighborhood riot.

    Steaksauce Mustache - The Almighty Aardvoctomalark!
    After years of playing shows, and numerous line-up changes, my hometown Grants Pass, Oregon's own Steaksauce Mustache finally released their debut full length album via Bandcamp. This album is highly recommended for any fans of early The Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean, The Chariot, and Arsonists Get All The Girls. Check it our for yourself, name your price @

    United Nations - The Next Four Years
    It was a long 4 year wait since their epic EP Never Mind the Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures, but it was well worth the wait. This supergroup featuring members of Thursday, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Pianos Become the Teeth, and one of my favorite drummers Ben Koller of Converge, Mutoid Man & All Pigs Must Die to name a few, delivers an all out assault on their second full length album. I can only hope it won't take another 4 long years before we'll from this awesome band again.

    Other Greats*
    *(Not quite top ten)

    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - IX
    Not my favorite album of theirs, but really good nonetheless. these guys really can't do no wrong in my book.

    Audrey Fall - Mitau
    Really great , , album from this 4-piece band from Latvia.

    Barrows - Red Giant
    This Los Angeles , , caught my attention with their 2011 release, Imprecari Island. This release is just as memorable. Check out for yourself, both releases are name your price @

    Dirt Cannon - Tough Love
    Superb , album from a band obviously heavily influenced by bands such as Every Time I Die, He Is Legend and Cancer Bats. Regardless, I really enjoyed this one.

    Ire Wolves - The Ascetic
    Very solid debut from this 3-piece band from Duluth, MN. Recommended for fans of Isis, Cult of Luna or Mouth of the Architect. Find out, name your price, here

    Jack And The Bearded Fisherman - Minor Noise
    Don't let their kinda foolish name deter you. This French , band narrowly escaped my top ten in 2011 with their Places To Hide album. They did the same thing in 2014 with this release too.

    Kerretta - Pirohia
    I've love everything this , band has released to date, and this album is no exception.

    La Mar - Tides
    Great , , band from Caracas, Venezuela. I listened to this one a lot.

    Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun
    I believe that I mentioned it before that I've came to terms with the fact that gone are the days of the Remission/Leviathan era Mastodon and that they've molded their sound into something different. With that said, I do love me some Mastodon. This album is catchy as hell and it grew on me quite a bit.

    Minerva Superduty - Minerva Superduty
    Anyone who knows me and my musical taste knows that I'm a sucker for a great instrumental band. This was probably my favorite album without vocals in 2014. I couldn't get enough of it. Not to mention they made it a name your price @

    Nero Di Marte - Derivae
    Awesome technical album from this 4-piece band hailing from Bologna, Italy. Recommended for fans of Gojira, Neurosis, and Tool.

    Oceanic - Origin
    When this , , band from Halifax, Nova Scotia locks into one of their many complex and off-time rhythms, it gives me goosebumps. Very solid debut album.

    Good, not great*
    *worth mentioning

    Akela -Akela (Hardcore, Post-Metal)

    Alaskan - Despair, Erosion, Loss (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Alinda - Comets' Tails (Post-Rock)

    Allochiria - Omonoia (Post-Metal)

    Aminals - Dead Air (Hardcore)

    Amniac - Infinite (Sludge)

    Amouth - Awaken (Post-Metal)

    Antethic - Origin (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    Appollonia - Dull Parade (Post-Hardcore, Post-Metal, Alt Metal)

    As We Draw - Mirages (Post-Metal, Hardcore)

    Astralia - Atlas (Instrumental Rock)

    Attic - Seasons (Hardcore, Death Metal, Progressive)

    Bear the Mammoth - Yamadori (Post-Rock)

    Becoming The Lion - Automa (Instrumental Rock)

    Beware of Safety - Lotusville (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    Bird Eater - Dead Mothers Make The Sun Set (Chaotic Hardcore, Sludge)

    Body Hound - Rhombus Now (Progressive, Math, Instrumental Rock)

    Brontide - Artery (Post-Hardcore)

    Carne - Ville Morgue (Noise Rock, Post-Hardcore, Sludge)

    Challenger Deep - Irreversible (Post-Metal)

    Clover - Vultures (Hardcore)

    Cold Blue Mountain - Old Blood (Post-Metal)

    Comrades - Safekeeper (Instrumental Rock)

    Cotidal - Lunar Day (Post-Metal)

    Deaf Eyes - Deaf Eyes (Instrumental Metal)

    Direwolves - Aegri Somnia (Hardcore)

    Earthship - Withered (Sludge, Post-Metal)

    Echoes and Signals - V (Instrumental Rock)

    Escapethecult - All You Want To (Progressive Rock)

    Exalt - Pale Light - (Hardcore)

    Father Figure - Heavy Meddlers (Progressive, Jazz, Instrumental)

    Giza - I Am The Ocean, I Am The Sea (Instrumental, Sludge, Stoner)

    Gunfight Fever - Gunfight Fever (Instrumental Metal)

    Gust - Gust (Hardcore)

    HawkMoth - Calamitas (Instrumental, Post-Metal)

    Herod - They Were None (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Huldra - Black Tides (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Ilenkus - The Crossing (Hardcore)

    Ilydaen - The Crossing (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    In The Presence of Wolves - Thalassas (Progressive, Post-Hardcore)

    Jakob - Sines (Post-Rock)

    Key of Solomon - Exile (Progressive, Instrumental Metal)

    LANDS - Misanthropy (Post-Metal)

    Lost in the Riots - Move On, Make Trails (Instrumental Rock)

    Mantar - Death By Burning (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Marasme - De Ilums I Ombres (Post-Hardcore, Hardcore)

    The Mercury Tree - Countenance (Progressive, Indie Rock)

    Moanaa - Descent (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Mongrels - Gnawed Bones (Hardcore)

    Moutheater - Passing Key (Noise Rock)

    N.Tesla - Lux Manifesto (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Old Man Gloom - Ape Of God (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    Pet Slimmers of the Year - Fragments Of Uniforms (Instrumental Rock)

    Redwood Hill - Collider (Sludge)

    The Return South - The Return South (Instrumental Rock)

    Ritual Mess - Vile Art (Noise Rock)

    Rodha - Welter Through The Ashes (Post-Metal, Sludge)

    The Samuel Jackson Five - Seasons In The Hum (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    Save Us From Archon - Thereafter (Math, Instrumental Rock)

    Show Me A Dinosaur - Dust (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    Slugdge - Gastronomicon (Hardcore, Sludge)

    Sora Shima - You Are Surrounded (Post-Rock)

    Telepathy - 12 Areas (Instrumental Metal)

    Terraforma - Creatures (Instrumental Rock)

    Terronaut - (Instrumental Rock, Post-Metal)

    These Are My Tombs - Morphosis (Instrumental, Post-Rock)

    Torrential Downpour - Truth Knowledge Vision (Hardcore)

    TotorRo - Home Alone (Instrumental Rock)

    Trade in a Temple - Obsession (Instrumental Metal)

    Trudger - Dormiveglia (Hardcore, Sludge)

    Tsima - Shatter (Post-Metal)

    Watered - Some Are Born Into The Endless Night (Instrumental Rock)

    Yarn Of Norna - Ronové (Post-Metal)

    Yoma - Approaching Silence (Post-Metal)

    Biggest Disappointments

    Giant Squid - Minoans
    I've really enjoyed everything this band had released up to this point. This album fell flat to their previous work. I found it kind of boring and uninventive for their standards.

    He Is Legend - Heavy Fruit
    This makes me really sad that I have to put this one in the disappointment list. I just could not get into this one at all. After about song 4, it just drags and never picks back up to the intensity that they're know for.

    Maybeshewill - Fair Youth
    A big letdown of a release from one of my favorite cinematic instrumental rock bands. Nothing really grabbed me enough to stay interested in this album.

    This Will Destroy You - Another Language
    For a little time there, I though this band would battle Explosions In The Sky for the throne of best instrumental and climactic band. But, in my opinion, this band peaked with their debut EP, Young Mountain. Every album since then has gotten less and less interesting.

    Young and in the Way - When Life Comes To Death
    I was really hoping they would have built on the momentum from their last 3 releases. But this one feels a step in the opposite direction to me.

    Well I think that about wraps it up for 2014. It may seem like I listened to a ton of albums (which I did) but as you might notice, I didn't really have that much to say about the majority of them. All in all, I think this was a pretty down year as a whole as far as great albums goes. It was actually fairly difficult determining my favorite ten.

    As always, your comments, suggestions, two cents, and hate mail is more than welcome. If you feel I missed the mark on something, for sure let me know. It won't hurt my feelings.
  • The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky - Second trailer.

    7 jan 2015, 21:37 av Slaggprodukt

    The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky - Second official trailer is now online. Move into the 90´s and get embraced by the tentacles. This is also the second trailer done for this planned movie in 2014 (more trailers will be produced). It was sent to Förvaltningsrätten since it was #‎relevantförmittärende and has been there. Now, it is available on social media and it is possible; as with #sadoschoooccpock to get drawn into it. Get drawn into the Tentacles. The name may change to another title; but it is a planned tribute movie to Jess Franco and Lina Romay. The tentacles are real, they are closing in and you can get embraced - by ”The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky”. First, #‎sadoschoccocccpock which is finished. Then, ”The oasis of Dr Orlovsky” which is being produced. And later, as a planned film: The Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky. A Bollywood touch, and a planned #ffa & #pfk project.

    Beware the tentacles, and beware Fhui Manzui
  • The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky official trailer

    19 dec 2014, 13:31 av Slaggprodukt

    Below is the first official trailer for the planned ”The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky” which is the proposed sequel to both ”Sadoschcooooock” and ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”. Be aware that this is a proposed title that may change during the production for ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky”. As with Sadoschoooock this is a tribute movie for Jess Franco and Lina Romay. ”Sadoshcooooock” has 1970´s ethics and morals. ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” has 1980´s ethics and morals. Move into the 90´s. Be embraced by the upcoming... Tentacles of Dr Orlovsky. The trailer is at Förvaltningsrätten and has so been for a while. It has been available in the closed, private group ”The disciples of 3K” and is now available on various social platforms. Beware of the Tentacles. Beware of Sadoschocccck. And come to the Oasis of Dr Orlovsky.

  • The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky - Second official trailer

    19 dec 2014, 10:52 av Slaggprodukt

    Below is the second official trailer to ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky.” The trailer was also sent to Förvaltningsrätten due to being very relevant for my case there.
    Get drawn into it. Get drawn into The oasis of Dr Orlovsky. And we are all part of…. Sadoschcccoooock.
    Sadoschocccck and The Oasis of Dr Olrlovsky are both feature films which are in honour of Jess Franco and Lina Romay. Sadoschoooock has 1970´s ethics and morals – The Oasis of Dr Orlovksy has 1980´s ethics and morals. And both have a Bollywood filter.

    (Oh and yeah. The Sadoschocccck november trailer was published in 2014 and not in 2013) :)
  • Sadoschoccck Official Trailer (Made november 2013)

    14 dec 2014, 19:06 av Slaggprodukt

    The trailer that was sent to Förvaltningsrätten as part of my case #‎relevantförmittärende - There was also sent the second official trailer for "The oasis of Dr Orlovsky" and a trailer for the planned "The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky". Before 2015 starts the second trailer to "The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky" will be posted here. #‎sadoschocccck will have a premiere with an event in 2015 - hopefully before march. In the meantime; get drawn into another trailer. For Sadoschoccck. Also, another case was opened at Förvaltningsrätten regarding if moviemaking could be seen as getting support from the city. This means, naturally that at least three trailers will be made - one for Sadoschocccck, one for the Oasis of Dr Orlovsky and of course a trailer for the planned"The tentacles of Dr Orlovsky".
  • The concept of #ffa and #pfk

    21 nov 2014, 20:46 av Slaggprodukt

    The concept of Forced Futuristic Art and #PFK ( #ffa )
    The artist life.


    Did you hear that? Did you read that? Did you get noticed? Maybe.

    Clouds of #ffa
    Clouds of #ffa
    Then again, maybe not.

    True clouds of #FFA
    True clouds of #FFA
    Did you get a comment? Maybe. Then again; maybe not.

    Did you get a like? Mabye. Then again; maybe not.

    Still, you and I as artists keep creating.

    And here is the thing. In Sweden, there is a concept of city goverment. The court system. And other instances that register and keep track of all that is part of their responsibilty. And that is a lot. All that you write, all that you turn in is mostly available for anyone to take part of. To get a copy of. To get a explanation. To notice.


    This is why Forced Futuristic Art works. I use a USB stick. Or a CD. Or a DVD. Or paper. Any media will really do. I put my art on this media. I turn it into the court or the tax office or whatever. They have to register it. And if it is a text file they have to read it. Will they understand the art? Maybe. Maybe not. Is it registered? Yes. Can I myself get it back? Yes. Can anyone get it back or look into it? Yes.


    They will take part of my art. They have to. It is forced. It is futuristic. It is art. Since I call it art.

    The trailers to Sadoschoccck? Part of #ffa and #pfk

    The trailer to The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky? Part of #ffa and #pfk

    The upcoming screening of Sadoschocck? Yes, it will also be part of #ffa and #pfk


    The rule in Sweden is to keep all documents at least 5 years. I twice (2) got all my documents from Västerås. From 2008 until 2014. Also twice (2) from Södertälje from 2014. In 2018 there is an election year. There will be more to tell. I will again, choose to get all my documents from Västerås and from Södertälje. All will be part of #ffa and promo material for a performance, a movie, a short film, a photo session or some art related activity. And the thing is, I have the right to get all the material out. It may cost around 500-1000 krona but it will be art. It will be used. And you will take part of it. Or the tax agency. For another five years…

    Then a pause. 2022? Election year… Time for more #ffa

    A ongoing concept.

    My name is Pries Verhon. Or Dr Soledaro Orlovsky.

    This is Sadoschoccck (part of #FFA )

    Next: The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky.

    Get drawn into it. Or not. But the court will get drawn into it. The tax agency. They have to. It is so. #PFK

    Sadoschocck in sadoscocccpoc
    Sadoschocck in sadoscocccpoc
    Onwards. To Sadoschoccck. The little garden.

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  • The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky - Official trailer

    16 nov 2014, 19:01 av Slaggprodukt

    Below is the first trailer for: The oasis of Dr Orlovsky (Which is the sequel to Sadoschooooock). Both movies are in memory of Jess and Lina. ”Sadoschocccck” has a bollywood 1970´s look and ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” will more be set in the 1980´s (morally and ethically still Bollywood).
    Well, the first traler for ”The Oasis of Dr Orlovsky” is now officially on youtube and will also be shared in other social media.
    On tuesday, another trailer for ”Sadoschoccccck” will be sent to Stockholms förvaltningsrätt - along with the second trailer for ”The oasis of Dr Orlovsky” if I have the energy for creating that. Before 2015 the trailer for ”Sadoschoccccck” will be posted here and officially on youtube and such at january, 17 2015.
    Get drawn into the Oasis. And get drawn into Sadoschocccck.Will post the event for the performance when the time comes for that - most probably in the beginning of 2015. Will show the video for Stormrider- Fuck the world, ”Love theme from Sadoschoccck” music video (Love in paradise) after which the performance will happen. After that, the official premerie of....