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Skapad den: 19 nov 2010
A group for users of the gadgets at


Because of domain name issues I have moved all services to a new domain. The new domain is It is necessary to update the images on your profile (either by replacing "lastfm.gammalyrae" with "lastfmtools" or just by recreating them).

This group is for people that use the gadgets on In the forum there is place to discuss bugs, questions, comments and suggestions.

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  • The-Ahti

    Alright, thanks for advice.

    23 dec 18:53 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    Btw, you can improve it by uploading a better image to, it will then be used by my service but it might take up to a month.

    23 dec 16:34 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    I've looked on your profile and it looks pretty good to me. Sadly some of the source images are bad. I take them straight from, not much I can do about it. On retina it looks much worse cause the image is up-scaled to double its size.

    23 dec 14:55 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    Do you have by any chance a retina screen?

    23 dec 14:12 Svara
  • The-Ahti

    It's just some images that are bad quality. Most of them are fine.

    22 dec 15:33 Svara
  • The-Ahti

    The image quality is quite weak, especially noticeable if you put just one column (large image). Do you think the image quality could be improved? And yes I'm a premium user.

    22 dec 15:32 Svara
  • BagOfLoot

    Hooray, it works! Thanks!

    28 nov 11:06 Svara
  • BagOfLoot


    28 nov 10:30 Svara
  • garynotrashcoug

    Glad to read that this service is still up and running! I've been seeing a lot of broken images on people's profile pages lately.

    23 nov 21:36 Svara
  • grey_kun

    @CrossProduct Thank you very much for solving my problem. So it was my mistake. Thanks a lot. The aplication is incredible. Keep up the good work. :D

    23 nov 08:49 Svara
  • okapi28

    I'm a Premium.... :(

    22 nov 20:58 Svara
  • okapi28

    What happend with the aplication???

    22 nov 20:57 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    Hi PandaMark. That is indeed true :) I have noticed it recently and have updated my code but haven't had the time to test it and put it live. Will fix it soon. Thanks!

    22 nov 02:38 Svara
  • PandaMark

    Hi I'm not sure if you're aware, but if one chooses to have the header on 'artist collage' it shows favourite *albums*, not artists Thanks for the service though; it's great!

    22 nov 01:40 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    Yes, it is bad. Strato, the company that I registered with, wants 80 euro from me to give me the domain back. I am not going to do that so people just have to change to Lesson learned: stay as far away as possible from strato hosting/domain registration/etc.

    21 nov 17:06 Svara
  • TabooEv

    Hmm I see.. and I was wondering why mines wasn't updating anymore.

    21 nov 16:45 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    @grey_kun: if you look carefully to the image link on your profile, you will see that you have used "grey-kun" instead of "grey_kun".

    20 nov 15:05 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    @grey_kun: interesting. I will look into it as soon as possible.

    20 nov 14:03 Svara
  • grey_kun

    @CrossProduct Hi, my widget has stopped working these days. I tried to create it again, but the images keep loading and don't appear. As I select "overall", different albums I have never listened show up. What can I do? :/

    20 nov 08:53 Svara
  • CrossProduct

    Hi jojosalami. If I would decide to stop I would definitely share the source code. But I quite enjoy maintaining it and I have some plans to add some more features/different widgets. I wish I had some more time available :)

    19 nov 19:08 Svara
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