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  • I'd ask him if he'd like to smoke a blunt and enjoy some southern fried chicken with me.

    What would you do if you woke up the opposite gender?

    • Kennoth sa...
    • Användare
    • 17 maj 2012, 00:16
    You mean woke up next to them? Since that possibility is close to a zero at this point, I would probably just shrug it off as one my my fantasies.

    Last time you watched porn?

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 17 maj 2012, 00:18
    Saturday night, which, by no coincidence, is also the last time I masturbated...

    When do you get aroused?

    • Kennoth sa...
    • Användare
    • 17 maj 2012, 00:23
    That varies, though nudity surely helps.

    Your most awkward boner?

  • The one in my hand right now.

    What is your favorite meme?

  • Right now it's GERSBERMPS

    What is your favorite fruit?

  • ooofftt passion fruit!! i'm probably part of the minority for having passion fruits as my favourite lol.

    If World War III happens, would you join your country's army and fight?

  • Should WWIII happen, I'm not so sure if there will be anything left to fight over

    How many cups of coffee does it take for you to wake up?

    The true perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man is.
    - Oscar Wilde




  • NopeOops, I was outposted. It takes like 4 shots of expresso lol.

    Do you have a crush on someone?

    Redigerad av unbirthday den 18 maj 2012, 13:43
  • No-one comes to mind

    Do you have a patented dance move? .

    “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music”
    • Rhyme79 sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 maj 2012, 15:44
    No, it's not patented.

    Do you sleep naked?

    "Without The Ancient (Dis)Order of the Last.FM Platinum Round Table, the Beatles never would have made it." - Sir James Paul McCartney.
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    Redigerad av hjbardenhagen den 17 apr 2014, 01:15
  • Nope

    Do you believe in an afterlife?

    "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 maj 2012, 23:15
    Yes, I am a firm believer in reincarnation.

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 maj 2012, 23:27

    Do your best friends know everything about you?

  • Two people.

    What would you name your first born?

  • No idea what i'd name my kid, guess i'll wait until the need arises.

    Have you ever had a near death experience? and if so give us some details about it.

    "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."
  • yeah. Just over a year ago i was on a road trip with my mates, one of my mates was driving, speeding and didn't see a sign saying that there was uneven road surface ahead. like 6 massive pot-holes in the road one after the other, hit the pot-holes and spun out. luckily we were towing a trailer, which jack knifed and stopped the car from rolling. It was my car and trailer as well, so i was pretty pissed! lol

    what initially got you interested in your favourite music genre? (e.g. for me clubbing got me into dance music)

    • Kennoth sa...
    • Användare
    • 20 maj 2012, 14:32
    Just a natural progression I suppose. Started with Evanescence and Hammerfall, went on to listen to Korn, and from there progressed to more heavier genres of metal.


  • I don't know my favorite music genre. Watching musicals, doing drugs, falling in love, clubbing, and being depressed is what mostly what got me into some of my favorites, I guess.

    Do you like musicals?

  • As a rule, no. But I did see Wicked and enjoyed it and I also love Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

    Are you hiding something from your Significant Other/Best Friend, if so what?

    • Kennoth sa...
    • Användare
    • 21 maj 2012, 15:03
    I guess I'm hiding from my best friend some things he did that hurt me or displeased me.


  • What is the most important thing in your life?!

    It all happened in a magical glance...
  • Calm.

  • Free time.

    Why is it so hard to go to bed at a decent hour?

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