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A project from Terence Fixmer
and Douglas McCarthy.

Taken from


"Terence Fixmer, a world renound techno artist, has been involved in the techno scene for more than 10 years. In 1998 he signed to Gigolo Records and has gone on to have many hits such as 'Electrostatic,' 'Body Pressure,' 'Electric Vision' and the album 'Muscle Machine' (voted as the top 3 album of the year for Groove Mag.) He also has remixed tracks for amoungst others Sven Vath, Dave Clarke and Hell. Terence became famous through his live performance - a kind of mixture of EBM and Techno, i.e. full of energy and power. When you see a Terence Fixmer show you never forget it! His sound is unique and instantly recognisable as his own. He has played at the biggest events such as I Love Techno, May Day, Nature One, and the biggest festivals such as Pukkelpop, Dour Festival, Benicassim as well as appearing at the best techno clubs all over the world.

In 2002 Mute records asked Terence to remix Nitzer Ebb, and through this Terence got in contact with Douglas McCarthy, the Nitzer Ebb singer.

Douglas McCarthy, already world renound as the legendary voice and founding member of the band Nitzer Ebb, has taken his time returning to music. Douglas and Terence soon became great friends.

Nitzer Ebb, an avant-guarde electronic band, started in England in 1982 signing to Mute Records in 1986 after releasing a string of instant global club hits on their own label.

Douglas brought the raw power of his voice to the band, along with an amazing stage performance seen all over the world with the brilliant Nitzer Ebb live show that was always full of the tension and rage of hits such as 'Let Your Body Learn,' 'Join in the Chant,' 'Control I'm Here,' and 'Getting Closer' – tracks that are still as popular today as then.

Along with Bon Harris, the other founding member of Nitzer Ebb, Douglas perfected his skill as a showman by relentlessly touring the 5 albums they released between 1987 and 1995. 'That Total Age,' 'Belief,' 'Showtime,' 'Ebbhead,' and 'Big Hit' have all given an incredible influence on the electronic scene of today, but it is also the voice of Douglas that is the reference of the alternative scene and make Nitzer Ebb one of the all time top EBM bands."

"Then in 2002 Terence and Douglas decided to work together on a revolutionary electronic project that brings together the souls of Douglas and Terence with music and voice.

FIXMER/MCCARTHY is the name of the project."

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