• music is the key to empathy

    11 mar 2015, 21:49 av annaoj

    empathy is the light in humanity
    i want to feel more of it every day

    music showed me how
    all these songs are a collection of people’s memories
    and they resonate with me because

    i feel things you have felt before
    and if i haven’t felt it
    i want to understand it
    because i want to understand you
    because i care about you
    even though i know i will never meet see or speak to you

    i want to make a vested effort
    to stop invalidating people’s feelings
    because i have no barometer for your pain
    i will never fully understand the context of your life

    when i catch myself judging people
    i must wave those thoughts away

    when people treat me badly
    i must remind myself that there is a greater source of pain in their lives
    from the past or present
    this is not who they really are

    we were not born with this anger and hatred
    we learned it

    i was a disgusting child filled with anger
    and took it out on innocent people
    already a psychopath at age 5

    my behavior was sickening
    i did things to people that fill me with regret
    i hope that they forgot
    but i know that it’s somewhere in their minds

    violence never leaves you
    terror is vivid

    once someone has woven violence into your life
    even if you manage to rip out all the seams
    there will still be stitch marks left
    holes remain there forever

    sometimes it seems impossible but
    we can let our hatred rest
    instead of feeding ourselves rage and bitterness

    anger tarnished my mind
    it is too much to carry
    violence breeds violence

    i don’t want to be part of this cycle anymore

    empathy will lead the way
  • there’s safety in music that doesn’t exist in reality

    10 mar 2015, 23:49 av annaoj

    why is it only socially acceptable to express our strongest emotions
    when they’re under the guise of art

    why have there been so many hit songs on the radio
    about grief and depression
    that we can sing along to and it’s fine
    but if you just talk about it then suddenly something is wrong with you
    you need to see a *professional*

    if you tell people you listen to death metal
    no one is going to say you need help
    but if you tell them you think about death
    people will direct you to a stranger on the phone

    fear and shame wrap around me
    suffocating me right at the moment i want to speak the most
  • BREAKING NEWS: Karen Clark Sheard releases her new single March 24, 2015!!!

    10 mar 2015, 23:46 av puremusic4ever

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  • jewel was homeless for a year when she was 18

    10 mar 2015, 03:11 av annaoj

    a few years ago i met a man who was homeless - living in his car

    he would come into the store that i worked at and sit on the couch
    the manager was chill she didn’t mind

    he brought a johnny rockets breakfast combo inside
    and gave his pomeranian the scrambled eggs

    jewel’s --standing still-- started playing on the store radio
    and we talked about how she used to be homeless

    her boss was sexually harassing her
    she said no
    he fired her

    she had to live in her car while she played gigs
    i wonder what her life was like that year
    before she got a record deal

    it bothers me that i can’t remember his name
    and have branded him in my mind as .that homeless guy.
    i think his name might be steve
    i hope i am right
    i hope he and his dog are still healthy

    i think of him when i listen to -standing still-
  • ATTENDING ONLINE SERVICE: Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church

    8 mar 2015, 14:35 av puremusic4ever

    I am attending the online church service of the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA right now.

    The link is
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Patti LaBelle joins the cast of Dancing With The Stars!!!

    24 feb 2015, 13:51 av puremusic4ever

    'Dancing With the Stars' 2015: Season 20 Celebrity Cast Announced
    Feb 24, 2015, 8:18 AM ET
    LAUREN SHER More From Lauren »


    "Dancing With the Stars" fans, wait no more. The season 20 star-studded celebrity cast was revealed today on "Good Morning America" and the competition is shaping up to be one of the fiercest yet.

    Television icon Suzanne Somers, music great Patti LaBelle, football star Michael Sam and Olympian Nastia Liukin are among the stars getting ready to rhumba and samba on the dance floor.

    Nastia Liukin, an Olympic champion gymnast, is paired up with none other than beloved pro dancer Derek Hough, who is back this season in a shocking surprise. Hough, a five-time mirror ball champ and Emmy-winning choreographer, previously announced his "DWTS" departure to perform in the Radio City Spring Spectacular.

    "This all happened literally two days ago," Hough said live on "GMA" from New York where he will practice with Liukin. "I had a little heartbreak not being able to part of the 20th season. I'm so glad we were able to make it happen. Let's make it the best season ever."

    "Shark Tank" mogul Robert Herjavec, “Hunger Games” actress Willow Shields, artist-actress Rumer Willis, “Party Rock Anthem” singer Redfoo and R5 singer-songwriter Riker Lynch will also be vying for the trophy this season.

  • GRAMMY WINNER - Dianne Reeves

    15 feb 2015, 19:17 av puremusic4ever

    Congratulations to Dianne Reeves!!!

    Beautiful Life - Dianne Reeves

    Label: Concord Records
  • GRAMMY WINNER - Smokie Norful

    9 feb 2015, 00:47 av puremusic4ever

    Congratulations to Official Smokie Norful!!!


    Smokie Norful - No Greater Love

    Smokie Norful; Aaron W. Lindsey & Smokie Norful, songwriters
    Label: Tre'Myles/Motown Gospel; Publishers: Capitol CMG Paragon, Aaron Lindsey Pub. admin. by Music Company, Norful Music Publishing
  • GRAMMY WINNER - Erica Campbell

    9 feb 2015, 00:42 av puremusic4ever

    Congratulations to Erica Campbell!!!


    Erica Campbell - Help
    Label: EOne/My Block

    Erica Campbell on Facebook
  • BREAKING NEWS: Whitney Houston's daughter found unresponsive, taken to hospital

    31 jan 2015, 19:31 av puremusic4ever

    (CNN) Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unresponsive Saturday morning in a bathtub full of water in Roswell, Georgia, police in that Atlanta suburb said.

    Brown "was not breathing" when her husband and a friend found her around 10:25 a.m. at a townhouse in a Roswell subdivision, police spokeswoman Lisa Holland said.

    "They called 911, started CPR on her, and police arrived first," the spokeswoman added. "We took over the lifesaving measures until the fire/rescue and an ambulance arrived."

    Brown was then transported to Roswell's North Fulton Hospital, where she was breathing, according to Holland.

    It was three years ago February 11 that Brown's mother, renowned signer Whitney Houston, was found dead -- also in a bathtub -- in The Beverly Hilton, hours before she was to attend a pre-Grammys bash there.

    Bobbi Kristina Brown appears at a Grammy award event last year.
    Bobbi Kristina Brown appears at a Grammy award event last year.
    An autopsy later revealed that she'd drowned face down in "extremely hot water" about 12 inches deep. The Los Angeles County coroner ruled it an accidental drowning with the "effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use" being contributing factors.

    Brown is her only child.

    "She encourages me and inspires me," Houston once said of her daughter. "When I look at her eyes and I see myself, I go, 'Okay. I can do this. I can do this.'"