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This group is for promoting artists that give away some of their lovely dark tunes for free. Please join if you're in a band or if you're looking for dark underground music.



a paranoid android (ambient, experimental)
Aardtmann op Vuurtopberg (drone doom)
abeille hellion (dark ambient, piano)
Aho (dark ambient, neoclassical, darkwave)
and the willow weeps (dark ambient, post rock, experimental, noise)
And Then You Die (electro-rock, industrial)
Anax Imperator (electro, ebm)
Ant Eye Folk (drone folk, experimental)
The Arid Sea (alt.rock, post-punk)
Archetypes & Relics (dark electro, dark ambient)
Arcosolium (death metal)
Aureole Effect (post-rock, post-black metal)
BADITUDE (body) - High Quality Downloads
Bat Nouveau (deathrock, post-punk)
Batboner (deathrock, punk, post-punk) - High Quality Downloads
Batcave 13 (gothic rock, darkwave)
Batcheeba (noise, ambient, experimental)
Beyond Witchcraft (harsh ebm, dark electro)
Black and Shadows (coldwave, gothic rock)
Blasfist (terror-ebm)
Blind Sinners (dark electro)
Broadcasting Silence (drone, dark ambient, noise)
Marc Broude (dark ambient)
Camp Z (electro, post-punk) - High Quality Downloads
Camp Z + Madame B (post-punk, noise rock, experimental) - High Quality Downloads
The Cemetary Girlz (deathrock) - High Quality Downloads
Charles Frail (folk)
Charlize Zodiac (dark ambient, black industrial, black metal) - High Quality Downloads
Cold Empty Universe (dark ambient, atmospheric black metal)
Cold Mistress (experimental, electro-rock, industrial)
Cold Womb Descent (dark ambient, space ambient)
Control Alt Deus (dark electro, harsh ebm)
Controlled Collapse (dark electro)
Crepuscularia (doom metal, funeral doom)
Dark Nexus (dark electro)
Dau Unge (impro, experimental, noise, post-rock) - High Quality Downloads
The Dead Jivaro (post-punk, indie, experimental) - High Quality Downloads
Death by Radiowaves (noise, dark ambient, experimental)
Deathcamp Project (deathrock, synthpop)
Deprivation Chamber (dark ambient, industrial)
Dracula Biscuits (post-punk, gothic)
Droserae (post-punk, psychedelic) - High Quality Downloads
DRUNkEN C (post-punk, experimental, noise rock, electro-rock) - High Quality Downloads
Drugs Bunny (noise, industrial, breakbeat)
Dunkel Aesthetics (darkwave, synthpop, ambient, experimental)
Egil the Eagle (industrial metal)
El Viejo Matadero (gothabilly)
Ending the Vicious Cycle (post-punk, indie, darkwave)
Escarlatina Obsessiva (post-punk, avant-garde, experimental, deathrock)
Essence of Night (synthpop, darkwave)
Eta² Hydri (ambient, experimental, piano)
Every New Dead Ghost (gothic, punk, deathrock)
Exit to Exist (drone, ambient)
Fabrict (noise, ambient)
Feos (blackgaze)
First Rebirth (electronic, experimental, trip hop) - High Quality Downloads
The Forced Oscillations (post punk, gothic rock) - High Quality Downloads
Forgotten Backyard (dark ambient, soundscape)
Fostercare (darkwave, electro, witch house)
Front Sonore (martial industrial, noise)
Frozenthia Depresis (depressive black metal)
FRzO (ritual ambient)
Fvchs (dark ambient, noise)
Gird_09 (noise, industrial, rhythmic, ambient) - High Quality Downloads
Gears of Destruction (dark electro, idm, aggrotech, gabber)
The Ghost and Swift Moths (psychedelic folk, drone-folk, dark ambient)
Government Alpha (harsh noise)
Grotesque Sexuality (deathrock, post-punk)
gruuthaagy (cybergrind, machine metal)
Guilty Strangers (gothic rock, post-punk)
H.EXE (dark electro, harsh ebm)
H. Zombie (psychobilly, deathrock)
The Hallowed Din (shoe-gaze, post-punk, gloom)
Hapalochlaena_Maculosa (post-punk)
Heavy Ghost (shoegaze) - High Quality Downloads
Her Blackened Rose (gothic rock, ethereal)
Her Ethic (electro-rock, industrial, experimental) - High Quality Downloads
h e xt (experimental, minimal)
The Holy Bibles (dark rock, machine blues)
Horror Vacuii (post-punk, deathrock)
Hydrocyanic (rhytmic noise, noise, dark industrial)
Igreja Do Sexo (deathrock) - High Quality Downloads
In Verse (alt.rock, post-punk, pop, indie) - High Quality Downloads
Insumthinmagma (drone, dark ambient)
J'ma (dark ambient, drone)
Jean Marc Toma (electronic, experimental)
Travis Johnson (noise, experimental, improv, dark ambient)
Joy Disaster (post-punk)
Judgehydrogen (dark ambient, darkwave) - High Quality Downloads
Kaustikutt (aggrotech, dark electro, electro-industrial)
Kidz on Fuzz (synth-pop, electro-rock, industrial) - High Quality Downloads
Klang Ruinen (terror-ebm, dark electro, industrial)
Korrüpted Hüman (power noise, dark electro)
Kreativ in Den Boden (avant garde, experimental, post punk, minimal wave, industrial, lo-fi)
La Nausée (noise, dark ambient)
La Rupture de l'Esprit (dark electro) - High Quality Download 1, 2, 3
Lautmusik (alt.rock, shoegaze)
Les Enfants Sales (avant-garde, experimental, old school industrial)
Les Modules Etranges (shoe-gaze, new wave)
Les Suce-Pendus (experimental guitar music, noise)
Light in Your Life (indie, post-punk, post-rock) - High Quality Downloads
Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza (vaporwave, ambient)
LisaWars (goth rock, punk, new-wave) - High Quality Downloads
Lonesummer (blackgaze)
Los Carniceros del Norte (post-punk, horror punk) - High Quality Downloads
Lostfreeq (electronic, experimental)
Loveplanet (electro-rock, metal, experimental)
Lover of Night (experimental, dark ambient, industrial, darkwave)
Low Orbit Drift (electronic, sci fi noir)
Lugshar (dark ambient)
Madame B (experimental, industrial, avant-garde) - High Quality Downloads
Magdalena Solis (experimental, psychedelic, folk) - High Quality Downloads
Mailuna (goth rock) - High Quality Downloads
MekRokieV (deathrock, new wave)
Melanculia (indie, alt.rock, post-punk)
The Mescaline Babies (deathrock, shoegaze, post-punk)
Metro Ketamina (deathrock)
Mighty Skies (ambient, dark ambient)
morsmores (ambient)
Motorama (post-punk)
MRTNPLMR VS Dead Lazarus (noise, drone, dark ambient)
Muhmood (dark ambient, experimental) - High Quality Downloads
Murnau's Playhouse (post-punk)
Nagamatzu (post-punk, new wave, indie, darkwave)
Naughty Zombies (horror-punk, deathrock)
Neglected Skies (dark ambient, soundscape, drone)
Nezumi (ethereal, dark ambient, darkwave)
Nightshade Kiss (neo-gothic rock, metal)
No Quarter (shoegaze, post-gothic)
nova.sephiroth (club, dark electro, rhythmic noise)
Obsidian Kingdom (progressive metal, experimental)
Okkultokrati (hardcore, black metal) - High Quality Downloads
Old Cat's Drama (deathrock)
Paralitikos (deathrock, goth)
Pathétique Poupée (harsh electro-pop, darkwave, avantgarde)
Репрессор памяти (electro-industrial, darkwave, dark electro)
Peace Through Apathy (experimental, impro, progressive, ambient)
Plastique Noir (darkwave, gothic, deathrock)
Der Plutonische Orden (ambient, noise)
The Prayer (darkwave, dark ambient, industrial, ebm, synth, gothic) - High Quality Downloads
Psychic Date (psychedelic, experimental, ambient) - High Quality Downloads
Purple Fog Side (darkwave, synth rock)
Peter Read (experimental, avant-garde, folk) - High Quality Downloads
The Red Crayon Aristocrat Club (new wave) - High Quality Downloads
Reptyle (post-punk, gothic rock)
RRRRRRR (gothic rock, deathrock)
Salacious (experimental, folk, post-punk) - High Quality Downloads
Schwarzach (industrial black metal)
Sexbeat (punk, deathrock)
Shadowcast Sun (post-rock, atmospheric, progressive) - High Quality Downloads
Simon Dreams in Violet (gothic rock, darkwave)
slitscan (ambient, drone, hypnagogic) - High quality Downloads
The Silence Industry (gothic rock)
Snake Surikov (horror, dark ambient)
Spiney Fleshpot (avant-garde, folk, experimental) - High Quality Downloads
SPIRI† (witch house, noise)
A Spectre Is Haunting Europe (alt.rock, post-punk)
steinar stensen (harsh noise)
Subterrestrial (dark ambient, experimental)
Suicide Fetish (powernoise, noise)
Sumue (neofolk)
taker 51 (electronic, etherial) - High Quality Downloads
Tardigrada (ambient, atmospheric black metal)
tarfield (experimental, noise, ambient)
Tectum (doom metal) - High Quality Downloads
Tiaam Basho (witch house)
This House Is Full of Noise (witch house, darkwave)
Tot Licht (darkwave, post-punk, electroclash) - High Quality Downloads
The Trespass (post-punk, gothic) - High Quality Downloads
These Crimson Dreams (shoegaze, dream pop)
Twisted Subterranean Death Trap (experimental, electronic, dark ambient, noise) - High Quality Downloads
Under a Purple Sky (post-punk, gothic rock)
Ultranoir (post-punk, new wave)
Valeskja Valcav (rock, experimental, psychedelic, shoegaze, goth)
Vampire Knight (dark ambient)
Veil of Thorns (post-punk, experimental, gothic)
Verboten Küssen (coldwave, post-punk)
Vernian Process (dark ambient, darkwave)
White Lord Jesus (avant-garde, goth-pop)
X.I.N (dark electro)
X-evier (acoustic, ambient, experimental, electronic, metal)
Yap Yap Yap (noise-rock, lo-fi, post-punk, shoegaze) - High Quality Downloads
Zac Vann (experimental, folk, lo-fi)
Zastranienie (minimal electro, experimental)
Zombie Zex (punk, deathrock)
Zorch Factor (post-punk) - High Quality Downloads
21 Gramms (dark ambient)
3000 run (noise rock, shoegaze, doom, space rock)
46175_0 (noise, industrial, ambient)
(((О))) (witch house)
(((S))) (post-punk, indie, gothic, psychedelic rock)
(thresh*ld) (ritual ambient)
†13th Moon† (deathrock)
†∆† (witch house)
✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝ (witch house)
‡WORSHIP‡ (witch house)
ʄ≜uxmuℭica (witch house)
ЖFAITĦ ĦAVENЖ (witch house) - High Quality Downloads
ᄼᄽᄾ (witch house)
‹‹ʘ›› (witch house)
▼□■□■□■ (witch house)

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