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Skapad den: 22 maj 2008
freaking, peaking, exploding
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  • optimistic_tour

    gahhh seriously this CFCF album is the best! it fees like a balaeric take on Strumming Music.

    27 jul 13:31 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    I do remember that eminem + elton john duet feeling like an important step for pop culture for sure.

    26 jul 05:34 Svara
  • HumbleGold

    Also that vma with em and elton john was effin incredible. That shit was so progressive

    26 jul 05:16 Svara
  • HumbleGold

    Speaking of which, i recall lmao at the scene in the ozzburn show where the son be groving to dido. Lol that shit me still today lol

    26 jul 05:13 Svara
  • HumbleGold

    However the dido song is greatness too. That line about how she drank too much last night and missed the bus to work is some of the realest shit ever spoke

    26 jul 05:10 Svara
  • HumbleGold

    I can't front tho, stan is really one of the greatest songs written of ALL TIME. However once i discovered Cage, Eminen been playing second fiddke, at least till cage went all emo...

    26 jul 05:07 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    honestly as someone who grew up (to an extent) listening to Eminem (I'm 32; I was 15 or so when SSLP dropped and 17 when the second one did) Relapse felt like way past the fall-off date, but I've got a friend who makes almost convincing arguments about his latest being good.. not that I agree but it's an interesting take.

    26 jul 04:58 Svara
  • HumbleGold

    Anyway future killing it. Even the best part of vince staples new shit is a future sample from last year. Honest to DS2, i cant think of any other artist to produce so much fire in a short span since '10 lil b

    26 jul 04:53 Svara
  • HumbleGold

    Funny how everybody and their cousin frank hated relapse but its really the last good eminem project. Dude fell way tf off

    26 jul 04:51 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    oh btw the new CFCF album on 1080p leaked - The Colours Of Life. sounds like a perfect mixture of his old The River EP and the Night Bus mixtapes. gonna be a mainstay for work music!

    25 jul 15:29 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    I quite enjoyed Eminem Show at the time - it's got a great posse cut called When The Music Stops that's one of the best things D12 was ever involved with - I just think it's not quite on the level of those first 2. However, it's infinitely better than everything he's done since!

    25 jul 15:24 Svara
  • aquajitsu

    Okay, I'm gonna listen to The Eminem Show now

    24 jul 21:01 Svara
  • aquajitsu

    Marshall Mathers LP is a classic. I used to spin Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP and Eminem Show often back in the day. The Eminem Show was one of the first albums I bought when I was 12 I think. It should still be somewhere at my mom's place.

    24 jul 20:58 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    Eminem is terrible now, but I'd still fuck with Marshall Mathers LP. Probably the one before that too. The persona is obnoxious, but those had some great production and truly standout raps, especially the posse cut Amityville, and Drug Ballad.

    24 jul 18:31 Svara
  • garynotrashcoug

    Cube, Ren and Yella is all you really need anyway. Those fools are the only ones who can at least act like they're still "real".

    24 jul 05:50 Svara
  • mrmocha

    If you were going to do a N.W.A reunion tour, plug DJ Quik in for Eazy-E and call up fat-assed-sitting-on-a-couch-somewhere AMG for Dre. Quik is a better MC than E and Dre is so diluted and lame that he's basically hip-hop's "James Hetfield in Sandals"... and yeah, Eminem is terrible.

    23 jul 23:09 Svara
  • garynotrashcoug

    THANK GOD. I threw up a little in my mouth when I first read that. It wouldn't surprise me though. I never understood the appeal of Eminem. I think he's a shitty MC and I can't stand his voice or his face.

    23 jul 20:25 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    Kevin, they updated the story. Apparently Dre and Eminem never said they were doing it. #relief

    23 jul 18:21 Svara
  • tylerstravis

    Jesus... This shoutbox is just littered with death. I didn't know any of this. :(

    23 jul 16:57 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    Oh nice! I didn't listen to that last one very much.. should give it a fresh chance. I still really enjoyed the first one though.

    23 jul 16:39 Svara
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