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Skapad den: 22 maj 2008
freaking, peaking, exploding
No fuckfaces.

"Like God, but even Godder." - Shy-Guy
"This is the beginning of the Age of Sincerity. People need to stop being so ironic." - schoenburger
"Soon all great conversations will happen within the confines of last.fm" - gonchoriffic
"I hate when mods ban users that are an integral part of last.fm culture." - StarCoreA
"It's hard to give a shit these days." - Lou Reed
"So fake." - A Valued Member of the Last.fm Community

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  • optimistic_tour

    What a strange release. a 10 year old Shackleton recording and a literal mixtape from Demdike Stare in a fancy bag?! I'm intrigued, but I don't own a tape player.. not that I'd probably even listen to that for fear of wearing it down.

    4 timmar sedan Svara
  • aquajitsu


    Igår 17:43 Svara
  • tylerstravis

    I've listened to the new Faith No More album about four times. It felt a little over-produced, but I dug it more than I thought I would. If nothing else it got me back into Fantomas again :)

    Igår 16:44 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    I just realized I never grabbed that Dozzy collaboration from a month or two ago >_>

    Igår 13:15 Svara
  • aquajitsu

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I07yoQ3Ac5A it's perfect

    27 maj 11:52 Svara
  • garynotrashcoug

    I can't fucking stand the round avatars and artist photos in the library and the followers/following thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There are some things I do like though, like more stats on your profile page, including top albums (though I don't like the numbers, kind of ruins the photos).

    27 maj 03:22 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    I was just going to ask the same, Kevin. I know that they note many features are missing (I couldn't figure out how to see groups... and all shoutboxes seemed to stop a year ago) but it doesn't seem too terrible. I like the site how it is, but I can see why they'll need to update it for the modern age. People are used to facebook-style feeds from their social networks now.

    26 maj 18:40 Svara
  • iacus123


    26 maj 15:55 Svara
  • aquajitsu

    https://secure-beta.last.fm anyone tried this yet? not sure if I enjoy this direction they're heading to

    26 maj 14:52 Svara
  • FutureAnthems

    Every subsequent article/review I read on TMT is the most annoying thing I've seen on the site.

    24 maj 23:44 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    http://www.tinymixtapes.com/film/kurt-cobain-montage-heck this is maybe the most annoying thing I've seen on tmt? not sure

    24 maj 15:59 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    Yeah, it's one of the FB dudes.

    24 maj 15:59 Svara
  • DecomposingTree

    isnt blanck mass one of the dudes in fuck buttons?

    24 maj 15:37 Svara
  • TehSpiral

    new Faith No More came out on Tuesday. I've known it was coming out for some time, but I wasn't keeping track of when exactly. It sounds great in an era with no notable radio rock. The tracks "Black Friday" and "Motherfucker" were my favorite songs on the record.

    23 maj 20:54 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    V another one I didn't know was coming out! I was kind of "meh" on the first Blanck Mass album but I'd like to give him another chance.

    23 maj 18:57 Svara
  • calsimon

    that new Blanck Mass album sounds as if it was the new Fuck Buttons!

    23 maj 17:24 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    and.. I had no idea there was a new Faith No More album!! just now??

    23 maj 15:07 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    Oh wow, emergency surgery? I hope you recover well! I think that Dan vinyl might show up this weekend, going to have to give it a test listen

    23 maj 15:06 Svara
  • TehSpiral

    the new Faith No More was really solid. what did my fellow Exploders think?

    23 maj 10:44 Svara
  • garynotrashcoug

    Had me a bit of emergency surgery yesterday and now I finally have some relief for the first time in over a month. Guess I'll be spending my Memorial Day weekend recovering though. Also, I like Steely Dan.

    23 maj 04:00 Svara
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