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Skapad den: 22 maj 2008
freaking, peaking, exploding
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  • aquajitsu

    so anyone here taking part in the annual record store day?

    1 timme sedan Svara
  • garynotrashcoug

    Oh I totally missed that. TBH, I didn't really make it past the embed of Re Run Home. I hit play and was off in la la land. Both of those singles are on quesadilla now as well.

    16 apr 22:01 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    YES that's the song I had linked at the bottom of my post; at the time it was exclusive to that site and couldn't be embedded. Really really good song.

    16 apr 20:03 Svara
  • garynotrashcoug

    Another new Kamasi Washington single "Miss Understanding" from his forthcoming album The Epic. Gonna check it out tonight!

    16 apr 17:12 Svara
  • helloimjoshua

    from my experience, i've only not had digital copies with experimental records while everything else (from what i remember) came with a digital copy. that was where i was coming from with the artistic decision thing. the main exception is various dance music labels that make their releases (or a series of releases) exclusively vinyl, which i'm ok with. i can see how it's an oversight though; i've just never had an experience with purchasing a record where it made me feel like that was the case.

    15 apr 21:39 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    @Post thanks for that link!! I'm loving this interview.

    15 apr 17:37 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    @Josh I mean, I see your point about the principle that they would *have to* include them, sure, but it's incredibly convenient. and I have yet to buy any album that wasn't also available digitally (whether included or not), so I don't see how an artist would not want me to hear it both ways if I paid for the vinyl edition. In fact, when the vinyl edition is substantially different, like with the last Destroyer album, or a lot of techno I buy like Voices from the Lake, they often include a specific vinyl-tracklist digital version. The cv313 album from last year is a perfect example. I wouldn't want any artist to be forced to do that, of course, but most often it's simply an oversight not to include digital, not an artistic decision.

    15 apr 15:41 Svara
  • jjjjjjjjjjjjonj

    Cherry Bomb is 100% whatever but Smuckers was almost a decent song (if you just took Tyler off of it)

    15 apr 15:32 Svara
  • tylerstravis

    Cherry Bomb sounds like a N.E.R.D. album to me :)

    15 apr 15:19 Svara
  • helloimjoshua

    also that colin stetson album has been out for a while but it's a transcode. if anyone's interested give me a holler

    15 apr 00:19 Svara
  • helloimjoshua

    "I agree that vinyls should come with lossless downloads" almost completely disagree with this. it's convenient on the consumer end but more often than not, the decision to not include a digital copy is often an artistic choice i.e. they want you to engage with the art on this specific format for a reason. i've emailed smaller, independent artists and some have been comfortable sending me digital files but i'm definitely ok if an artist doesn't wanna do that.

    15 apr 00:19 Svara
  • garynotrashcoug

    @post-wizardry - Thanks for posting that! "When I heard the use of sounds that Pan Sonic uses, I started to see techno melt away. Pan Sonic goes into a black hole and collapses the idea of techno." That's pretty much how I feel about their music as well. In fact, when I first heard them (and for some time after) I didn't even really recognize them as techno. They're just so raw and primitive sounding, pure electronic tones and sine waves. So basically, yet on a completely different level from everything else.

    14 apr 23:59 Svara
  • helloimjoshua

    yea i can tell the difference between 128 kbps and stuff higher (i mean, the entire spectrum above 16 khz is removed) but after that i'm generally ok with listening to 192. i definitely can't tell the difference between v0 and flac

    14 apr 23:42 Svara
  • TehSpiral

    I can definitely tell when I'm listening to 128kbps rips. there's usually a substantial amount of audio artifacts and distortion. Anything lower than 192 is pushing it. and you dudes are tripping on Cherry Bomb...it's Tyler's most varied and innovative production effort by a mile, and he's stepped his MC game by a mile.

    14 apr 23:29 Svara
  • HumbleGold

    i sampled cherry bomb. the beats were wack. even blander than earls whose album i liked lyrically

    14 apr 23:06 Svara
  • HumbleGold

    shit, for reals tho, i cant distinguish much difference between 128 and 256, however minimal, i can with 320 or flac on a quality pair of headphones, but i won't trip about bits and shits because a good tune is a good tune no matter how you hear it. in the case of curren$y, he fucked up on gp. your cds aint drugs. your brand should have integrity.

    14 apr 23:05 Svara
  • TehSpiral

    pfffffft no way man the new Tyler is great. I don't like the tracks with the hard rock angle on them (DEATHCAMP I can do without), but overall, I'm very impressed by how Tyler's production has come along. Smuckers is the fucking jam.

    14 apr 18:59 Svara
  • post-wizardry

    guys http://www.electronicbeats.net/mika-vainio-and-actress-talk-about-eradicating-techno/

    14 apr 18:04 Svara
  • FutureAnthems

    New Tyler the Creator is one of the worst things I've heard in a while.

    14 apr 17:50 Svara
  • jjjjjjjjjjjjonj

    who cares when there's what.cd tho. pirate everything and only buy things that are by amateur or independent artists tbh

    14 apr 15:26 Svara
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