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freaking, peaking, exploding
No fuckfaces.
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  • helloimjoshua

    speaking of workshop.... http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=28580

    8 timmar sedan Svara
  • helloimjoshua

    it was a pretty great month for dance music LPs... DJ Sotofett, Anthony Naples, Logos & Mumdance, Kerridge, Zenker Bros, Levon Vincent, BNJMN & BAT, John Tejada, Model 500, DJ Clent...

    8 timmar sedan Svara
  • helloimjoshua

    man the anthony naples is really hitting hard now that i'm revisiting it. its short length doesn't really bother me

    10 timmar sedan Svara
  • helloimjoshua

    last year was so great for dance music lps

    Igår 00:34 Svara
  • helloimjoshua

    Yea everything on Workshop is ace. The only thing about the Kassem Mosse album was that it didn't *feel* like an album as much as a collection of tracks but who cares because they were all great anyway

    Igår 00:34 Svara
  • calsimon

    I think Kassem Mosse was a guest once in the Dance Department podcast. Im listening to Workshop now

    Igår 21:48 Svara
  • post-wizardry

    "Everything on Workshop is amazing, really." Yeah definitely.

    Igår 18:22 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    I didn't recall anyone talking about him! But I probably just missed it. I'm listening to everything he's got on spotify now.. want to look up and see how much a copy of Workshop 19 is going for when I get home

    Igår 17:25 Svara
  • aquajitsu

    Everything on Workshop is amazing, really.

    Igår 16:24 Svara
  • aquajitsu

    Mate I've been going crazy about it ever since it came out!!

    Igår 16:24 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    speaking of good techno... anyone else heard the Kassem Mosse album from last year, Workshop 19? I kept seeing it recommended and finally listened last week, really good stuff.

    Igår 14:15 Svara
  • DecomposingTree

    the rest of that boiler room show was terrible but frank & tony were great. going to a boiler room tomorrow with Bookworms, Person of Interest and Gavin Russom, should be cool

    Igår 00:46 Svara
  • aquajitsu

    I get huge DJ Sprinkles vibes from Butterfly Effect (the track)

    3 mar 21:00 Svara
  • aquajitsu

    I knew Frank & Tony were real when they dropped a Da Kine track in that Boiler Room. More people need to know about the magic that is Driftwood.

    3 mar 21:00 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    Max, I'll have to watch that BR set! The Frank & Tony album is fantastic, I can only imagine how good that was. also: Minutes of Sleep slowly grew on me to become one of my favorite albums last year... that final bonus track's annoying tone notwithstanding.

    3 mar 18:54 Svara
  • optimistic_tour

    The title track is one of the warmest, most fun techno tracks all year for sure. I just think.. try it in the vinyl order and it's just a much more satisfying album experience. Bonus Break is good but it feels redundant after hearing Zone 2, so I don't mind it missing from the LP - and the two Waste Land tracks make a great lull before the title track at the end.

    3 mar 18:53 Svara
  • iacus123

    The best tracks from that album are among the best from last year

    3 mar 15:52 Svara
  • iacus123

    I still don't really like the Waste Land tracks but leaving off Bonus Break and Free Access Zone 8 from the lp seems like a mistake

    3 mar 15:04 Svara
  • post-wizardry

    A collection of tracks that could've benefitted from a different order in which these tracks were presented. Just because those tracks weren't conceived with an album context in mind doesn't mean that sequencing doesn't matter when you eventually do compile them in album format.

    3 mar 05:57 Svara
  • helloimjoshua

    yea the ylayali album is good, check that out for sure. my fav thing from max's label so far

    3 mar 05:05 Svara
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