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Skapad den: 8 sep 2009
We focus (but are not limited to) emo, post-emo, post-hardcore, post-punk, post-rock, indie-rock, punk, and, hardcore. We are here to discuss all great music .

Here is a basic idea of how the group will work:

Emo will be the jumping off point of the group. We will all be united under our enjoyment of at least one of the various sounds of genuine, non-commercialized Emo. However we will be talking about more than just Emo. All types of music that encompass the underground community will be discussed. The focus is (but not limited to) emo, post-emo, post-hardcore, post-punk, post-rock, indie-rock, punk, and hardcore. Do not be afraid to bring up quality music that has broken through to the mainstream.

We want this group to be a community where everyone feels comfortable posting in the discussions and shout box. Just because you know the most obscure emo/punk rock band who released one seven inch in 1993 does not mean you are the coolest guy EVER. Please no bullying. Internet Trolls are not welcome. We want this group to be knowledgeable, but let's not let the pretension level get too high.

You must apply for this group, and we do not enjoy denying applications. In fact, we want as many quality contributing members as possible. However, we also want solid charts. Your applications will be evaluated on a case by case basis. There is no one set of rules. You will be evaluated based on your charts and what they bring to the group. If you bring quality music you will be accepted.

Your Fearless Leaders:

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  • arilitt

    The new Empire Empire is killer.

    5 sep 06:15 Svara
  • iamyates

    Joyce Manor and Braid are good. Tigers Jaw is okay, didn't really give much of a listen to the new Empire stuff though.

    31 aug 04:56 Svara
  • arilitt

    New Joyce Manor, New Empire empire, New Braid, New Tigers Jaw

    22 aug 08:19 Svara
  • iamyates

    i've seen iron chic twice, once opening for lifetime, and again headlining. the show where they headlined was ten times better. I also saw paint it black recently and they were great. As far as the Descendents, i almost saw them at riot fest a couple years back and it was cancelled due to weather conditions. So i'm definitely looking forward to that.

    2 maj 08:08 Svara
  • arilitt

    @Yates I have seen Descendents (Good, but Milo is getting a bit old, he has a band back), You Blew, Mikey Erg, HWM, Glocca Morra, Lifetime, Empire Empire, Paint It Black, and Lemuria live. They are all great. I have never seen Tiny Moving Parts, Iron Chic, or Spraynard. Let me know how they are live.

    2 maj 03:45 Svara
  • arilitt

    @Poxpotz I say Mineral is the way to go.

    2 maj 03:37 Svara
  • gearheartt

    yates, sounds good. if want to meet up that friday, just send arilitt (he'll be there as well) or myself some sort of contact info. that offer also applies for anyone in the group.

    30 apr 19:09 Svara
  • iamyates

    im most psyched for THE DESCENDENTS, mineral, you blew it, rozwell kid, mikey erg, HWM, glocca morra, empire empire, lifetime, lemuria, tiny moving parts.... but there's so many other great bands playing like iron chic, spraynard (seeing them next month), paint it black.... i could go on..

    29 apr 22:00 Svara
  • iamyates

    yeah im going to the one on the 10th... i think thats the friday show...

    29 apr 21:51 Svara
  • poxpotz

    I'm probably also going to THE FEST. It's a little far from where I live, but it's totally worth it. Some say that AF will be playing there. Which bands would you recommend?

    29 apr 15:36 Svara
  • gearheartt

    yates, are you going to the friday one? if so, we should all meet up

    29 apr 13:15 Svara
  • iamyates

    I'm going to fest (mineral) and the AF new york show. STOKED!

    29 apr 07:00 Svara
  • arilitt

    Mineral Reunion! American Football Reunion!

    28 apr 20:09 Svara
  • gearheartt

    ;ljkasdlkjasdlfk AMERICAN FUSBOL REUNION!!!!!

    28 apr 13:30 Svara
  • iamyates


    23 apr 16:39 Svara
  • iamyates

    are any of you guys part of any facebook groups that are good? I'm in the twinkle daddies and US emo/screamo groups that are pretty active...

    18 apr 18:59 Svara
  • arilitt

    La Dispute, Gameface, Cloud Nothings, and Owls have new LPs out.

    3 apr 02:20 Svara
  • Guga_Ramone

    Brazilian emo - Josh Making Songs: https://joshmakingsongs.bandcamp.com/

    28 feb 01:06 Svara
  • RiverCityRay

    Oh yeah. The Owen version is great too.

    15 feb 16:16 Svara
  • gearheartt

    excellent choice, rivercity. as for go-to heartbreak song.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV0LJ0Dnl7A is by far #1 for me. the words don't get much more from-the-heart. hurts so good.

    14 feb 21:38 Svara
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