• New music discoveries in 2014

    3 dec 2014, 17:37 av VladdaMeer

    That is, definitely, band from Russia Радость Моя and band MERCI LA NUIT. I was lucky, so I got limited edition vinyl of MERCI LA NUIT mini album titled Merci La Nuit. And who knows, maybe in the future I will have album of Радость Моя as well.

    I hope, in the future we all can hear more from this two excellent bands, refreshment of the artistic music scene. :)
  • Ultimae - ASURA [ Radio Universe ] Out now

    6 nov 2014, 09:03 av Ultimae

    Radio Universe, the fourth album by French composer Charles Farewell aka Asura to be released on Ultimae, presents a renewed vision of the seventies legacy.

    This musical odyssey sends one drifting and spiralling through deep bass drones and multi-layered synth pads contrasted by the classic downtempo tracks the artist is famously known for.

    A modern echo to the works of Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and Vangelis floats all over the ten tracks of this galactic journey which will stand as a warp in music history and certainly a transition in Asura's discography.

    All tracks written & produced by Charles Farewell.
    Except 'Farscape 7', written and produced by Charles Farewell & Ayten Studio 777 | France
    Mastering by Vincent VilluisUltimae Studio (France).
    inre057 - (C) & (P) 2014 Ultimae

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    The Ultimae Team
    Ultimae Records
  • Zastranienie - Danse Macabre

    3 nov 2014, 20:51 av zastranienie

  • Youth Sonic - Cara Ternak Kecoa (How To Cockroach Farming)

    19 okt 2014, 08:50 av gooodit

    Youth Sonic - Cara Ternak Kecoa (How To Cockroach Farming)

    FOR LISTEN: Click Here

    The basic idea in this work is a cockroach, or have properties of very resistant to a nuclear of radiation and a complication of modern human mental which is called Alienation. This first series is discussing a fictional profession that is "The Insects Trainer", where the artist thinks the profession is very promising in the future.

    "I'm sure someday earth and lives became extinct. I'm view in the future, the humans will be competing to be the cockroach".


    Draft and concept by Aditya Fachrizal Hafiz aka @Gooodit from Jakarta, Java Island – Indonesia.
    Recorded and Narrated by Bron Zelani aka @bronzEngobrain
    Translator by Old Bule

    Ican Harem as himself and his true testimony.
    Abrams Gobrams as a cockroach entrepreneur testimony’s voice.

    Text narration typed, re-cut and rescued from internet mixed with Bron Zelani’s head.

    Made in zEtudio at Denpasar, Bali Island – Indonesia.
    Printed and Publish by Cut and Rescue, Jakarta - Indonesia.

    This audio was included in one package with T-Shirt "Youth Sonic - Pelatih Serangga".

    Developed and Exhibited by @CutandRescue at The Bigest Indonesian Fine Arts Exhibition Manifesto No.4 "Keseharian" - Mencandra Tanda Masa, at Indonesian National Gallery, 20 May - 7 June 2014.

    Find those person by typing the name on Google search engine. |
  • Ultimae - ASURA [ Radio Universe ] Coming Soon...

    9 okt 2014, 10:05 av Ultimae

    Radio Universe, the fourth album by French composer Charles Farewell aka Asura to be released on Ultimae, presents a renewed vision of the Seventies Space Music legacy.

    Available on 21st October 2014 in CD deluxe format (+ limited edition of postcards for the first 500 orders), you can already discover and reserve your copy. By advance, thanks for your precious support.

    All tracks written & produced by Charles Farewell.
    Except 'Farscape 7', written and produced by Charles Farewell & Ayten.
    Studio 777 | France
    Mastering by Vincent Villuis – Ultimae Studio (France).
    inre057 - (C) & (P) 2014 Ultimae
    CD & Digital Release date : 21th October 2014
    All other platforms : 28th Octobre 2014

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    The Ultimae Team
    Ultimae Records
  • Zastranienie - Prism

    28 sep 2014, 21:32 av zastranienie

  • Kevin Dellinger 2014 Update

    18 sep 2014, 23:13 av ilikecokekd

    It has been a while since I have made an update on I will update you on some changes. The official website,, is up and running. It took some time to complete. However, the website is fully functional and updated with all of Kevin Dellinger music. There are also other links to Kevin Dellinger visual art and ebooks. You can listen to the whole Discography of Kevin Dellinger by visiting -

    Many of my albums are available through other online vendors.
    cdbaby -
    BandCamp -
    Google Play -

    I am using cdbaby for my music distribution to get my music on iTunes, Spotify, and other major music retail stores. So far I only have 5 albums in major online retail stores. However, all of my albums are for sell on my website and bandcamp - Soon, cdbaby will have all of my albums as well. It is a slow process to get my music distributed fully on all of the websites. I have my album pages on my website fully integrated to give you maximum possibilities for purchasing.

    "Dance in Dream Time" is my new dance album. The recordings were completed in August of 2014. I plan on releasing this album on iTunes in November 2014. Like I said earlier I am updating my discography on the cdbaby store. I have also updated my music on Please scrobble my music on the website. Share my music with your friends.

    You can connect with me on my website. All of the social networking buttons are there so you can find me all over the internet. Important links like SoundCloud, ReverbNation, Grooveshark, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube - All of these can be found on my official website Home Page.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this update.
  • Ambient & Electronica by Michael Brückner - an update

    21 aug 2014, 13:54 av BruecknerSound

    Dear electronica fans,

    after a rather long absence from LastFM (may have been three years or even more) I'd like to report what happened in the meanwhile in my musical world.

    Since this has been quite a lot, I'll try to keep everything as brief as I can, rather hinting with some links at single events; if anyone should have any further questions, I'll be happy to elaborate in detail on anything, if requested...

    For those who don't remember me here (...or never heard of me in the first place) a brief introduction:

    I'm composing, producing and performing electronic music since 1992. While the center of my creative output is certainly ambient / atmospheric electronica, I've also streched out to any other electronic style I can think of, for example dance, drum'n'bass, new age, electro, Berlin School (space music), or those new names for old shoes like psychill, psybient or psytrance - but also pop, rock, jazz, even metal - and more. All in all, most of my albums feature an ecclectic mix of styles, and it's rather difficult to pin my stuff down to any specific genre.
    Maybe I can add that some listeners (and reviewers) compared some of my music to Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Klaus Schulze, or Future Sound of London, Underworld, sometimes even Aphex Twin and Mouse on Mars (all of which indeed are artists I'm very fond of...).

    During the past 22 years I have created more than one hundred (that's 100 ;-) ) albums (and full lenght albums at that - meaning at least 70 minutes, then again some are actually sets ranging between two and ten (!) hours of music...).

    Most of my music is self-released (You can still order any of my albums directly from me...). More recently, I'm happy to also have released some projects on different labels.

    An overview over most of my output can actually be found here on LastFM (last update was in late 2012 so far, but I'll maybe do another soon...):

    Michael Brückner - the (almost) complete catalogue

    Many of my albums also are on LastFM, and (still) most of them are pre-listenable from here (although I might change that as I will rerelease them via Bandcamp in the future...). See here:

    Michael Brückner

    OK, now where to start with what happened...?

    First of all, after many years of being laregly a very obscure artist with only the tiniest bit of followers, I've finally started to be recognized on a (slightly) larger scale; some landmarks that made me evident for me (for example) were:

    - being nominated twice for the Schallwelle-Award, a German award for electronic music; I didn't win, however reached number three twice, in the category "best album national" in 2013 and "best musician / act national" in 2014 (referring to the previous year always...) - actually doing better than some famous acts like Schiller or Klaus Schulze...

    - having one of my tracks inlcuded to the large Pete Namlook tribute CD box "Die Welt ist Klang" on CarpeSonum Records

    - receiving positive reviews, or interviews / features on various webzines, or even print magazines

    - being invited for collaborations with many artists, resulting in some long-term musical partnerships, like with drummer Tommy Betzler, noteably for his early 80ies electronic prog band P'Cock and his work with electronic pioneer Klaus Schulze on several large live events (plus, in more recent years, drumming in Tangerine Dream member Thorsten Quaeschning's project "Picture Palace Music")

    Then I'd like to highlight some album releases (not all, though) since 2012, in (more or less) chronological order; I'll link to YouTube trailers (as far as they exist), otherwise to Bandcamp (from where usually a preview file, and sometimes even whole albums, are streamable...):

    One Hundred Million Miles Under The Stars (2012)

    Eleventh Sun (2012)

    Naura (2013)

    In Letzter Konsequenz (2013)

    Thirteen Rites Of Passage (2014)

    Ombra - Revisited (2014)

    This release (a limited edition of 100 copies) actually includes my first ever industrially pressed CD - among other items... can find more releases on Bandcamp, and more music on YouTube.

    From mid 2012 on also live performances became more regular (especially in 2013); here are some clips, again in chronological order (length and sound/video quality varies, but I think they at least will give You an idea...):

    RaumZeit Festival Dortmund, 2012

    Ambient Performance at BetterLife Akademie, 2013
    (...the whole of it, in two parts, actually)

    Live performance at Ritter Butzke (a club in Berlin), 2013
    (, that was an especially cool evening)

    Live performance at the church St. Peter, Frankfurt, 2014

    Finally, some links to reviews and articles about my music...

    Entry at (including two recent reviews...):

    Article / review on

    Interview on Headphonaught's Nanolog:

    Review / interview on Synth Caresses:

    Entry on WikiPedia (German only):

    Entry on Discogs:


    Well - this much for now; I'm aware it's much indeed, however please keep in mind that I had to make up for a long time, and in that time, there happened a lot.

    Actually, as much as I've put in here - it's only part of all that happened, and I could write at great length on many of those points at which I've just hinted here...

    In any case:

    Thanks a lot for Your attention, and if You've listenend to some of the music, I hope You did enjoy it!
  • F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay - "Løvstakken: a Sonorized Environmental Report"

    30 jul 2014, 21:31 av Entropiste

    From <R.i.p.> Anaemic Waves Factory stock still a few copies available for this F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay very limited Collector's Edition (only 21 pro-printed cdr-s in special oversize packaging) of "Løvstakken" album (published in standard edition by Dark Vinyl in 2001, limited to 700 copies): harmoniously composed by field-recording done on the namesake mountain during author's stay in Norway, processings of those recordings and music inspired by the sensations he felt through the memories of those days. Naturalistic ambient meets esoteric dark ambient and 70's Kraut electronics in an album which declares the human smallness lost in the embrace the Great Mother offers.

    Some audio-video excerpts here:

    Some live video versions here:

    Author's still available releases on Bandcamp:

    Anaemic Waves Factory tribute page (the url's sure, don't worry):

    ...and official Facebook group:
  • CIRCULAR [ Moon Pool ] | Ultimae - Out now !

    10 jul 2014, 08:15 av Ultimae

    Embark upon Moon Pool, let the float begin…
    Bjarte Andreassen and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik invite you in a pure ambient story in 8 chapters. An album that will drive you further and deeper into sound. At times evanescent, ethereal, at times on a rolling ride. Subtle blend of synthesis and organic instrumentations, Circular’s new album reveals the artists’ cross-genre inspirations, from the ballad, to minimalistic glide and the ambidrum’n’bass collaboration with Vincent Villuis / Aes Dana. Delightful and astonishing!

    Moon Pool is the third album on Ultimae by the Norwegian duo, who previously released on Origo Sound, famous for the Biosphere albums, and section records under moniker Molefonk. Thought out and conceived with an ear to refined details, it will stand as a landmark in Bjarte and Jostein’s musical production.

    Format : CD booksleeve 3 parts + 16 pages booklet + postcards + bookmarks
    Mastering by Bjarte Andreassen & Vincent Villuis – Ultimae Studio (France).
    Artwork design by Vincent Villuis.
    Reference number : inre070

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    The Ultimae Team
    Ultimae Records