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If you like or love this Doctor join us.

Dr. Elliot Reid is an endocrinology expert working in a private practice out of New Sacred Heart Hospital.


* Apple related things
* Bel Biv DeVoe
* Being Independent
* Orange Soda
* PacMan
* Red Wine more than White Wine
* The Honey Festival
* U2
* Babies
* J.D.
* Janitor
* Bunnies
* Ponies
* When her significant other says "intercourse" in a flirty way


* Cats
* Liberals
* Her eyebrows
* Small hands
* Someone talking to her while they are on the toilet
* Someone talking to her while SHE is on the toilet.
* Swearing or sex-related words
* Camping (after seeing the Blair Witch Project and the fact that a wolf mounted her)
* Her vagina
* Her feet/toes
* Thongs (she revealed to Carla that she has a hard time sitting down while wearing them).
* Her camel-butt
* Redheads ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1")


* Dr. Appropriate (Robert Kelso) ("My Absence")
* Dr. Whore (Robert Kelso)
* Bangs McCoy (John Dorian) ("My Ocardial Infarction")
* Bankfarter
* Barbie (Perry Cox)
- Backbone Barbie
- Barb (Perry Cox) ("My Conventional Wisdom")
- Barb-I (Perry Cox) ("My Hypocritical Oath")
- Barbacious (Perry Cox) (My Faith In Humanity)
- Barbidiot (Perry Cox) ("My Scrubs")
- Barboo (Perry Cox) ("My Scrubs")
- Bitch-Slap Barbie from Connecticut
- Dr. Barbie (Perry Cox) ("My Old Lady")
- Feisty Barbie
- Hypocrite Barbie
- Private Practice Barbie
* Blonde Doctor (Janitor)
* Cookie (Perry Cox) ("My Old Lady")
* Camel Butt (Perry Cox) ("Her Story")
* CDC - Crying drunk chick (Elliot's sorority club)
* Elliot Reid, Moment Killer
* Elliot Reid, Tramp
* Gingy (Elliot's super sensitive neurotic side)
* Dr. Leverage (Perry Cox) ("My Brother, My Keeper")
* Mary (Perry Cox) ("My Nightingale")
* Marcy (self)
* Mole-butt
* Marshmallow (Laverne Roberts) ("My Blind Date")
* Nancy (Elliot's wild side)
* Nilla Wafer (Carla Espinosa) ("My Interpretation")
* Pig Whore (Keith Dudemeister)
- Stupid skanky pig whore
- Skanky Straw-haired pig whore
* Precious (Perry Cox) ("My Blind Date")
* Rapunzel (Perry Cox) ("My Nickname")
* Dr. Reeks-of-Beer (Robert Kelso) ("My Absence")
* Roller Moler ("My Lips Are Sealed")
* Sad Clown
* Skank (Katie Collins) ("My ABC's")
* Smelliot (John Dorian) ("My Friend the Doctor")
* Stick (Jordan Sullivan)
* Stresident
* The Walrus (John Dorian) ("Our Stuff Gets Real")
* Twinky (Jordan Sullivan) ("My Last Day")
* Vagina Face (Todd Quinlan) ("My Friend the Doctor")
* Dr. Whatever-the-Hell-Your-Name-Is (Robert Kelso) ("My Mentor")
* Whore
* Wife-Face (John Dorian) ("Our Stuff Gets Real")

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