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Scrobble the tracks you play to Last.fm

If it doesn’t scrobble, it doesn’t count!

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  • genghisnyc

    Anyone figured out how to scrobble from Apple Music off your phone? CloudScrob isn't working.

    3 timmar sedan Svara
  • RockandMetalGuy

    Wheres the PS3 1 at

    Igår 10:33 Svara
  • Kmiyoo


    28 jun 23:47 Svara
  • smileywill

    my spotify doesn't scrobble anymore wtf, don't know what to do

    28 jun 17:14 Svara
  • ozilayo


    26 jun 17:23 Svara
  • Shlyahten

    La la la la laaaaa lalalalalalala alalalalalalalalal al al la la la lallaal la la lalla la al lal la la lal l lal la ll la l la alah akbar

    26 jun 08:31 Svara
  • Krister_Lund

    Scrobbling with Jet Audio for Android works again, changed to an alternate scrobbler called "Last.fm for android" by a developer called santi rivera and now it scrobbles just fine.

    24 jun 09:51 Svara
  • dcmano

    jetaudio isnt in ?

    23 jun 21:07 Svara
  • iteisaburo

    Rocket Player for Android is not scrobbling anymore since the last app update. Nice redesign, but poor performance.

    23 jun 19:06 Svara
  • Krister_Lund

    Since a few days back it seems that Jet Audio for Android doesn't scrobble anymore, and yes i have the last.fm app installed.

    23 jun 16:37 Svara
  • XenoRage


    21 jun 01:11 Svara
  • areooo


    20 jun 21:36 Svara
  • Samson-91

    How do you set up for VLC?

    20 jun 19:56 Svara
  • danilis_


    20 jun 13:14 Svara
  • Splint3r

    Can anyone explain why I can't scrobble from Youtube anymore? Anyone know how to fix it? [3]

    19 jun 23:31 Svara
  • volke_ryuza

    steam pls

    19 jun 21:11 Svara
  • madlynx2

    What the hell is scrobbling??? (Sorry, haven't been on the internet for 3 days) Urban dictionary: "When Last.fm automatically sends the name of each song played by audio player, they call this “scrobbling.”". sends it where? Dictionary.com: "(of an online music service) to record a listener's musical preferences and recommend similar music that he or she might enjoy" Huh? Netlingo.com: "To "scrobble" a song means that when you listen to it, the name of the song is sent to a Web site (for example, Last.fm) and added to your music profile.." So basically, scrobbling means allowing and even helping strangers track my activities and invade my privacy, kind'a like trackers. I've got half a dozen browser add-ons, anti-spyware utilities, and a firewall to prevent that. So let me rephrase my shout: "Why the f..k would I want to scrobble"?

    19 jun 07:48 Svara
  • Anomalyru


    17 jun 10:59 Svara
  • rodrigo0013


    15 jun 18:24 Svara
  • GMRgamera


    15 jun 07:18 Svara
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