• Been Distant!!

    9 aug 2014, 14:03 av FreakWithinMe

    Been a little distant from Last.FM but today I had a quiet day so have been playing around on the website and I've fell back in Love with it, so I guess I'll be around more often :D
  • Do you really think's similar artists are accurate?

    22 okt 2013, 14:25 av maplejet

    Hello world.

    You really think so? Then take a look at these so-called similar artists found on each of the following artists among the first 50 artists listed:

    Metallica - System of a Down, Slipknot, Godsmack, KoRn, Disturbed, Rammstein, The Offspring, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Apocalyptica, Alice in Chains, Bullet For My Valentine, Lamb of God, Stone Sour, Nirvana, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, Deep Purple, Nightwish

    --You really think nu metal like KoRn and Slipknot sound the same? When was Pink Floyd known for making headbashing tunes? I never knew Offspring was a metal band. I didn't know Metallica had harsh vocals like Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, and In Flames! I didn't know Metallica had rap vocals like Limp Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine. And I most certainly think Led Zeppelin is a true metal band since thrash and heavy metal is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says Led Zeppelin

    The Offspring - Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Nickelback, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Rage Against the Machine, AC/DC, KoRn, Bullet For My Valentine, 3 Doors Down, Disturbed, Hollywood Undead, Slipknot, Guano Apes, P.O.D., In Flames, Serj Tankian, Dope, Breaking Benjamin, Static-X, NIrvana, DragonForce, Puddle of Mudd, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Rammstein

    --So wait, I'm supposed to believe that the nu metal craze of the 90s featured The Offspring? I'm supposed to believe Offspring played funk rock music like RHCP. I'm supposed to believe Offspring is a rap-oriented group like RATM, LP, and Hollywood Undead? A post-grunge outfit LIKE FUCKING NICKELBACK? In Flames did punk rock or pop punk? This is news to me!!!

    Nirvana - Sex Pistols, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Guns N' Roses, The White Stripes, Ramones, System of a Down, Joy Division, Korn, The Beatles, Queens of the Stone Age, Pink Floyd, Green Day, Marilyn Manson

    Gee, Nirvana is hard rock like Led Zeppelin. And they play psychedelic music like Pink Floyd and The Doors...obviously the Beatles and their happy pop and rock and roll is similar to Nirvana and their negative creep grunge sounds. And obviously it's nu metal since it's similar to KoRn and SOAD (I consider SOAD part of the nu metal scene but not as a nu metal band).

    And there's more out there. This is all thanks to the brilliant formula for finding similar artists. Congratulations, if you love Guns N' Roses, you will love Nirvana (and vice versa).
  • Seen Alive

    15 apr 2012, 22:22 av Dougkanisso

    Known Bands:
    Massacration - 07/17/2011 - Rock Hero - Duque de Caxias - RJ
    Ratos de Porão - 08/21/2011 - Rock Hero - Duque de Caxias - RJ
    Sirenia - 11/02/2011 - Rock Hero - Duque de Caxias - RJ
    Detonator (Massacration) + Kiko Loureiro (Solo) - 06/17/2012 - Rock Hero - Duque de Caxias - RJ

    Underground Bands:
    D.A.D. (Death After Death) (Grindcore/Death Metal) - 04/07/2012 - Metanoia - Bonsucesso - RJ
    In Khaos (Grindcore) - 04/07/2012 - Metanoia - Bonsucesso - RJ
    Fokismo (Hardcore) - 04/07/2012 - Metanoia - Bonsucesso - RJ
    Dreadnox (Speed Metal) - 06/17/2012 - Rock Hero - Duque de Caxias - RJ
    Athena (Speed/Gothic Metal) - 06/17/2012 - Rock Hero - Duque de Caxias - RJ

    Coming soon. more bands =)

    (As datas estão no "formato" gringo, para facilitar a visualização deles)
  • Ranking albumów wydanych w 2011 roku /Albums rating released in 2011

    29 dec 2011, 10:58 av mati10_deli10


    (0 - 1.9) SŁABY\ POOR ALBUM


    (2.6 - 3.5) NIEZŁY\ QUITE NICE

    (3.6 - 4.4) DOBRY\ GOOD

    (4.5 - 4.9) BARDZO DOBRY\ VERY GOOD


    . Red - Until We Have Faceless


    . Times of Grace - The Hymn Of A Broken Man


    . Trivium - In Waves


    . Machine Head - Unto The Locust


    . Staind - Staind


    . Fair to Midland - Arrows& Anchors


    . Hollywood Undead - American Tragedy


    . Foo Fighters - Wasting Light


    . Rise Against - Endgame


    . The Sammus Theory - Trusting The Liar


    . NeraNature - Foresting Wounds


    . The Human Abstract - Digital Veil


    . Ghost Brigade - Until Fear No Longer Defines Us


    . Evanescence - Evanescence


    . Ocean - Wojna Świń


    . Scar Symmetry - The Unseen Empire


    . Textures - Dualism


    . Dead by April - Incomparable


    . Seether - Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray


    . World Under Blood - Tactical


    . Cold - Superfiction


    . Five Finger Death Punch - American Capitalist


    . Allele - Next To Parallel


    . Egypt Central - White Rabbit


    . Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra


    . Sum 41 - Screaming Bloody Murder


    . Polkadot Cadaver - Sex Offender


    . In Flames - Sounds Of A Playground Fading


    . Chevelle – Hats Off To The Bull


    . Theory of a Deadman - The Truth Is...


    . blink-182 - Neighborhoods


    . Within Temptation - The Unforgiving


    . Saliva - Under Your Skin

  • Revamping the similar artists formula, Part II

    2 jan 2012, 05:27 av maplejet

    Last Saturday, I discussed the issues with the current similar artist formula...especially Metallica being top 10 in similarity with The Offspring (like what?).

    Well, since then, I put my programming skills to work and well, I built a little program to test to see it would work with other artists. Results were noticed on several bands/artists as their similar artists over went a make over. However, it did lead to new problems as I tried testing it out super-mainstream acts including our favorite band...Radiohead.

    Rage Against the Machine showed up as a similar artist.

    ...well, apparently. Radiohead's top 250 similar artists currently are all over the place in random genres. A bigger batch of similar artists would be needed to get the best results, but the question my new formula better. I'm going to show you some examples of artists top 25 similar artists...before, and after. You guys make the decision.

    Oh, you don't remember the formula? Very well...time for a quick summary
    *First, grab all 250 similar artists for Artist A. Obtain them in the given order.
    *Next, for each similar artist starting with the one with the highest original rank, look at the first 3 tag and count how many of the tags are similar to the tags in Artist A. Resort based on this. You should end up with 4 groups starting from top (matches all 3 tags, matches 2 tags, matches 1 tag, matches no tags)
    *Next, break the ties by resorting each group based on matches among the first 4 tags (which will spawn even more groups)
    *Then finally, re-sort again, this time on the top 5 tags. If there are still ties, break the ties based on their original rank.

    It's a lot of technical and algorithm stuff that is complicated for the average user, so I won't go that deep. See my example in the first journal entry here for an example with The Offspring (though I work a little backwards here).

    Also, I have banned several are some of them
    *Tags that are the same as the artist - not all have been banned, but the common ones have been (ex: for Red Hot Chili Peppers). These tags simply group together projects involving members of a band...but really, they may not have the same style.
    *Tags referring to geographical locations..., , , . The geographical location doesn't make sense at all. I haven't gotten into geo-genre tags much yet as they may require research before banning (some countries may have a genre as a specific style).
    *Decade tags. Similar artists do not have to reside in the same decade. If there's a Led Zeppelin clone playing the exact same style of music today that Zep played in the 60s and 70s, then perhaps they should be similar.
    *Nonsense pretty much know them..., , , , ....they don't reflect a genre or style
    *The tag. To be honest, this tag was holding a lot of stuff back, especially those that are also alternative rock. This tag is incredibly abused as well to hell, so I dropped that tag. Still no decision on the tag...I'll have to run a few more tests through different artists to make that decision.

    So there you go...the banned tags. I'll go through several examples...these are the top 20 artists, before and after.


    Thom Yorke
    Johnny Greenwood
    Sigur Rós

    Arcade Fire

    Grizzly Bear
    The National

    Joy Division
    Massive Attack
    Pink Floyd
    The Horrors

    #1 Placebo
    #2 Pixies
    #3 R.E.M.
    #4 The White Stripes
    #5 Incubus
    #6 Weezer
    #7 Blur
    #8 Coldplay
    #9 Kasabian
    #10 Arctic Monkeys

    #11 Oasis
    #12 The Verve
    #13 The Last Shadow Puppets
    #14 Suede
    #15 Primal Scream
    #16 Manic Street Preachers
    #17 Muse
    #18 Arcade Fire
    #19 The National
    #20 The Strokes

    I'm not sure about both lists. Radiohead seems to really have only one similar artist...themselves. But which one is closest?

    Lets do another punk rock band other than The Offspring. How about Rise Against


    Sum 41
    Billy Talent
    A Day to Remember

    Strike Anywhere
    The Offspring
    Breaking Benjamin
    Three Days Grace
    Bullet for My Valentine

    Story of the Year
    Papa Roach
    Bad Religion

    3 Doors Down

    Ugh...I could just puke to hell if I'm told most of these bands are similar...

    #1 Strung Out
    #2 Nations Afire
    #3 A Wilhelm Scream
    #4 Last of the Believers
    #5 Good Riddance

    #6 Only Crime
    #7 88 Fingers Louie
    #8 Satanic Surfers
    #9 Pulley
    #10 Much the Same

    #11 Strike Anywhere
    #12 Pennywise
    #13 Bad Religion
    #14 Propagandhi
    #15 No Fun at All

    #16 H2O
    #17 Polar Bear Club
    #18 AFI
    #19 No Use for a Name
    #20 Lagwagon

    Not only has every single non-punk rock band has been removed from the current list, but even mainstream punk rock bands like Sum 41 and The Offspring are also gone. The result? More melodic hardcore bands in the top 20. Strung Out is now the most similar. Sum 41 and The Offspring show up between #21-30. And Nickelback? A long way 139. This is probably the main reason why the tag was not removed.

    So, what about metal? How bout some Metallica?

    Iron Maiden

    Black Sabbath
    System of a Down
    Guns N' Roses

    Lou Reed & Metallica
    Machine Head
    Ozzy Osbourne

    Avenged Sevenfold
    The Offspring

    WHAT THE FUCK IS THE OFFSPRING DOING HERE? Literally. Well, for the most part, it looks OK with Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax on top first but...AC/DC, GNR...they sure may have been influenced by them, but would you really call them similar to Metallica? Would anyone even consider Slipknot or SOAD similar to Metallica either? Avenged Sevenfold?

    Let's see what our new formula has spawned:

    #1 MD.45
    #2 Black Tide
    #3 Megadeth
    #4 Anthrax
    #5 Testament

    #6 Acid Drinkers
    #7 Kat
    #8 Turbo
    #9 Iron Maiden
    #10 Black Sabbath

    #11 Motörhead
    #12 Ozzy Osbourne
    #13 Black Label Society
    #14 Dio
    #15 Bruce Dickinson

    #16 TSA
    #17 Lordi
    #18 Danzig
    #19 Steve Ouimette
    #20 Slayer

    Hmm...kind of strange here. Slayer actually dropped while Testament on the other hand arised. Now...MD.45 comes up #1...I dunno, many claim it's punk rock, but their top tags are thrash. But what the fuck are Acid Drinkers, Kat and Turbo? They're thrash metal bands from Poland. Both shared thrash metal and heavy metal tags with Metallica, thus the high ranking since thrash metal and heavy metal are also among Metallica's top tags too.

    Slayer only shared two tags (thrash metal, heavy metal) while the Polish metal bands shared all 3 (since was banned due to location). It's quite interesting to be honest. Similar artists are supposed to get us into new artists. Not sure if they're good or not, but perhaps you might wanna give a spin to those artists.

    What bout hip-hop? Let's take a random hip-hop artist....ok, Kanye West (I had to ban the tag in order to get similar artists).

    Jay-Z & Kanye West
    The Throne
    Kid Cudi
    Big Sean

    Lupe Fiasco
    Pusha T

    The Weeknd
    Kendrick Lamar
    Mr Hudson

    The Game
    Rick Ross
    Frank Ocean

    I dunno...but I kind of feel most of the similar artist are affiliated in some way to G.O.O.D. Music.

    #1 Diddy - Dirty Money
    #2 Chris Brown
    #3 Nelly
    #4 Nicki Minaj
    #5 Timbaland

    #6 Pharrell
    #7 Fonzworth Bentley
    #8 R. Kelly & Jay-Z
    #9 Mase
    #10 Puff Daddy & The Family

    #11 Drake
    #12 T-Pain
    #13 P. Diddy
    #14 Diddy
    #15 Twista

    #16 Bow Wow
    #17 Chris Brown & Tyga
    #18 Will Smith
    #19 Usher
    #20 R. Kelly it just me or did this get a little more on the poppy/rnb side (well Kanye did do more poppy stuff on the last 2 record). LOL at the different version of the guy known as Diddy on there (hip-hop, rap rnb, pop, soul were the top tags for Kanye West after other tags were dumped...including hip hop (duplicate tag for hip-hop), kanye west (for obvious reasons) and...GAY FISH. TBH, most people tend to consider Kanye as a good musician rather than an MC.

    One more example. I have also banned the because it referred to a radio format rather than a genre. One band I tested was Queen:

    Freddie Mercury
    Brian May
    Roger Taylor
    Queen + Paul Rodgers
    Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé

    The Cross
    Deep Purple
    Queen & David Bowie
    Led Zeppelin
    Pink Floyd

    Electric Light Orchestra
    The Who
    The Beatles

    Black Sabbath
    David Bowie

    Well...most of the top 10 consists of random Queen side projects. But do they play the same exact style...or even have a good discography to choose from? Queen & David Bowie only has one song of existence! And the next 10 artists...hmm...feels like Queen takes in a bit of those bands, but they aren't even similar to each other. What bout this new formula?

    #1 Slade
    #2 Sweet
    #3 Suzi Quatro
    #4 Queen + Paul Rodgers
    #5 Kiss
    #6 The Darkness
    #7 Mott the Hoople
    #8 Styx
    #9 Foreigner
    #10 Freddie Mercury

    #11 Roger Taylor
    #12 David Bowie
    #13 Alice Cooper
    #14 Bon Jovi
    #15 Heart
    #16 Jon Bon Jovi
    #17 L.A. Guns
    #18 Journey
    #19 Deep Purple
    #20 Led Zeppelin

    Well, most of the original British Invasion is gone...some of those arena rock bands though are now in (Styx, Foreigner, and Journey to be specific)...Alice Cooper is in, and he's considered glam rock which Queen sometimes goes into...not bad. Most of the Queen side projects are gone, and AC/DC and Aerosmith seems to belong somewhere else (got to go outside the top 30 to find them). The top band is Slade...based on their page, they seem to also incorporate glam rock and hard rock together. Same with Sweet as well. Remember Queen still has hard rock influences to their sound as well, which is why not all hard rock band on the original list are gone. Seems to feel like a better list IMO, but what about you?

    Well, I'm prolly going to go through more artists and search for more tags. Perhaps I could show you some more examples as well from other genres. It should be known that not all similar artists formulas are perfect. And there will always be artists that aren't similar at all.

    Remember, I'm only able to resort the original top 250 similar artists. If there are some that are clearly similar to the given artist, but not in that artist's top 250 similar artists, it may not be caught. IMO, this formula is better applied over a similar artist pool of more than 250...probably a lot more artists.

    So take a look and pass me some feedback...whether it be on a formula, tags to include, and perhaps ask me for a few examples.
  • Reviewing my 2011 New Release Purchases

    31 dec 2011, 20:30 av Ullic

    For the first time in many years, I actually bought quite a few (i.e. more than one) new releases in music in 2011. So, I figured this was an opportunity to add a new entry to my highly neglected journal page. Now obviously this is not going to be an extensive list of all of 2011's releases as it will include only the six that I bought. If you want a more extensive review of the year, you'll have to go to some other blog written by a pretentious music snob who thinks he knows everything. (I kid, I kid. I tease because I love.) Okay so without further ado, let's get started.

    First, with an honourary mention. Disturbed - The Lost Children is a 2011 release but is merely a collection of material previously released exclusively on movie soundtracks or other such compilations. As a big fan of the band, I was excited for this disc as I could now hear these tracks in my car and not only from my collection of mp3s on my laptop. Love it.

    Okay, so on to the actual 2011 releases of new material, in descending order.

    5. Chickenfoot - III
    This illogically-named second release from the supergroup is, honestly, a slight disappointment. There are some good rock songs here, don't get me wrong, but only a couple of the tracks really stand out, such as Up Next, Three And A Half Letters, and Big Foot. Frankly, I expected better from this collection of talent after their debut release a couple years ago.

    4. Big Sugar - Revolution Per Minute
    Big Sugar is BACK! Woohoo! After a long breakup where Gordie Johnson took off to Texas to do his thing with Grady (which also kicked ass, by the way) he finally came back to Canada and reformed the band he is best associated with. And their reunion album does not disappoint! All the songs are great and reminiscent of the characteristic style of Big Sugar of old. Standout tracks include Counterfeit Wings (Are Some Jive Ass Wings), LITTLE BIT A ALL RIGHT, There's No Tellin' Me, IF I WERE HEAVEN (TONIGHT)... hell, I could go on and list the entire album.

    3. MonkeyJunk - To Behold
    This blues trio from Ottawa has caught the attention of the international blues community and with good reason. Their second album is a fantastic follow-up to 2009's Tiger In Your Tank. The trio has thrown together more original material on this album, including only one cover this time around, and have added harmonised vocals to their repertoire. Tony D's guitar work is a joy to listen to and Steve Marriner remains a powerhouse on the harmonica. For evidence of that, look no further than the aptly named instrumental The Marrinator. Other favourites from the disc include Right Now, You Don't Know and Running In The Rain. Highly recommend both of MonkeyJunk's albums to any and all blues aficionados!

    2. Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
    Now this was a fun surprise. I was excited that the hip hop trio were releasing a new album, especially after MCA's recent bout with cancer, but honestly did not expect much from it. I was blown away! The disc has a bunch of really fun tracks, and there are no bad ones to drag the album down. Favourites include Make Some Noise, Ok, Funky Donkey and the awesome instrumental Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament. Welcome back, Beasties!

    And finally, my favourite release of 2011 is...

    1. Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events
    Those of you who know me will not be surprised with this selection. This album has not vacated my car's CD player since release day and I will talk about it to anyone who won't shut me up. Each time I spin this disc, I wish I could go back to October when I saw the band perform live in Montreal; it was such a fun day and night, filled with awesome jaw-dropping performances and newly formed friendships. Back to the album... John Petrucci's guitar, John Myung's bass, Jordan Rudess's keyboards, James LaBrie's vocals, and newcomer Mike Mangini's drums, they all come together flawlessly on most, if not all, of this album's tracks. From the opening track, On the Backs of Angels, and the anti-celebrity anthem Build Me Up, Break Me Down, to the all-out metal tracks like Breaking All Illusions and Bridges in the Sky, to the haunting ballad, Beneath the Surface. Not a bad track to be found on this disc. Nothing gets skipped and many get repeated... often! Definitely my favourite album of the year!

    So that's it. Thanks for reading!
  • Revamping the similar artists formula.

    25 dec 2011, 19:45 av maplejet

    As you've noticed the last several years, similar artists for bands/artists have gotten worse and more unreasonable. Especially if you keep reading on and on through the top similar artists for each artist. The one that has been baffling me for a while is The Offspring, a punk rock band that's not extreme or (though they do have influences and sounds at times). In fact, as of 12/25/2011, these are their top 50 similar artists in order:

    Sum 41
    Rise Against
    Bad Religion
    Billy Talent
    Green Day

    Papa Roach
    System of a Down
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Rage Against the Machine

    Bloodhound Gang
    Limp Bizkit
    3 Doors Down
    Farben Lehre
    Dropkick Murphys

    Iron Maiden
    Drowning Pool
    Pidżama Porno
    Bullet for My Valentine
    Rob Zombie

    Bowling for Soup
    Good Charlotte
    Guano Apes
    Flogging Molly
    Tenacious D
    Foo Fighters
    Three Days Grace

    You guys can puke now. The current formula is based on what people of Offspring listen to more often. But seriously...we know this. If one person listens to two bands, those two bands aren't necessarily similar...especially The Offspring to Metallica. The Offspring to Nickelback. The Offspring to AC/DC (seriously...). The Offspring to System of a Down...The Offspring to Disturbed and Godsmack (seriously...?) The Offspring to Slipknot, KoRn, and Limp Bizkit (when has The Offspring ever been nu metal?). And worse yet, The Offspring to Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Bullet For My Valentine, DragonForce, Rob Zombie...are we supposed to believe that The Offspring is a heavy metal band?

    Anyone should know that this method isn't the best way to find a similar artist. It's not. Simple as follows. A topic on the forums discussed that and some people suggested that the bands/artists be determined by tag clouds. That could work, but a few believe that there could be problems, especially when taking the whole tag cloud as a whole and seeing a ton of hard rock and alternative bands become similar to the one artist (The Offspring in this case).

    Actually, there is another way I've been looking at, and it was a waste of several hours.

    What if we took the current list and re-sorted it based on just the top 5 tags, taking into account the order of the tags. Of course there are questionable tags like , , and for some reason, very frequently and (appears that The Offspring has a huge following in Poland), but for now, let's leave them here (already, the infamous tag was banned from the tag cloud).

    This is what I did...I grabbed the top 5 tags for every single band and resorted the list based on how many tags a band/artist shared those tags. Those that shared all 5 tags (in this case, , , , , ) came on the top followed by those that shared 4, then 3, and then 0. Here's how the top 20 now looked like:

    Billy Talent
    Alien Ant Farm
    Unwritten Law

    SHARED ONLY 4 TAGS (missing tag in paranthesis)
    Sum 41 (had , missing alternative rock)
    Bad Religion (had , missing alternative rock)
    Green Day (had pop punk, missing alternative rock)
    blink-182 (had pop punk, missing alternative rock)
    Bloodhound Gang (had , missing punk rock)
    Pidżama Porno (had , missing alternative rock)
    Bowling For Soup (had pop punk, missing alternative rock)
    Good Charlotte (had pop punk, missing alternative rock)
    AFI (had emo, missing alternative rock)
    SR-71 (had pop punk, missing alternative rock)
    Social Distortion (had rockabilly, missing alternative rock)
    No Use For a Name (had pop punk, missing alternative rock)
    +44 (had pop punk, missing alternative rock)
    Strachy Na Lachy (had polish, missing punk)

    As you can notice now, all of those metal and hard rock bands like Metallica, AC/DC, Nickelback, System of a Down, Disturbed and Godsmack....GONE from the top 20...actually they didn't even break the top 30 as well. What was more disturbing though was the high number of bands that didn't even share a single tag with The Offspring. These are some of the bands that you could hear when listening to The Offspring similar artists radio, and grab a bucket, you're about to puke, Justin Bieber is not there, but still...

    Bullet For My Valentine
    In Flames
    The Prodigy
    Children of Bodom
    Sonata Arctica
    Hollywood Undead
    All That Remains
    Blind Guardian
    Five Finger Death Punch
    Lacuna Coil
    As I Lay Dying
    Machine Head
    Judas Priest
    Sonic Syndicate
    A Day to Remember
    Within Temptation
    Fatboy Slim
    Alley Life

    Take a look guys...enjoy listening to all that metalcore, symphonic metal, power metal, heavy metal, electronica, nu metal, thrash metal, melodic death metal, and hip-hop stuff. According to right now, they are really similar artists to The Offspring (actually, all of them except for DF and BFMV come up as medium to low similarity to The Offspring). But seriously, a band that doesn't even share any of the top 5 tags with another band/artist has no reason even being on a list with that band. And there's literally a common thread with the bands/artists listed above. Most of them are pure metal to the point they don't even have a tag (I suspect Priest would get one if classic rock was barred though). Others like The Prodigy or Eminem are from electronica and hip-hop genres...and..really...I can't see a similarity with those bands to begin with.

    So there...we managed to filter in bands that are similar...but it's not over yet. Let's now resort the list again, but this time, only compare the top 4 tags for all artists/bands. Tiebreakers for this sort will be

    1). Number of tags shared when maximum 5 tags are used...
    2). Their original ranking on the old formula, higher goes first

    After the sort, the top 20 looks even more different:

    Billy Talent
    Alien Ant Farm

    Unwritten Law
    Sum 41
    Bad Religion
    Green Day

    Bloodhound Gang
    Bowling For Soup
    Good Charlotte
    Social Distortion

    No Use For a Name
    The Distillers
    Autopilot Off

    Well for the most part, the ordering has changed here. Some other bands now moved into the top 20 as there's more of a focus on the top 4 tags.

    Last but not least, I repeated the resort again, but only comparing the top 3 tags for all artists/bands using the same tiebreakers as before while adding another tiebreaker that takes greater precedence (basically the number of tags shared when the maximum tags is used at 3...followed by the 2 tiebreaker rules listed above). And here is the final product:

    #1 Killradio
    #2 Billy Talent
    #3 Unwritten Law
    #4 Sum 41
    #5 Green Day
    #6 AFI
    #7 Social Distortion
    #8 Ramones
    #9 Pezz
    #10 Bad Religion
    #11 blink-182
    #12 Bowling For Soup
    #13 Good Charlotte
    #14 No Use For a Name
    #15 +44
    #16 Sugarcult
    #17 The Distillers
    #18 Autopilot Off
    #19 Transplants
    #20 Pennywise

    Now where did Hoobastank and Alien Ant Farm go? Even though they shard all 5 tags as The Offspring, the ordering on both bands was different (rock, alternative rock, alternative, punk rock, punk), while with The Offspring, the ordering was (punk rock, punk, rock, alternative rock, alternative). As a result, the bands only shared 1 tag among the top 3 tags and ended up going below those that had at least 2 of The Offspring's top tags (punk rock, punk, rock).

    As for some of those disputed bands, Nickelback ended up coming in at #69. Much lower on the list, but still quite high as they did share 1 tag among the top 3 (rock). Also, remember we are re-ranking the top 250 bands artists and remember we are already dealing with a good 45 bands that have nothing in common with The Offspring. I do not know whether they strive to get the top 250 bands and cut off from there, or work out some weird formula there, but perhaps maybe they should apply the current formula to get a batch of even more artists, apply the above formula, and then just take the top 250 artists...honestly 250 might be too 200 perhaps? You could see a real shake up on many similar artists lists.

    Many mainstream bands like Metallica, Radiohead, Linkin Park and other bands could see a lot of shake-up too. There are still a few other unresolved issues, like will it actually pick up 100% similar artists? Red Hot Chili Peppers for example has their top tags as rock, alternative, and alternative rock. Didn't some of the bands listed above have those 3 tags as well? Are they really similar? But perhaps it could cut bands that aren't alternative to begin with, like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, etc...

    Another issue is potential abuse of tags. I'm talking about a bunch of wackos attempting to give something like Justin Bieber the now infamous tag (honestly though, 1 tag isn't really going to be enough and even identifying a brutal death metal band that a Justin Bieber fan listens too is going to be real difficult...especially if it doesn't share a pop or something. Moderators can assist with issues like that.

    Also, the removal of tags could have an effect on similar artists. If we remove something like 70s, 80s, swedish, female vocalists, and all those other tags, can we guarantee that the new tags will make things better, or make things worse? What about tags regarding the same thing (alternative is not the same as alternative rock, but hip-hop/hip hop/hiphop? Nu metal/nu-metal? alt-rock/alternative rock?)? Do we merge these tags into one? Or do these duplicates exist because there's no other major tag to classify them as? What about vague tags like "classic rock"? And abused tags like "alternative", "indie"? And bogus tags like "", "", ""? With cases like this, it's all trial and error then, but it's really something that can be done on the go and with the assistance of user feedback.

    There is one more thing I thought of regarding my suggested? Perhaps we could start sorting based on top tag for each artist, then by top 2 tags, then by top 3 tags, and all the way until the top 50th tag or something (and if an artist doesn't have a certain number of tags, TOO BAD :P). But that's something that would take a while to look at.

    Who knows, perhaps someone might create a widget tool based on this suggestion. But it is clearly a possibility to use instead of the current formula, which guarantees a ton of similar artists that have nothing to do with each other.
  • Metal is my life...

    14 aug 2011, 14:32 av damix199

    This is the best metal site in the world!

    Come on to the
  • Maplejet's thoughts - 02/08/2011 - Super Bowl Edition

    8 feb 2011, 06:46 av maplejet

    The Steelers got owned on Sunday...well, it came down to the wire. Lil Wayne was dancing and getting drunk, while Wiz Khalifia's fad song came to a crashing end. The cheese were out in full fashion, the terrible towels fell flat to the ground. Aaron Rodgers hoisted up his belt. Rumors indicate that it could be the start of a dynasty in Green Bay, a team not owned by a owner like Jerry Jones, but by the people of Green Bay.

    But...several other things happened in the music scene.

    Now Rise for the singing of the National Anthem

    First, the national anthem. Well, before that, some girl from Glee sang America the, I've had enough of the NFL always selecting people (mainly "good-looking" females) from music pop shows to do the national anthems and patriotic songs. And really, this rendition of America the Beautiful, uninspired. Seriously, this needs to stop now.

    But the real issue was Christina Aguilera's rendition of the national anthem. Yes, she missed a line. Stop making a big deal like you're a fucking stupid pretenious Radiohead fan always making a big deal of a dumb stupid fucking radio edit for the song Creep, which was just one fucking word. Grow up...ahem, back on topic. So yeah, she missed a word, Americans make a big deal about it. It's a mistake. A mistake. Sometimes, you're caught in the moment that you make a mistake like this. Let it go. She has sung a ton of national anthems in her career. It's just one mix-up. Let it go and focus on other things.

    Now without the mess-up, it still was a below average rendition of the National Anthem. And once again, we must wonder why of all people, she was selected to sing the national anthem. Honestly, someone from the Dallas area should have been the one singing the national anthem. The first super bowl in Dallas (neoliberals will call this the corporate greed bowl). But Christina Aguilera looked like a goddess after the Halftime show.

    Halftime Debuckle

    In the last journal entry, I mentioned how people were not thrilled about the selection of the Black Eyed Peas. The last halftime show featuring The Who took in very mixed reviews. The selection of another band didn't work out well, especially when the band was past their prime. So what does the NFL do? They decided to select a modern act while remaining "safe". But as the halftime show commenced...

    It was terrible. One song after another....I Gotta Feeling to Boom Boom Pow, and then Lets Get It Started. Vocally bad, abuse of auto-tune, no flow, no style, no substance. But just when you think it couldn't get worse...a familiar riff to a classic hard rock ballad started playing...and then...he showed up. Slash of Guns N' Roses. Some thought he was going to "save the day"...but others like me watched in horror as Fergie went out and tore down Sweet Child o' Mine. Axl Rose most certainly enjoyed his B-day gift from Slash. Usher showed up later (some hoping HE would save the day)...oh wait, it's an autotune song OMG. Not much could be said as the songs continued to flow.

    And the last one of the night, this time, it was fans of Dirty Dancing who put their hand on their forehead once they heard Fergie and got out in The Time (Dirty Bit). By then, it was over. The halftime shows in the past with *NSYNC/Aerosmith/Brtiney Spears ruining Walk This Way. And that wardrobe malfunction with a show dragged down by pointless performances by Nelly, Kid Rock, and Justin Timberlake with the cream of the crop.

    I expected the show to be not good. But I didn't expect it to be a failure of massive proportions. Some claimed the sound mixing was not good, but really, we go from the OK The Who to a colossial failure that the Black Eyes Peas showed us on Sunday. I had to listen to the original and only good version Sweet Child O' Mine several times. One must wonder why Slash even decided to play guitar for something that spelled disaster from the start. I still respect him as one of the best guitarists of all-time, but his cameo is something better not remembered of him.

    Once again, on the message board for the NFL on my home site, everyone began dropping names of acts that should have been...from the way too extreme Lamb of God, to the way too hipster Animal Collective. From Daft Punk to Depeche Mode. One person felt that because there was no wardrobe malfunction, it was now safe to allow Rihanna into the halftime show. Others say enough is enough and it's time for rappers like Kanye West and Eminem to finally take the stage. And of course, some are now calling for Lady Gaga to come out (in a meat dress of course) and save "".

    Bottom line is...the NFL failed again. They seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. They looked too far back for acts, and too modern for acts. They looked in the wrong places. Why even bother with a halftime show if trapped between these 2 choices. But what about the late 80s and 90s. What about Metallica, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. All bands with mainstream appeal, yet none of them are too old, or too young. What about Rush, an actual old band that's still ripping it out and releasing new stuff? Even Iron Maiden sells out arenas worldwide, even in North America. Why not them? And AC/DC is still a major name. Easily appeal to both youngsters and old rockers.

    And no, don't bother with Justin Bieber. At this point, the announcement of him in a halftime show would almost lead to a massive firestorm to the point that the show would be cancelled within days.

    I'll be honest. It's gonna take days to get these images out of my head. But aside from the show, there were a few other things to look at. Two commercials involving musicians:

    Speaking of Justin Bieber, he was actually in a commercial with the Prince of Darkness. What? You mean Ozzy Osbourne? Why yes. A commercial for Best Buy involving one of their services. Apparently, Bieber did not impress Ozzy. But a employee working on the set lets Ozzy know that he thinks Bieber sounds like a girl.

    Suddenly, millions exploded in laughter as Justin Bieber was insulted. Victory...

    Actually, no. It was actually Bieber playing a double-role on you, disguised as that beared employee, insulting...himself. Yeah, that's right. You got troll'd by the guy you hate the most. How does it feel now?

    Another reminder, please don't go and tell everyone to invade Bieber's videos to express your hate on youtube. If you didn't know, Bieber gets paid for every view of his video, as well as your comments. You're only making him reacher, and it's not a good idea.

    The other noteworthy commericial last night was...well, let's be honest first...once again, most of the commercials were not good. Some relied on old ideas, others were a waste of space (seriously, tell GoDaddy to stop...waste of money). The beer commercials were weaker than usual too. And some like the Bridgestone Reply All and the Doritos finger lick....really...stupid and not funny.

    There was one commercial that stood out for was not a funny commercial. It was a serious one with Chrysler introducing a new luxury car. But the way it was done was a tribute to a city that suffered hard times. And the man driving the car, none other than rapper Eminem (which was actually his second commercial). The 2 minute ad was well done and brought a chill down my spine. (no different, I'm up in Buffalo and we have several companies here that make key parts for car companies, so it's just as important for us). To me, it was the best of the night, not the slapstick humor ads that appeal to Family Guy fans.

    Oh, the NFL fans ad was good too. To erase the poor pop performance of the night, I can rely on this to remove the dark spots.


    Finally, let me discuss some new releases that I'm anticipating:
    *First, Rise Against is going ahead with an Endgame. It won't be released for a few months, but the single "Help Is On The Way" is out. It's not a high-tier song IMO, but it give me more than enough hype for the album for me.

    *Also out with a new single is rapper Lupe Fiasco...that's right, Lasersis coming out in March...and how about a new single...[track artist=Lupe Fiasco]Words I Never Said (feat. Skylar Grey)
    . Kick ass, and is heavily political. The managers wanted a poppy song with rhymes about girls and cars. If girls and cars equated to politics, Gaza, Glenn Beck, and the state of the world, then I guess he won.

    *The Foo Fighters said their new album was going to be heavy...and the 2 teasers for their yet named 7th studio album, speak true. I believe this album will be much sick, and may outclass their work from the 2000s.

    *Apparently, Cake released a new album last month. Haven't really listened to it enough as I'm still diving through their discography, but I will touch it later. It actually charted at #1 on the billboards despite selling like crap. I heard reviews are mixed. But then again, I won't let others decide my music taste.

    *There are several more big releases set of this year. I expect Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers to also release some stuff. Possibly The Offspring as well.

    But didn't Radiohead say something about a new album they were working on last year? All it takes is final mixing and the next thing you know, it'll be released and this know what's next.

    Last but not least, I need to clarify one thing regarding hipsters. I do not like hipsters as people. Especially the ones that reek of elitism, think they have supreme taste, get their attitudes from pitchfork, etc. It does not mean I hate their music. There are some stuff I'll enjoy that's popular among the indie-cred hipsters, but there's also a lot of trash too. This goes for all scenes and all time periods (I'm looking at you, dad rockers).

    That's pretty much it for now. Here to another February.
  • Ranking albumów wydanych w 2010 roku /Albums rating released in 2010

    24 jan 2011, 19:44 av mati10_deli10

    1. Machinae Supremacy – A View From the End of the World (10/10)

    2. Solution. 45 - For Aeons Past (9.5/10)

    3. Fear Factory - Mechanaize (9.5/10)


    4. Deftones - Diamond Eyes (9.5/10)

    5. Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare (9.5/10)

    6. Disturbed - Asylum (9.5/10)

    7. Soilwork - The Panic Broadcast (9.5/10)

    8. Sevendust - Cold Day Memory (9/10)

    9. Alter Bridge - III (9/10)

    10. In This Moment - A Star-Crossed Wasteland (9/10)


    11. Periphery - Periphery (9/10)

    12. Stone Sour - Audio Secrecy (9/10)

    13. Bad Religion - The Dissent Of Man (9/10)

    14. Bring Me the Horizon - There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret (9/10)

    15. The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis (9/10)

    16. The Ocean - Anthropocentric (9/10)

    17. The Ocean - Heliocentric (9/10)

    18. All That Remains - For We Are Many (8.5/10)

    19. 10 Years - Feeding The Wolves (8.5/10)

    20. Nonpoint - Miracle (8.5/10)

    21. Volbeat - Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (8.5/10)

    22. The Sorrow - The Sorrow (8.5/10)

    23. Ill Niño - Dead New World (8.5/10)

    24.Sabaton- Coat Of Arms (8.5/10)

    25. Demon Hunter- The World Is A Thorn (8.5/10)

    26. Silent Civilian - Ghost Stories (8.5/10)

    27. As I Lay Dying- The Powerless Rise (8/10)

    28. Digital Summer - Counting The Hours (8/10)

    29. Bullet for My Valentine - Fever (8/10)

    30. Slash - Slash (8/10)

    31. My Chemical Romance - Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (8/10)

    32. Godsmack - The Oracle (8/10)

    33. Mutiny Within- Mutiny Within (8/10)

    34. Story of the Year - The Constant (7.5/10)

    35. Drowning Pool- Drowning Pool (7.5/10)

    36. CF98 - Nic Do Stracenia (7.5/10)

    37. KoЯn - KoЯn III: Remember Who You Are (7/10)