Rank Ai Otsuka's Albums

  • Rank Ai Otsuka's Albums

    just order Ai's albums from your favorite to least favorite! feel free to add comments and/or your favorite songs from each : )

    LOVE LETTER- i know i'm pretty much alone in this, but i love this album. there is so much variety and it shows a new side of our dear Ai-chan.
    favorite songs- Kurage, Nagareboshi; Creamy & Spicy; Rocket Sneaker; 360°; Bye Bye; Ai

    LOVE PUNCH- my first Ai Otsuka album : )
    favorite songs- Amaenbo; Sakuranbo; Pretty Voice; Girly

    LOVE COOK- so many good songs on this one! the entire album is gold.
    favorite songs- Neko ni Fusen; Planetarium; Tokyo Midnight; Haneari Tamago; SMILY

    LOVE JAM- not as many stand-out tracks, but the whole album is really solid and i still love it. also, it's my favorite cover of all of Ai's albums.
    favorite songs- Kingyo Hanabi; Daisukidayo; Superman; Mousou Choppu; Friends

    LOVE PiECE- my least favorite, but i still really like it a lot.
    favorite songs- Renai Shashin; Hoshi no Tango; Kumuriuta; Mackerel's canned food

  • I love all her albums, but the one that I'd be willing to listen to ALL DAY is definitely LOVE LETTER <3 It's amazing :D

    After that, it's:

    2. LOVE PiECE
    4. LOVE JAM
    5. LOVE COOK

  • This is hard, but I'll try:

    01. LOVE PiECE
    I just love the variety on this one and every song sounds unique. As the album title says, every song is a piece and they fit together so well, like a Love Puzzle <3.

    02. LOVE JAM
    Love the variety on this one as well. The faster songs like "Happy Days" and the ballads like "Kingyo Hanabi" are awesome. And the cover is sooo~ cute <3.

    A mature album and very ballad-y. I don't get why so many people hate this album, I loved it! It contains some of her best ballads up to date imo.

    04. LOVE PUNCH
    Her 1st album and the best Debut album from a artist ever! It's pretty up-beat and catchy, especially her best selling song yet - "Sakuranbo"!

    05. LOVE COOK
    Haha, I love "LOVE COOK" as well, even though it's my least favorite album. It contains some of her most popular songs and is very mellow and thoughtful.

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