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Skapad den: 23 jan 2006
For all people born in the year 1983.

The group forum is private, so only members can read your posts and the journal access is restricted.

«Once Born 1983, always Born 1983»

If you're joining the group, I'm assuming you were born in the requisite year (in the event your age is not listed in your profile). Also - if you're sitting in the approval queue for what seems like an excessive amount of time, don't hesitate to send me a message through (in my shoutbox or otherwise) so I can approve you that much faster (sometimes I just get busy and forget to check the pending approvals as often as I'd like).

Take a look at some other things which happened in the year 1983.

For new members (and pre-existing ones), please feel free to have a look at a few forum threads (and post in them if you feel so inclined) -

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