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Skapad den: 27 jan 2012
Group for everyone who knows how to satan.


is a fusion genre that originated from ancient Norway and combines black metal, cock rock, mathcore and progressive trance, heavily influenced by , and . Earliest forms of this genre were created by the band Bumzur, however, blackened scenecore would not have a huge following until VerbalRazors would release their cult debut album “VerbalRazors does not approve”. The “big four” of blackened scenecore are VerbalRazors, Sc3neCoRe, Into Uranus and The Demon Burger.

Blackened Scenecore at it's finest:

Other genres we approve ov:

Please note:
All of the connected artists play either blackened scencore or one of the genres listed above.
If you think otherwise, you're a whimp, poser and honeybadger.

- Bumzur about their new album

Also, make sure to tag Liturgy with , just cuz they are god-tier.

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