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Skapad den: 1 jul 2007
For all those whose taste in music has vastly contrasting artists. Like Hilary Duff? Do you like Nile too? Do you like Gangsta Rap and Classical Music? Well, if...

For all those whose taste in music has vastly contrasting artists.

For those of you who find a lack of "polarity" in the artist charts, please understand that this is difficult to attain since by nature, the charts are designed to reflect the most popular tastes. Just because Britney Spears charts highly does not mean the members exclusively listen to her and other pop artists. While many of the members may enjoy Britney Spears, they may well like a myriad of other artists, including, but not limited to, death metal bands and indie rap groups. However, those genres by their very nature have a smaller following and will not be as widely represented. I would suggest that you look at a random sample of the charts of various members to get a more representative sense of the group's taste.

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  • Wx9N0XxW

    this group is cute shit and let me go through deep into the music taste definition, you know, is more than a couple of genres, it is a unique composition. im sure you understand me

    25 nov 05:03 Svara
  • Fred101

    I listen to anything and everything if it sounds good. Classical, metal, blues, trance, electro, country, experimental, rap, instrumental, etc.

    22 nov 23:10 Svara
  • lilbrotherbriks

    I listen to Lady Gaga, I listen to Joie de Vivre, I listen to A Tribe Called Quest, and I listen to Watain. I'd say I have pretty varied taste.

    11 nov 17:44 Svara
  • Joshy1kz

    I actually like some of Leighton Meester's new album lol

    11 nov 03:47 Svara
  • StankDank


    7 nov 01:50 Svara
  • MsDiplodocusss

    the "connected artists" could literally be anything

    2 nov 20:04 Svara
  • Dark__Nightmare

    Good music is good music no matter the genre. [3]

    1 nov 03:06 Svara
  • erzadel

    From Kyary Pammyu Pamyu to Air Supply to Boris to Frank Ocean. Although tbh my taste is pretty mainstream, just diversely mainstream LOL.

    30 okt 04:55 Svara
  • ShuItachi

    genre contrast? what about difference lyrically? actually artist personality extremes would be better fitting for bipolar music

    22 okt 19:29 Svara
  • ohmyfuckworld

    Greetings from Venezuela :)

    15 okt 09:19 Svara
  • Sound-Of-Nature

    Good music is good music no matter the genre. [2]

    9 okt 21:19 Svara
  • KevinCahyanto

    Hear and follow @AkralOfficial on

    9 okt 08:11 Svara
  • DarkIgniz

    How haven't I heard of this before?

    7 okt 23:16 Svara
  • Feli_

    German Punk to Thai Jazz all right

    27 sep 14:37 Svara
  • themattsky

    Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Patrick Wolf, Hole, Khia and Britney Spears in my top 10 lol

    20 sep 17:06 Svara
  • rsyukri

    from EDM genre to folks/psychedelic? hahaha I'm Weird.

    10 sep 00:11 Svara
  • grimel0rd

    from ABBA to Autechre via Nurse With Wound and The Hafler Trio

    4 sep 19:59 Svara
  • PoolsideValet

    From N.W.A. to Shania Twain, from Lycia to Enya, from Bob Dylan to Basement Jaxx, from Marvin Gaye to FKA Twigs, from Yes to Miley Cyrus! Good music is good music no matter the genre.

    4 sep 17:05 Svara
  • queenswift

    From boyband pop to progressive metal. [2]

    27 aug 20:26 Svara
  • Randwer

    , and

    23 aug 08:20 Svara
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